Gosh Pith – Gold Chain

Gosh Pith

Detroit duo Gosh Pith blend genres as well as anyone, and their new single “Gold Chain” is a trap-tinged, guitar-soaked 21st century love ballad that is both emotionally resonant and club ready.

They describe the track as “a ratchet love song about the constant conflict between the meaningful and the meaningless,” and that description is certainly fitting.

Shades of Majid Jordan are undeniable in the smoky, smooth bounce of “Gold Chain,” and its woozy rap-sung blend is reminiscent of Sunset favorite All Day.

The duo dropped a stellar EP (Window) earlier this year, and have another project slated to drop at the top of 2016. They’ve already hit the road with acts like Vic Mensa and Odesza, so you’re going to want to have Gosh Pith on your radar before they become the next big thing.

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Big Sean – How It Feel [Mixtape Preview]

I take a lot of sh*t in the Twitterverse for liking Big Sean. That’s k. I might be one of five people that don’t think his “Mercy” verse was trash, but that’s k too. Because I really think that his upcoming mixtape, Detroit, is going to bring us back to the Sean that helped draw me into rap music, a la Finally Famous Vol. 3. “How It Feel,” described by Sean as “player shit,” features a smooth soul/funk sample that I think might be Barry White, and the lyricism that you’ve been waiting for from Sean for a while. THAT’S AN ASSQUAKE.

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Big Sean – Hometown (Music Video)

Big Sean dropped this music video for his hit song “Hometown” tonight. This is one of my favorite tracks of his, partly because of the Adele sample, and because I love it when artists represent their hometowns. You know, that’s something that’s really big in hip hop that I hope never dies down. That’s your place of birth, the place that essentially raised you. It’s where your first fans started following you, and it’s a place you should always be grateful for. When I watched this video, I saw Detroit rising up for Big Sean. He’s on the big stage and that enormous venue is jam packed. That gives me the chills a little bit, I’m not going to lie.

It’s particularly special to see things like this when you’ve been following the artist since their beginnings. I remember following Big Sean on Facebook way back in like 2006 when Mike Posner told me about him. (At the time he only had a couple fans on there! Hard to believe now, looking back.) Mike and Sean were friends from home after working a summer job together. They got along well, called themselves part of “Finally Famous,” and ended up making music together. It seems they’ve gone in different directions, but I’m still waiting for Mike and Sean to pair up again and create some of the music that they made back in the day when they were boys in Detroit.

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