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Kyle – Keep It Real (Prod. by Carnage)

The Internet is a funny place. I learned of Kyle (formerly known as K.i.D), Chris P (half of One Room), and Carnage (a.k.a. Dj Carnage) through completely separate circumstances, and now they are all working together on the same label (the very cool Indie-Pop). I’ll be honest I was hesitant at first about posting Kyle’s stuff. But I like to think my iTunes play count doesn’t lie. While Kyle might not be the best rapper out, his songs are just so fun to listen to and incredibly relatable. He’s just a kid working and playing hard; I don’t know why he changed his name (but really, I bet it’s because of SEO shiz).

Listen to this jam and love the piano outro. That’s an order (sorry).

Bonus! Another Carnage produced hit from the young mastermind.

I’m not addicted to girls, but they’re addicted to meeeee!

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[Video] G-Eazy ft. Carnage – Loaded

I was lucky enough to kick it with G-Eazy aka Young Gerald when he came to Maine earlier this year. Javs were tossed, music was talked, all that good stuff. He’s a great dude, a really funny guy with impeccable style.

Today, he released his video with DJ Carnage for their track “Loaded,” and it has pretty much everything you’d expect from your “quintessential” rap video. Bitches, beaches, and bellies.



Dream Big

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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

This is an exciting time for Sunset, myself and of course you, the beloved reader. Just to give you guys a heads up, I’ll be on hiatus next week as I will be traveling to Manchester, Tennessee to cover Bonnaroo for ya’ll. I won’t have access to the Internets out in the country, but I’ll have a nice write up and presents for everybody when I return from the depths of my musical journey.

With that in mind, I’m giving you a whole extra song for your FAF playlist this weekend. I know, ya boy’s nice.

Enjoy the weekend, or else.

1. Yuna – Live Your Life (Dj Carnage & Jakob Lido Remix)

2. Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

3. The Hood Internet – Fuck With Mo’ Money (Ma$e x Diddy x Biggie x Penguin Prison)

4. Adventure Club Dubstep – Rise & Fall (ft. Krewella)

5. AVICII – Two Million (Original Mix)

6. Princeton – Grand Rapids (RAC Mix)

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DJ Carnage – Loaded Remix (feat. G Eazy)

This is about to be the JAM. Every now and then I need some of that ignorance to bump and this fills that role perfectly. For those of you unaware of Sir Carnage, he’s homies with Theo London and has produced for the likes of Theophilus himself, Kreayshawn, A$AP Rocky, and others, most recently known for the Theo x A$AP collaboration “Big Spender.”

He dropped a video for Loaded a while back which I was disappointed with because it was so short and there was no MP3 to download. But I played it on YouTube over and over again, dancing around cooking wonton soup for days.

Now, I get an extended version with Sunset favorite G-Eazy on it? Why thank you, bartender, that’s exactly what I’d like. Both Young Gerald and DJ Carnage are about to blow up. I’m calling a twitter verification for both of ’em by September.

I Be Stayin One Hunned/ Vans On, My Pockets Chunky (Stupid Chunky)

DJ Carnage – Loaded (feat. G Eazy) || Download


Dream Big

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