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Can’t Miss Fall & Winter Festivals

For music lovers everywhere summer means one thing: festival season. But just because the days grow shorter and the nights cooler doesn’t mean the fun, or the music has to stop. Across the US great music festivals are constantly taking place, here are some can’t miss fall and winter festivals:


The Growler’s Six

Previously known as Beach Goth, The Growler’s are back again this fall with the renamed Growler’s Six festival. Offering a more eccentric lineup than the typical festival, The Growler’s headline both nights with help from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dan Auerbach, Modest Mouse and Danny Brown. Grab your costume and head to the L.A. waterfront October 28-29 to catch these acts and more.

Day for Night

Taking place December 15-17 in Houston, Day for Night is described as “an art and music event that explores the deep connections between light, technology, sound and space”. This year’s rosters includes some of the most talented names across all genres such as James Blake, Tyler, the Creator, Jamie xx and Justice. In between sets you can catch several installations and talks from people such as Chelsea Manning and Nadya from Pussy Riot.


If there’s one city that knows how to party, it’s New Orleans and this years Buku lineup is sure to guarantee that. Young Thug, Travis Scott, DEADMAU5, 21 Savage and Run the Jewels top the bill with great supporting acts sure to keep the fun going all weekend long. Head down to the Big Easy, March 10-11 for what is sure to be a can’t miss experience.

South by Southwest

If you’re looking for a film, comedy and music festival offering great interactive experiences, look no farther than South by Southwest. In 2017 SXSW hosted over 2,000 official performers, covering all genres from all over the world. If you find yourself in Austin anytime between March 9-18 make sure to catch a set.



Image courtesy of Day for Night.


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[MP3] Tech N9ne ft. Danny Brown – Thizzles

I bet you Tech N9ne and Danny Brown are capable of popping molly while rocking Tom Ford. That’s all I’m sayin’. I also learned a new term today…th-th-th-th-thizzle! That’s yahtzee, bitches!

Tech N9ne has been in the game for a long time, and he’s so consistent. His latest album, Something Else, is due out soon as Thizzles” will be a bonus track on the deluxe version.

You can’t stop Danny Brown.

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Danny Brown – Kush Coma (ft. A$AP Rocky) [Updated w/ CDQ]

Danny Brown is officially back! The promotion for his highly anticipated sophomore album OLD is underway, and today, he’s dropped this teaser for it. “Kush Coma” is produced by frequent collaborator Skywlkr and does not disappoint. High octane, vintage Danny (although surprisingly not an ode to his drug of choice, Molly). The album version will feature A$AP Rocky. You should probably smoke to this one.

As for the release date of his album…

That means we can expect a mid-August release (XXX dropped August 15, 2011).

UPDATE: Stream the CDQ version of the song, featuring A$AP Rocky.

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Danny Brown Receives Oral Sex On Stage [News + NSFW Photo]

Ladies, and gentleman,

On Friday night in Minnepolis, Danny Brown got head from some random fan (she was a female, I think) while on stage. While having this act performed on Danny Brown’s unit, he still managed to keep rapping, and as he tweeted (before he deleted it) to Kendrick Lamar saying he didn’t miss a bar.

Jacked from the Huffington Post:

Brown was playing the city’s Triple Rock Social Club as part of The Old & Reckless tour when he invited some female fans to get closer to him, according to AllHipHop. However, one fan took that offer far further as others looked on. This NSFW photo that various publications have been linking to should clarify what happened.

One concertgoer near the front row explained what transpired with female fans grabbing at Brown’s crotch before one lady flashed the musician before performing fellatio on him.

“Then I’m behind her and I start getting pushed against her by the crowd shifting,” the fan wrote. “It horrible and i hope you guys will be donating to my future therapy sessions but also i came back with a story. He rapped the entire time during too.”

Is this real life? Danny Brown is a weird dood, we all knew that, but apparently he can spit bars and game while on stage, however, I cannot say the same for the female. Too much? Too far? Have a nice day.

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K.Flay ft. Danny Brown – Hail Mary

I have no idea who K.Flay is. Never heard of her, but her first impression is a good one. Why? Because she proved she’s got some bars, recruited Sunset favorite, Danny Brown, for her latest track, Hail Mary, and showed that she can hang around with him.

Danny Brown is more of a household name now a days, as he’s worked his way into Sunset’s hearts over the past few months, and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. The bass heavy, smooth-electronic, grimy production with K.Flay’s delivery sets up Danny Brown’s uniqueness and uptempo style perfectly. Peep it!

Danny’s Old is going to be cool. No official release date.

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15 Weird Rap Songs (Pt. 2)

Rap is a constantly evolving genre. Even the most traditional artists take risks in delivery, flow, and beat selection; that’s part of what makes the music so consistently interesting and fun and influential. The following songs are not the strangest rap songs out there, but each one features some sort of “abnormality.” Of course, these abnormalities could one day be the norm, and that’s horrifying.

But also incredibly exciting.

  1. F. Stokes – Madison West High School
  2. Star Slinger – Ladies in the Back (ft. Teki Latex)
  3. Acmatic – Make Her Jump
  4. Flume – On Top (ft. T.Shirt)
  5. Flux Pavilion – Do or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)
  6. Dominic Lord – Never and Never (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)
  7. K.Flay – Another Round
  8. Kendall Elijah – Sittin’ (Cover)
  9. Ab-Soul x JMSN – You’re Gone
  10. Blood Diamonds – Barcode (ft. Dominic Lord)
  11. Euro League – Social Network (ft. Denzil Porter)
  12. Evil Nine – The Black Brad Pitt (ft. Danny Brown) (Deebs Remix)
  13. Iron Mics x Tonio – T W A (Till We Arrive)
  14. MeLo-X – GOD MAGIC
  15. Homeboy Sandman – Illuminati

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[Video] Evil Nine feat. Danny Brown – The Black Brad Pitt

Danny Brown is one goofy fucker, but I love him. If you can get by the strangeness of the lyricism and focus on his flow, it’s really next level. His ability to switch it up, create and then resolve multiple rhythms in his verses is truly dope.

The beat of this one is really tight–I love the 808/cowbell combination, and Danny really has the ability to work with his flow on this one.

I really have no idea what is going on in this video, but it reminds me of the “Jungle” level of Goldeneye. Shouts out to anybody who feels me on that.

I’ve been trying to get a large catologue of Danny Brown songs–any recommendations? Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Begging for the semen from the demon with no tooth

PS…what happened to dude’s teeth?


Dream Big

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The Purist – Jealousy feat. Danny Brown

Anyone else out there dying for Danny Brown to drop his new ish? Danny Brown’s upcoming album “ODB” is set to drop in the near future, and Danny has alluded to collaborations with A$AP, Purity Ring, Schoolboy Q and others.

While we wait for that, The Purist recently released a new song that features the man Mr. Brown himself. Danny goes absolutely off in his verses, and the production is absolutely filthy. Essentially a Danny Brown song with The Purist’s production, this should tide you over until ODB (Ol’ Danny Brown) drops.

Some more information on ODB, from Pitchfork:

Danny refers to the album as “more mature” than XXX and promises a more serious tone than his previous work, stating, “If people are just looking for dick-sucking jokes, there isn’t too many of them this time.” Regular collaborators SKYWLKR and Paul White are involved production-wise, as is Darq E Freaker and Oh No– and Glasgow hyper-genre producer Rustie. “He’s actually the guy that ended the album, to be honest,” Brown says. “I was kind of stuck, and through a stroke of God, he emailed me and said, ‘Yo, I want to submit you some tracks for the album.’ I thought I was done, but I knew I needed a little more flair. He sent me seven beats, and I ended up using three of them.”

Who won’t be appearing on the album, on the other hand, is the bashing hip-hop production duo (and pals of Rustie) TNGHT, who were seen in a Noisey mini-doc earlier this year in the studio with Danny in London. “They never sent me no beats! I was in the studio listening to beats [with them], they said they were going to send me some beats, but they didn’t. I don’t know what’s going on. [Laughs] It’s okay, though– Rustie did good.”

Disappointing not to see TNGHT on there, as I was looking forward to that collaboration ever since that rumor started. Probably blocked by the new releationship between Hudson Mohawke and G.O.O.D.

Anyways, head over to Pitchfork to check out the new track, “Jealousy”


Dream Big

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Favorite Moments of 2012: Sunset In The Rearview

Ahh, 2012. We laughed, we cried, but we laughed a lot. And more often than not, those laughs came at the expense of more than a couple people in the music industry. Since we got all nostalgic for last year, we decided to grab a few of our favorite moments and tack on some commentary in an attempt to make you laugh. Let us know how we did.

Continue reading “Favorite Moments of 2012: Sunset In The Rearview” »

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Danny Brown Interview with Noisey

Danny Brown

Danny Brown is today’s pick for Artist of the Year, and in that spirit, I have to share with yall what might be the funniest video I’ve ever seen.

Some of the best quotes from the video:

  • [Danny Brown laughs]
  • Well that’s kinda true! I have fucked an obese chick in my laugh! And you know, more cushion kinda works out better!
  • Who wants to feel good naturally, man? That’s what emotions are for! You supposed to be upset sometimes, and you should be happy sometimes. And if molly makes me extremely happy, and I can be a little sad about that after, then…I’ll take that.
  • [Danny Brown laughs]
  • Q: Who has more yellow teeth? A: Obviously, A$AP Rocky Teeth is gold, so I think I win that one, so shouts out to you for noticing that!
  • I laughed extremely a lot
  • You already know what it’s gonna be! Veneers in a few years!
  • [Danny Brown laughs]
  • Fuck you and your skinny ass mosquito leg joint!
  • To the people that comment on YouTube videos, you need to find something to do with your lives. You can prevent forest fires.

[via Noisey]

Related: Danny Brown’s “Grown Up” could be the best music video of 2012

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Purity Ring ft. Danny Brown – Belispeak II

Purity Ring & Danny Brown collab for this cool-funky-EDM-ish track, Belispeak II.

In all honesty, some people may not like this sound. It’s different, but different is good. I’d rather listen to different music than that poopy music we call the radio.

My obsession for Danny Brown (please click) grows and grows with each track.

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10 Weird Rap Songs

10 Weird Rap Songs

I probably don’t listen to the most traditional rap songs. That being said, over the past few years there has been a steady shift in rap music into the realm of weird. The purpose of this post isn’t to say a new school of weird rap is better than the good ol’ traditional hip-hop. The purpose of this post is to show that weird can be good. These artists take risks–whether it be in beat selection, rapping style, or chorus delivery–that set them apart from your standard hip-hop act, and in most of these songs the risk pays off. If anything, these songs are interesting. C’mon, hip-hop heads, at least give me “interesting.”

  1. Eighty4 Fly – Kush High
  2. Shad – it aint over.
  3. TiRon & Ayomari – Lot On Your Mind (ft. beatnich)
  4. Flying Lotus – Between Friends (ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy)
  5. Native Strangers – Take Me Out
  6. Polar Infinite – Beach Hit
  7. Polar Infinite – Let Me Know
  8. wunderjax – Touchdown (ft. misterthumbs)
  9. Angel Haze – New York
  10. Danny Brown – Molly Ringwald (Prod. Araabmuzik)

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