Anthem – Lookin Down

Yall remember Anthem? Duke grad who abandoned Wall Street to pursue a career in hip hop? Well, he’s been working hard on a mixtape called Manhattan Music that’ll be hosted by DJ WHOO KID and the first single has just been released.

I was stuck wondering for a little while what it was about Anthem’s music that didn’t always catch my ear. If I listened carefully, I was super impressed with his lyricism, but for some reason it didn’t jump out at me. But he’s totally turned things around on this track, likely due to the fact that he’s slowed it down a bit, repeated lyrics, and made it harmonic. I’ve already listened to this song about 5 times in the amount of time it’s taken to simply upload it and post this…only expecting to play it about 50 more times tonight. I love this. Can’t wait to hear the whole mixtape they’re putting out. Expect more tracks from Anthem here on Sunset in the Rearview in the near future!

“Lookin Down” – Anthem by Sunset in the Rearview

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