Curren$y – What It Look Like (feat. Wale)

Tha Homie Spit Spitta aka Curren$y aka the Pilot aka the captain of the Jet Life crew teams up with Wale for his newest release off of of The Stoned Immaculate, which is set to drop on June 5.

Some nice, smooth production here by B!nk, Wale and Spitta both go in on their verses, this one receives high grades de moi.  My one caveate here–Wale says being addicted to Barney’s is “g shit.” No, son, it’s not. Da fuck is g about this, Douglas?

We blessed to be here. It’s a blessing for y’all to be here with us

Well said, Whale, well said. Lol see what I did there? PS guys I’m so good at Photoshop look


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[EP] Curren$y – Here

The Homie Spit Spitta’s back with a new, 5 song EP titled “Here.” Curren$y, in my mind, kind of filled the void in the rap mixtape world when Lil Wayne, formerly The Best Rapper Alive, seemingly lost 2/3 of his talent after dropping Da Drought series. Spitta releases new tracks and projects more frequently, and with more consistency, than maybe any other rapper out right now.

He and the Jet Life crew always come with some of the slickest flows, and I can’t remember the last time I was disappointed with any Curren$y project–a few weak tracks here and there, but they continuously put out gems.

Note that the first song on the EP, “Pay Attention,” is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long.

Shocking, really.

Curren$y – Pay Attention

Curren$y – Livin

Curren$y – What Da Fuck

Download “Here”


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SchoolBoy Q ft. Dom Kennedy & Curren$y – Grooveline pt 1

ScHoolboy Q – Groovline Pt. 1 Feat. Dom Kennedy & Curren$y Prod Lex Lex Luger #HnC 1-14 by TopDawgENT

Gotta love any collaboration between Spitta and Dom Kennedy. Unfortunately this one is stream-only, but you can get it when SchoolBoy Q drops his new album, Habits and Contradictions.

Lex Luger on the beat sounding all nice and OG. This beat, to me, is the audible equivalent of eating a bacon sandwich and drinking orange juice. Whatchu think bout that, kid?


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Dom Kennedy x Curren$y – Hennessy Beach

Dom Kennedy x Curren$y – Hennessy Beach

Two of the nicest in the game right now, Mr. Kennedy invites Curren$y the Hot Spitta to drop a verse on “Hennessy Beach.” With a mellow horn infused instrumental that rivals the smoothness of Hennessy itself, Dom and Spitta flow in the laid back, care free way that makes them so great to listen to.

Curren$y was in town this past weekend for Pitchfork at Union Park. His set was Friday, and that night, I was invited to go to the XO Cafe Noir after party presented by Patron and Superfly. I was hoping that Curren$y would show up at some point, but unfortunately he never came through.

He did, however, seem to get some Patron XO the next morning–

“Now I’ve never had a glass of Hennessy in my life, I can’t lie. But I did have a shot of XO this morning.”

Download “Hennessy Beach”

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Pitchfork Music Festival 2011 – Top 5 Must Sees

Each year, Pitchfork is one of my favorite music festivals. They always put together a great lineup, and although the headliners may be lesser known than festivals like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo, Pitchfork always distinguishes itself as one of the most fun music festivals around. Perhaps that’s because I’m biased towards summertime Chi, but I really can’t say enough good things about Pitchfork’s festivals. Year after year they deliver – it’s a highlight of my summer. I have included the full list of artists as well as a top 10 list of artists I am most excited to see. You’ll notice that they are all unique artists–not a single one of my top 5 are mainstream artists, and that is what makes Pitchfork even better. It’s a distinctive festival because they always find unique, independent, talented artists, which is really awesome.

July 15, 2011

Animal Collective//Neko Case//Guided by Voices//Thurston Moore//Curren$y//Das Racist//James Blake//Battles//Tune-Yards//Gatekeeper//Ema

July 16, 2011

Fleet Foxes//DJ Shadow//The Dismemberment Plan//Destroyer//No Age//Gang Gang Dance//Zola Jesus//Twin Shadow//Woods//The Radio Dept//Cold Cave//Wild Nothing//Off!//Juliana Barwick//G-Side//Sun Airway//Chrissy Murderbot feat. MC Zulu

July 17th, 2011

TV on the Radio//Cut Copy//Deerhunter//Superchunk//Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti//Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All//Health//Kurt Vile and the Violaters//Yuck//Tori y Moi//The Fresh and Onlys//Baths//Kylsea//Shabazz Places//Twin Sister//How to Dress Well//Darkstar

My Top 5 Must Sees

5. Curren$y

Curren$y – Michael Knight

Curren$y is way far up there on my favorite rappers list. He has a very unique sound and vibe to his music that I usually really like. I’ve never seen him live and am  excited to see how energetic he can be when he performs live given that he has such a mellow sound on the majority of his records.

4. Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes – Ragged Wood

Fleet Foxes is one of my favorite new bands. They just make me feel happier. I cannot wait to see them at Pitchfork–I’m really curious to see how their live set will be. I have huge expectations and I hope they can deliver!

3. Animal Collective

Animal Collective – Turn Into Something

I still remember being in 8th grade and getting made fun of when I showed my friends “Fireworks” by Animal Collective. They’d never heard anything like it, and they absolutely hated it. Initially they actually thought I was joking. Far from it. I saw their film Oddsac when they debuted it in Chicago, and got to ask them some questions about it. By far one of my coolest musical experiences to date. Such a crazy “visual album.” Check out the trailer here.

2. TV on the Radio

(Photo Credit: Gregg Greenwood)

TV on the Radio – DLZ

I honestly expect TV on the Radio to be absolutely mindblowing. The energy in their songs is so enticing and infecting, I can only imagine what their live set will be like.

1. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

French! – Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats

If you’ve been reading this site for any extended amount of time, you already know how big a fan I am of Odd Future. Call it hype, call it a gimmick, call it whatever you’d like. I’ll call it raw and revolutionary. There live shows are some of the most emotionally intense things I’ve ever seen. People just absolutely lose it. Stage dives from upwards of 15 feet in the air, brutal moshing–from the clips I’ve seen, an Odd Future live set will be unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.

Pitchfork || Website

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Tape Tuesday: #Jets

Private planes. Dom Perignon at 30,000 feet. Aston Martins, Bugattis, McLarens, Ferraris, and Bentleys. Gucci loafers. Damier print. Welcome to the life. Wealth. Class.  #Jets

Curren$y is the ringleader of the #Jets crew, kind of like Wiz has the Taylor Gang. His swag is effortless, his flow is crisp, and this is perfect to listen to when you’re just running things like a boss. Hit the jump for the full tracklist and download link.

“Michael Knight” – Curren$y

Lames catch feelings, we catch jets. Jets, fool.

“We Back Soon” – Lil Wayne

Sittin’ in a Ferrari, thinkin’ bout money/ I swear I will go head up with all o’ y’all/ Bumper cars

One of my favorite Sam Adams tracks, this one has some great rhymes from Sam and has that trademark Spitta flow on it. Great collaboration between Curren$y and sam right here.

“Fly Jets Over Boston” – Sam Adams feat. Curren$y

I’m the three white keys in C, you a minor/ Knew my shit banged when my music hit the highways/ Found out that hardwork pays off, like Fridays

Truth be told, Chip’s flow might very well be my favorite flow in the game right now. Not saying he’s my favorite rapper, but the dude flows like a goddamn faucet.

“Movie” – Chip Tha Ripper

Dog my life is like movie/ All of the cars and places we are/ All my girls look like dem girls off in the movies

“Final Hour” – Big Sean

Catch me runnin’ to the money/ Until my feet lose feelin’/ Stack it wall to wall till it’s leakin’ through the ceilin”

When Lil Wayne does a song called “Bill Gates,” you know it’s going to be about serious skrills.

“Bill Gates” – Lil Wayne

Polo Ralph Lauren bitch/ That’s what my pajamas say/ Big tall glass of some shit you can’t pronunciate

“Glass House” feat. Curren$y and Big Kritt – Wiz Khalifa

One of the dopest/ I’m schedule 1 you just ibuprofen

The entire album that this next track is off of, “The Crash Album” by DJ Moondance, is one of the best mashup albums I’ve ever heard. He doesn’t just mash track A and B, rather he takes elements from each song and puts them together. This is my favorite cut off of the album. Effortless swag.

“All-American Party” – DJ Moondance

Brushin’ off my three piece/ I make this look too easy/ So tall and lanky/ My suit, it should thank me/ I make it look good to be this hood/ Meyer Lansky mixed with Lucky Lefty/ Gangster, effortlessly/ Poppa was a rolling stone-its in my ancestry

“King Kong” – Curren$y

Fuck around get popped like a collar/ For slippin’ in my city get bitten, chewed, swallowed/ Fool, what you think you like me?/ Your idol and your rival I be

“Gossip” – Lil Wayne

Stop analyzing, criticizing/ You should realize what I am and start epitomizing/ Legitimate I got the heart of the biggest lion

Chuck Inglish productions are always dope, and with three of the slickest flows over this one, you know it’s going to be nuts. Extra crispy flow from Chip, Spitta, and Sean on this.

“Fat Raps” feat. Curren$y and Big Sean – Chip tha Ripper

Your girl show me L-O-V-E/ I drop the O, and the E/ And just took the LV/ That’s Louis Vuitton luggage every time you see my passport/ Damier print, got me lookin’ like a chess board

“Cool Head” feat. Kid Cudi – Travis Barker

I’m in my own world/ Literally, no bullshit baby

“We Major” ft. Kanye West and Nas – Big Z Remixes

Turn nothin’ to something now pimpin’ that’s the Savior/ Best things are green now pimpin’ get your paper/ High off the ground, our status skyscraper

I’m very on and off with Wale. Absolutely hated his last album, but I am definitely a fan of his ability to flow, which is really accentuated on this track. Plus, I love Aston Martins, so swag.

“Aston Martin Music” – Wale

My garments shouldn’t be here, I’m somewhere near the future/ As far as being hard, I feel I’m somewhere near Medusa

“She Said” – Mac Miller

Ayo my herb smoke tastin’ like a Nerds rope/ Imma get rich so I can buy my bitch a fur coat/ Something like a millionaire in training/ Still my shit amazing

”The Number Won Competition” – Wale

Fuck it we on the move/ None of us tryin’ to lose/ I am out of this world/ and you a man on the moon

I was stoked when I first heard this track because I was already a big fan of the song “Walking on a Dream” by Empire Sun. That combined with Wiz, I knew it was going to be dope.

“The Thrill” – Wiz Khalifa

Wake up drunk, go to sleep fucked up

Just some classic, heavy hitting, laid back Lil Weezy. Nothing’s better.

“Lighting Up My Lalala” – Lil Wayne

It’s, Little Wayne Imma shine in the rain/ Now nothing gets cleared without me signing my name/ I’m just, headlining the game/ Won’t stop till I’m/ A Rodding the game, they riding the bench

“Feel Good” – Chip tha Ripper

If you tryna fuck wit me then you better have some commas/ I be wit them OGs i’m probably stuntin wit yo fathaaa

One of my favorite Jay-Z classics with some of that tight Ratatat vibe, all around great track.

“Allure (Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G.)” – Ratatat

The allure of breaking the law/ Was always too much for me to ever ignore/ I got a thing for them big body Benzes/ Indulge my senses/ In love with a V-Dub engine

Download “Jets”


Dream Big, Swag Out

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