[Video] D-Why – 2,000 Miles

West Virginia-native David Morris, better known as D-Why, has always impressed me with his visuals. He’s got a slick sense of how to get the most of his songs on the screen, and his latest cut for 2,000 Miles doesn’t fall short. The feel-good, cinematic video shows Morris going coast to coast, cruising into the California sunset.

Peep D-dub and company (KYLE cameo!) heading west below (with a bonus, folk-infused surprise ending.)

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David Morris – Song For Newtown

There’s no real way to undo the wreckage of the Sandy Hook shootings. The nature of the victims involved is as equally disturbing as it is baffling, and it’s events like this that make you question the essence of humankind. Although words can come up cheap and short in times like these, a little art can go a long way.

Like Mike Posner earlier this week, D-Why, born David Morris, shares the same sentiment. Mr. Morris shows us a different side to his normal artistry by trading in beats and bars for an acoustic guitar and a genuine croon.

Check out “Song For Newtown” below, and think about purchasing the song on iTunes. Every single penny of the proceeds will go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, set up by United Way.

Rather than dwelling on the death toll, let’s celebrate the lives of those taken away.



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[Video] D-Why – New York Times

To culminate the anticipation for his upcoming free album, Don’t Flatter Yourself, David Morris aka D-Why dropped some cinematic visuals for a fresh single, “New York Times.”

The flow here isn’t quite rapping, isn’t quite signing and damn sure isn’t what we’ve heard from D in the past. I respect that a lot, and I appreciate these visuals even more.

I think so many up-and-comers today are content with dropping  “music videos” that have all too often been done a billion times before. You know the scene: slow motion shots of pretty girls and fast cars. I’m not saying that’s not cool, it’s just not creative. “New York Times,” on the other hand, is more like a film that utilizes the music merely for enhancement. It’s a visual interpretation of the song, not a literal one.

Put it this way: if you can watch a music video on mute and it still has value, then it’s probably a good video.

Don’t Flatter Yourself drops on Wednesday.

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D-Why feat. Hit-Boy – All Good

With his upcoming album, Don’t Flatter Yourself, just around the corner, D-Why keeps getting busier and busier with his leak game. This time around, he splits bars with “Niggas In Paris” producer Hit-Boy (who is now embarking on a rap career.) DFY drops August 15th.

ID says I’m 22, think like I’m 35 / act like I’m 18, dressed like i’m buried alive

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D-Why – Bad Bitch Concierge (feat. Curt@!n$)

As D-Why gears up for his upcoming mixtape, Don’t Flatter Yourself, he continues to drop harder and harder ish. This one is rather reminiscent of the sound on Childish Gambino’s latest tape, Royalty. Curtains flexes on the track, too. Swoop!

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D-Why – Kill Me now (feat. Casey Veggies)

Yeah, I didn’t really expect this collab happening. Homeboy D-Why linked up Casey Veggies to cook up something surprising on his newest track, Kill Me Now. This is definitely the hardest I’ve heard D-Why spit and it makes sense with the swag connoisseur Casey sharing the track with him. Don’t Flatter Yourself coming soon.

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D-Why – Crave You

Homeboy D-Why is back with more rap songs. This time he takes a spin on a remix of Flight Facilities‘ “Crave You”  by Friendly Fires. Not quite sure if this is a cut from his upcoming tape, Don’t Flatter Yourself, but one things for sure: each of his tracks have been sonically unique. Is D-Why uber-eclectic or still searching for his own sound? I’ll let you decide.

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D-Why – We Don’t Know

I first stumbled upon D-Why a few months back and was ultimately underwhelmed. I mean, don’t get me wrong–dude had mad style. The West Virginia native dresses how I’d like to if I collected a much fatter paycheck. His flow was on point and the production value on his songs and visuals were off the charts. But, his content was so typical. A bougie white boy with clever punchlines about girls and Starbucks? Whatever, man.

Well, fast forward to present day and D-Why is gearing up for his new mixtape, Don’t Flatter Yourself. I peeped the the second release from his joint, and I gotta say, I’m quite impressed with his progress. Like I said, dude always had all the parts. But now, it seems he’s finally found his own style. He actually sounds, well, genuine.

Peep “We Don’t Know” and its cinematic visuals below, which is rather reminiscent of Levi’s recent “Go Forth” marketing campaign as well as Rihanna’s “We Found Love.”

I see you D-Why. Let’s see how far you can take this.


D-Why channels his inner Police with this Roxanne-sampling feel-good jam, “Killa.” Original by Cam’ron, “What Means The World To You.”

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