Live: Dastardly (100Bands Review #72)

What’s Left: 9 Days. 28 Bands.

Band #72: Dastardly

When/Where: June 16th, The Milk Way, Jamaica Plain, MA

Expectations: I had only been listening to Dastardly for about a week but something about it made me think Dastardly put on a crazy show. Then I read their hysterical tumblr posts, including the one about how they got banned from a venue, I knew I had to go.

Concert: My Dastardly experience started with meeting the band and being offered their whiskey from a brown bag. I could and probably should leave the review at that and implore that you go see them. Instead I’ll tell you how this was the first time in a long time I saw the accordion used to it’s capacity. Instead of just playing chords on the keys, like many bands do, Sarah Morgan skillfully used the bass buttons as well. This isn’t the type of band that would use indie gimmicks just for a certain aesthetic appeal, the songs were written with the accordion in mind and in all cases works incredibly well. There’s more to the band than the accordion and they work as a close knit band should, all shining in the right moments. I just happen to be an accordion nerd with a hazy memory. The band let loose with an unapologetic energy keeping the people packed into the small room captivated throughout the show.

Concert Afterglow: I definitely considered driving to see them at their next show in Rhode Island. I think they win the “every night on tour is an epic party” award.

Recommendation: Based on their tumblr you never know what antics they’ll get up to. Based on my experience however, it’s the type of show where you might over imbibe and simply remember having an incredible time, but the details might be fuzzy.

MP3: Dastardly – Middleground

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