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Artist Playlist: What Music is Fort Lean Listening To?

Brooklyn-based Fort Lean has been churning out some incredibly infectious, freewheeling indie rock for the last year, and their profile is about to rise even more with the release of their New Hobbies EP and album Quiet Day later in the year.

In addition to putting out hits like “Cut to the Chase” and “Easily,” the group has also spent most of the summer on the road, touring heavily throughout the west coast and southwest.

To fill those long hours on the road the quintet has been consuming plenty of tunes, and they were gracious enough to make us a playlist of what kept them going as they cruised from Cambridge, MA to Tulsa, OK. Hit the jump to continue.

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David Vandervelde – Nothin’ No

David Vandervelde’s solo recordings started in 2007 but he had been recording well before that and most notably with ex-Wilco guitarist Jay Bennett. “Nothin’ No” comes from his debut solo release The Moonstation House Band from 2007.

David Vandervelde – Nothin’ No

When I was in college, my friend’s house had a grill, a large back porch, and back yard complete with trampoline trifecta going on and there was always a keg to be finished. When I think about that house I can hear the laughter and the trampoline springs, but mostly this song punctuates every single memory. This album was perpetually playing that year. “Nothin’ No” is straight up unpretentious rock and roll with loud guitars, unbelievably catchy hooks, and distinct influences hailing from the 70s. To me, it sounds like the end of school and the beginning of an epic summer. “Getting high out on the front porch / with the sunshine in your hair / singing songs about the weekend…”

If you’re looking for something newer, you’re in luck as he just released this single “More Than You Can Feel” which also has a fun B-side track called “Beer”. I highly recommend grabbing it.

David Vandervelde – More Than You can Feel


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