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Corbu – Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix)

Graf That Auto

Do you even chill, bro?

Autograf most definitely chills… or I mean, their music does. Autograf jumped on my radar almost a year ago with a sexy remix of ‘The Fire’ (posted below). I had that remix on repeat for weeks and to be honest, never looked back. Coincidentally, I had just gotten into Kygo, who produces music/remixes under similar genres. It seems like Autograf is ready to achieve that same level of hype that Kygo received this past year. With their non-stop work, Autograf has grinded out multiple remixes in the past week and none fall short of their capabilities. Enough ranting, enjoy the chill vibes! 

Corbu – Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix)

* Autograf Hype *

French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore – The Fire (Autograf Remix)

Lorde – Team (Autograf Remix)

Pharrell – Gust Of Wind (ft Daft Punk)(Autograf Remix)

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Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Autograf Remix)

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week [Valentine’s Day Edition]

“Where there is love there is life.”

Whether or not you’re holding down a boo thang this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put together a special FBDS playlist for the weekend with the theme of love in mind ’cause, well, you guys deserve it If you’re heart is taken, this should help you and your item get down in the right away. If you’re flying solo, send this as a mixtape to your crush and you’ll thank me later.

And remember: everybody’s somebody’s everything.


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[Download Mixtape] George Barnett – The Red Tape

New George Barnett!

Our favorite multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter-producer-legend George Barnett announced his first mixtape The Red Tape just 8 days ago and now we have the project, and it is unbelievably fun. Like, just listen to some of the stuff on here. Let’s see, we got a Jeremih cover that also samples Pusha T‘s “Numbers on the Boards” (on tape highlight “Down on Me”), a few Perks of the Wallflower movie soundbites, a heartbreaking rendition of Lana Del Rey‘s “Ride,” a snippet of a new original track called “Animal Keeper” accompanied by a clever fake phone call with his manager (“You want a hit? Two words for you: twerking”), a surprisingly faithful cover of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Swimming Pools (Drank),” and an angelic outro that will probably make you instantly at peace with your God. I’m serious.

And somehow through the seemingly hectic tracklist, the project remains true to its creator and cohesive as an independent piece of music. The transitions are flawless, and the covers are devastatingly beautiful and original takes on established songs. For most artists the task of covering Daft Punk would have them in creative ruins, but George Barnett just takes it all in stride and elevates hit songs to new levels and makes them, in the least clichéd way possible, “his own.”


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Mashup Monday | Week 142

Mashup Monday

Not feeling very well today, but thankful for time to rest, Monday Night Football, and mashups…getting me through today. Here are some top mashups for y’all. Highlight is #3 – pure perfection coming from Isonine.


1. Poetic Justice (ft. Clams Casino) Remix – Andrew Gentry


2. Say Goodbye (Krewella x Kesha x Felix Cartel x Madame Buttons x Martin Solveig) – Frank Carmine


3. Poetic (Anna Kendrick x Kendrick Lamar x Drake x Florence and the Machine) – Isonine


4. Untitled (Passion Pit x Daft Punk x LCD Soundsystem) – Kees


5. Fall The Time (Jeremih x Natasha Mosley x Lil Wayne x Rhye) – The Hood Internet

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On Jay-Z’s New Album and the Unique Marketing Strategies of 2013

New Jay-Z!

You know how Jay-Z is cooler than everyone in the world combined? Well, he proved this once again by premiering a commercial for his new album during halftime of last night’s NBA Finals game. Not only was the commercial filled with appearances from the world’s biggest producers, including recent Kanye collaborator Rick Rubin, Swizz Beatz, JT champion Timbaland, and Pharrell a.k.a. the busiest man in the industry, in classic black and white film, it also introduces the newest wild album marketing strategy of 2013. So first, let’s discuss the logistics of Hov’s new album.

As Pigeons & Planes pointed out, The Wall Street Journal did a simple summary of the deal between Jay-Z and Samsung:

Samsung has purchased 1 million copies of Jay-Z’s coming album, entitled “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” slated for release July 4, and plans to give them to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users for free – 72 hours ahead of the release. The users are to receive the music through an app they’ll receive later this month.

Samsung paid $5 apiece for the albums, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Oh word? So Jay’s album has already sold a million copies putting it in the top 20 highest first-week sales of all-time… all before its release.

This strategy adds to a growing movement away from traditional album rollouts, which I love by the way. As it is now the system is so flawed. When icons like Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Kanye West, and Jay-Z all decide against it, change can finally occur. I hope Jay-Z does what Kanye did and avoids releasing a single. Because “no single” essentially means boycotting the radio, and as we all know, the radio currently is a terrible, terrible cesspool of human Barbie dolls singing songs that they didn’t write.

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Watch The Funniest Fan Video for Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

New Daft Punk!

What happens when you put Parks & Rec writer Joe Mande, Workaholics writer Noah Garfinkel, and some extra time together? Well, you get LA via NYC comedy show Totally J/K… but you also get this video. Just hit play and watch a slideshow of the two comedians’ loose translation of the French pair’s hit. Shout out to Johnny Galecki. Shout out to this long-awaited Johnny Galecki x Daft Punk collaboration.

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10 Good Cover Songs

Covers are an interesting thing. A lot of times, they leave me feeling stupid and worthless as I tell myself I’ve discovered this great new band who instantly put out a classic, only to find it’s a cover. But the silver lining to that feeling is that usually it means the cover was done right. The artist covering the material needs to bring an element of uniqueness to the original song in order to make it a bit of their own, but not a complete ripoff of the maker’s creation. And when done right, it’s a magical moment. Here are ten covers done exceptionally well.

Start reading: 10 Good Cover Songs

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Doin’ It Right: Why The World Needs More Daft Punk

In the eight years since we last listened to a Daft Punk LP, electronic dance music has gone from a casual, foot tapping interest to a full-blown, fist pumping darling in American culture and mass appeal.

Think about it. Human After All came out in 2005. Let me take you back to that time. Dubstep (and not even how we Americans define it) was still just beginning to bud in the UK. There was no trap, no brostep, no Skrillex and no Avicii. George W. Bush was still POTUS. Candy Shop, Hollerback Girl and Gold Digger were some of the year’s Billboard chart toppers (not to mention that Mariah Carey was super radio relevant). And, YouTube JUST became a thing (seriously, look it up).

Now, let’s come back to 2013. The world is quite a different place. EDM isn’t just some marginal genre that only Europeans or your weird-ass cousin listen to anymore. It’s on the radio. It’s in commercials. Your mom loves loves it. Your little brother loves it. EDM has become (dare I say?) mainstream.

And why? The simple answer is that dance music is easy to make. No, I’m not saying that you’re not talented, Bedroom Producer (you can sit back down). I’m saying that what it takes to make EDM has become extremely accessible. If you have a laptop, some software and the rare ability to hear sounds, you’re pretty much a fully-equipped, fours-to-the-floor, hit-making machine as far as dance musicians go.

And that’s an incredible thing for music. I mean, a person who can’t even read traditional sheet music can go out there and produce something that touches millions of people, inspiring them to dance, love and forget.

But it can also be a super fucking terrible thing, too. The EDM market is becoming horribly saturated. You ever get the feeling that every dance song, remix, and mashup you stumble across sounds identical to the last? You’re not alone. Even Diplo has ragged on how huff the state of dance music currently is.

Enter Random Access Memories, the latest love child of electronic duo Daft Punk (which officially came out today, by the way). Listen to it. Now, listen to it again. What did you hear? That’s the sound of something different. That’s the sound of innovation (even if retro-ly inspired). That’s the sound of two artists not trying to tap into a fad or appeal to anything remotely mainstream. That’s Daft Punk.

You see, we’ve become desensitized. Every wobble, every drop, every synth, every anthem-shaking, face-melting record that roars through our bass-heavy speakers has hardened our faces to become not so meltable anymore.

It’s funny. American dubstep’s sounds are often compared to the noises that a dial-up modem makes. It’s mechanical. It’s heartless. But, of course it’s the French robots that have given us a dance album that sounds strangely real. It’s alive. It’s human.

Daft Punk just threw everything we’ve become accustomed to about them (and the genre they’ve influenced for the past 20 years) out the window. There’s less samples, synths, and drum triggers on the album than there are orchestra, human vocals and live instrumentation. Some of it might not even make you want to get out your seat and jump around, but it makes you listen. I mean, really listen to everything that’s happening in the music. And that’s a beautiful thang.

I’m not really here to review RAM. I’m not even really here to tell you that Daft Punk did all those things intentionally because, they too, were frustrated at dance music. I’m here to say that the world needs more artists like Daft Punk right now.

The world needs more musicians that don’t buy into trends, that don’t try to make “hits”, that don’t make the same album twice or thrice over just because “it’s their style”. In the hyperactive, Internet-laced virtual reality we live in right now, there’s a new artist, a new song, a new “genre” that surfaces every cot damn day. And, guess what? Lately, today sounds like yesterday and the day before it and so on.

Fuck that. Innovate. Shake things up. Try things that don’t sound right. Make real, authentic music, no matter the genre. Inspire wonder and amazement and always push the boundaries, even simply for the sake of not doing the same thing twice.

Channel your inner Daft Punk and breath life back into your music. Because at the end of the day, even electronic music can be human (after all).

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The Hood Internet – Doin’ It Good (Kanye West x Daft Punk)

Ah. Another Daft Punk album means at least one trillion remixes, samples and mashups, right? It’s tough to sift through them all, with so many trying to piggyback off the wonder duo’s influential sound.

Don’t fret though, this one’s a keeper. Chicago mashup machines The Hood Internet reunite Yeezus and Daft Punk for this blend of “Good Life” and “Doin’ It Right”.

Check the tasty results below.

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Everything We Know About Kanye West’s New Album [Update #5]

New Kanye West!

Every since he tweeted “June Eighteen” there has been an excessive thirst for news on Kanye West‘s highly-anticipated sixth studio LP. Well, Rolling Stone has managed to snatch up some clues about the album, and I am going to try to connect some of the dots. Here is what we know:

  • He has been in Paris, France since the beginning of the year, staying in the illustrious Hotel Meurice (also known as “The Hotel of Kings,” so you know it’s real).
  • Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg said that Kanye played the album for Def Jam and apparently it’s “dark but really good.”
  • Kanye went to Brazil instead of The Grammys back in February. He was photographed in the studio with… Will Smith.
  • He is playing SNL’s season closer on May 18th. This is three days before Daft Punk‘s album drops, and he has at least two songs with Daft Punk. Thomas Bangalter, half of the influential French duo, said that ‘Ye was “kind of screaming primally” during one of their recent sessions.
  • Kanye tweeted “June Eighteen,” which I think is a single release date and not the album release date. Even though I would think he would release a single right after playing SNL in May, I do not think he would undercut label mate Pusha T‘s album My Name Is My Name (which is due out July 16th), with his own album. Oh also, June 18th could totally be Kim Kardashian’s due date.
  • West has brought in Skrillex, Chief Keef, and members of Odd Future. The Odd Future feature is especially not surprising as he is a huge Tyler, The Creator fan. For a while Tyler’s legendary “IFHY” music video was the only item featured on Yeezy’s website.
  • According to Pigeons & Planes, there may be a Kanye/Gunplay collaboration in the works as well.

UPDATE #1: Kanye took the Met Gala stage by storm last night performing some new material. One song, presumably called “I Am A God,” began with him yelling that. Another featured him telling Kim K that she is so awesome (watch here). Lastly, Hudson Mohawke, half of TNGHT and recent G.O.O.D. Music signee, played a new Yeezy song at one of his sets.

Also, it has been reported that Kanye bought the Hudson beat below. Hopefully, the final product sees the light of day because the instrumental is FIRE.

UPDATE #2: Hud Mo played another new ‘Ye song, this one probably called “New Slaves,” at a recent set.

Kanye said: “You see there’s leaders and there’s followers, but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.”

Update #3: Kanye stopped by Roseland Ballroom in NYC and performed ANOTHER new track as well as the song we think is called “Awesome.” SNL this weekend is going to be insane.

Update #4: ‘Ye took to 66 buildings around the globe to project his new song “New Slaves.”

Update #5: Ugh. I’ll just embed a #tweet about this “Kanye” character. We can probably expect the “New Slaves” CDQ, featuring Frank Ocean tonight after SNL. Kanye’s album (title still not confirmed) Yeezus will be everywhere on June 18th.


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Daft Punk – Doin’ It Right ft. Panda Bear

New Daft Punk!

The Daft Punk album leaked the other day, and as Arjun said, the camp “opted to begin relief efforts with a full album stream on iTunes a few days before the album’s release.” Good move on their part, I’d say. Anyway, I’ve been listening to the album and was a bit taken aback by what I heard versus what I expected, but there were several songs that blew me away. One of those songs was “Doin’ It Right,” featuring Panda Bear. The #SunsetFam has more to say about this in an upcoming post, but I’m rejoicing over hearing some electronic music that I actually feel like I can fall in love with. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to say that, and it feels incredibly refreshing. Beyond that, the theme of dancing without the mandatory scraping and scratching that we tend to hear today is what really got me going about this album. I’m a fan. Sure, there are some shortcomings in the album altogether, but I couldn’t find any in this song with Panda Bear. Absolute gem.

Everybody will be dancing and be feeling it right
Everybody will be dancing and be doing it right
Everybody will be dancing and be feeling it right
Everybody will be dancing tonight..

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Listen to Daft Punk’s New Album Now

New Daft Punk!

Due to an unfortunate leak it seems Columbia Records and the Daft Punk robots have opted to begin relief efforts with a full album stream on iTunes a few days before the album’s release. This whole situation is unfortunate for their whole team, who have thus far done a tremendous job keeping everything behind closed doors and creating the all-important “buzz” for this album. But anyway, I still expect huge sales for the French duo, so we can stop being sad AND INSTEAD GIVE LIFE BACK TO THE MUSIC.


*Click “View in iTunes” and then “Launch Application.”

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