Denai Moore

Denai Moore – Elsewhere

Denai Moore turned heads when she began releasing tunes a couple of years ago, bringing a raw, beauty with every new sound. Now it’s finally her time to show the world what she’s about with her debut album Elsewhere, set to be released April 6th. The title track “Elsewhere” has many layers that make it the perfect standout. It’s slightly dark yet contains a gorgeous amount of soul. Denai Moore is bringing her own uniqueness to the table and it’s about time we get the full picture of what she’s creating.

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Listen While You Work: 3.0

It’s Monday, and it’s a Monday where I’m still feeling like I’m recovering from the weekend. Considering yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I have a feeling many of you are feeling the same way. I didn’t even make it out yesterday, because my ass was too hungover to get off the couch. But I feel for those of you who did, because trust me, I felt close to death yesterday. So if that’s you today, or hell, even if you’re a good kid just trying to get some work done, I’ve got your soundtrack. Here is the latest Listen While You Work, episode three.

This version features music from the following artists:


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Denai Moore – Gone [Official Video + Lyrics]

Denai Moore

Denai Moore hadn’t crossed my radar before this evening, but I stumbled across this absolutely stunning song and video on Disco Naivete and knew immediately this this song would stick with me for a while. Aside from the simple piano acoustics and the sheer beauty of Denai Moore’s voice and harmonizations, what hit me the most were the lyrics of the song. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but clearly that’s what really sucks me in with music. Yes, it’s essential to me that it presents itself well sonically, but if the lyrics strike a chord with me–if it’s relatable or is emotional enough to feel real–that’s when I’m really touched by a song. That’s the case with “Gone” by Denai Moore. Watch the remarkable video below, and I encourage you to watch for the pain in not just Denai Moore’s voice and eyes, but also to notice the simplicity in the product and direction of the video. It mirrors the message of the song: simple yet real. You can also hit the jump to read my best stab at all of the lyrics. If you can read through them all without feeling at least a small shudder of sadness, you might be a robot.

“Gone” is the second single off of Denai Moore’s upcoming EP Saudade coming out April 22. Hear the first single, “Flaws,” after the jump.



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