[Album Release] 5 & A Dime – #BASSMOB

Yesterday, the dubstep mashup master Gregory Kantor aka Señor 5 & A Dime released his new album, #BASSMOB.

I have consistently posted the singles leading up to this release, and it is really evident that his talents increase with each new project. #BASSMOB is a true testament to this, as this release is on a completely different level than his last release. Not only are BPM’s better matched, the songs are mastered at an elevated level and his choice of songs is also a lot stronger here.

Had to wait until Wednesday to post this because you guys know I need a little bit of that womp to get me through humpday. So womp and hump away, y’all. Get groovy with it.


Standout tracks:

Really Epic



5 & A Dime – Cracked Promises

5 & A Dime – June Is Soon

Download #BASSMOB The Album

5 & A Dime || Facebook || Twitter


Dream Big



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Friday at Five!

Friday at Five

I got a couple text messages today from my sister reminding me that I better not forget to post a Friday at Five today! They came in the form of eccentric emoticons. The first one I interpreted as a high five. She sent another that had headphones, a clock pointing to 5, and a red exclamation mark. I didn’t really know this was all possible on the iPhone, but hey…there’s an app for that. No surprise, I guess. So here you go, Em…here’s your Friday at Five!

1. “Up All Night” – Blink-182

Blink-182 – Up All Night by Bruno Clozel

Guys. Blink-182 took an 8 year hiatus, but they’re BACK. This was my childhood right here. My god I loved these guys.


2. “Sorry 4 the Wait” – Lil Wayne

MP3: “Sorry 4 the Wait” – Lil Wayne

I tell yall, I was sick as hell of Adele samples until this track came along. But hey, it’s Weezy. He can do just about anything and kill it.


3. “Party with Q-Tip” (Jonathan Boulet vs Q-Tip) – Beat Mass

MP3: “Party with Q-Tip” (Jonathan Boulet vs Q-Tip) – Beat Mass

Seems I’m throwing another mashup at yall on a Friday at Five. Apologies for not saving it for Mashup Monday, but I think this will be epic for a weekend throw down.


4. “Moonlight Sonata” (Sound Remedy Remix) – Beethoven

MP3: “Moonlight Sonata” (Sound Remedy Remix) – Beethoven

Wow. I was informed about this one in the ChatBox from Patrick, and I’m blown away. I mean, this is a song I was playing on the piano as a child, and now it’s got some heavy bass and some wobbles over it, and I’m…well…wow, I feel sort of like I’m on drugs. Was that a dog bark right there? Or a scratch? Losing my mind over this one. (via TMN)


5.” Raise Your Weapon” (Madeon Remix) – DeadMau5

Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix) @ Pete Tong 05.13.11 by Madeon

Madeon is one of those names that you need to know if you’re up on your music game. He is absolutely absurd. And guess how old he is? 16. Yep. Truth. He makes absolutely incredible remixes. Can’t wait until he starts making more of his own music. (Sorry for the radio rip on this one.)

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5 & A Dime – Skrillmau5

5 & A Dime – Skrillmau5 by D Prep

I used to think that mashing dubstep together was impossible. I’ve seen people try it before, but it always seemed utterly futile. Today, my man Maxwell Zotz hit me up about a mashup 5 & A Dime released today at noon.

I checked my email, and saw that it was a mashup of Skrillex’s “My Name is Skrillex” (Skrillex remix) , Deadmau5’s Ghosts n’ Stuff, and Skrillex’s “Fucking Die” Cooper Remix.

I didn’t think it could be done in a way that would keep elements from the originals and also create something new and unique that didn’t sound like a weaker, B-Side of the original masterpieces.

Well lemme tell ya, 5 & A Dime absolutely slayed this track. Blew my expectations out of the water. I missed Womp Womp Wednesday yesterday, but this more than makes up for it in my opinion.

5 & A Dime’s been showing an extremely solid amount of progression over the past 6 months or so, sky’s the limit for him right now.



Download “Skrillmau5”

5 & A Dime || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

D Prep || Twitter

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Womp Womp Wednesday and Pandemonium Fest Ticket Giveaway

There’s a special place for our readers who enjoy womping. We like to take care of our own here at Sunset in the Rearview, and I have been given the opportunity to film the Pandemonium Fest next Friday, the 25th, at the Congress Theater. Nero will be there, who always bring the womp throughout their sets, as will The New Deal, Conspirato (featuring MARC BROWNSTEIN & ARON MAGNER of THE DISCO BISCUITS with CHRIS MICHETTI of RAQ and MIKE GREENFIELD of LOTUS) as well as many other great groups with really interesting sounds.

I will be working to secure interviews with my favorite groups attending, and will get live footage of the show as well.

I will also be giving away 2 free tickets to the show.

The rules are simple.

To be in the running for tickets, follow @djdprep on Twitter and tweet the following: “I want to win tickets from @djdprep & @sunsetrearview to Womp Fest!

It will be a great show, and I am happy to be able to bring it to you guys on Sunset.

Little twist: if you tweet me something that really catches my interest (favorite song of one of the artists that I’ve never heard and really like, little known fact about one of the artists) I’d be willing to give out one press pass for the best tweet. Let me hear it.

Womp Womp Wednesday is all Nero today-I cannot wait to see them next Friday, they’re absolutely filthy.

1. The Recluse (Nero Remix) – Plan B

Plan B – The Recluse (Nero Remix)

Well, this one is just kind of absurd. A really cool vocal track complimented by some absolutely grimy dub wobbles, this one has some really deep, hard hitting drops, cool synths throughout, and a really driving drum and bass line. One of my very favorite Nero songs. Also a big fan of the British rapper, Plan B, that comes in at 2:45. Kind of a sucker for sick rhymes in British accents. IE Tinie Tempah.

Download “The Recluse (Nero Remix)”

2. Me & You – Nero

Let me tell you one thing about womp as a genre. There is a great deal of songs that I would not necessarily listen to if I were hanging out alone, or in my car driving, that I really dig. What may not be great for some situations can be great for others. And let me tell you-play this song in a big party situation or at a dance, and things will start to go nuts. Nero knows how to get the crowd going like few others can.

NERO – Me & You

3. Ghosts n Stuff (Nero Remix) – Deadmau5

Deadmau5 – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Nero Remix)

While this track may not be altogether very much different from the Mau5’s original, Nero certainly supplies Joel Zimmerman with a little help at the drops. I wouldn’t go as far as to say as this is better than the original, I would say that they are different. Nero certainly puts their own spin on this one, and the outcome is a womper no doubt.

Download “Ghosts n Stuff (Nero Remix)”

Pandemonium Fest || Event

Nero || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

Twitter || D Prep

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