Mike Posner Plays ‘Ninja’ Pop Up Show In Chicago’s Lincoln Park

You may not have seen Mike Posner around a lot lately, but his sound is still shaping pop radio nonetheless. Working behind the scenes and penning hit songs like Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” Posner has proven to be relevant even when his own music has been repeatedly shelved. Now, with a long-awaited sophomore album finally on the way, the Dukie who made it big off “Cooler Than Me” is staging a comeback.

As part of his rebirth, Posner has been hitting the road and holding surprise pop-up concerts across the U.S. affectionately called “Ninja Shows.” Last night, Mike made a pit stop in Chicago’s beautiful Lincoln Park, strumming new songs and old hits alike to one of the best views of the city’s skyline.

The set was extremely intimate (there were maybe just north of 100 in attendance) and a bit awkward (people jogging and doing lunges nearby), but you couldn’t help but get a taste of magic in the air. Mike was honest and authentic. He was was close enough to reach out and touch; close enough to hear without monitors or an amp. And whether he was doing a verse a capella or taking photos and giving out hugs after the show, Mike Posner was as entertaining and genuine as ever, as if he had never missed a beat.

Listen to four cuts from Posner’s upcoming album below.

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Live Review: Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club live at the Fox Theater Oakland - Andi Pimentel

There are three things you need to know about me:

  1. I registered to vote at Outside Lands music festival
  2. For my birthday my boyfriend bought me a Jambox instead of jewelry
  3. I am obsessed with Spotify

Spotify does so many things and it does them well. Spotify allows me to have the same playlist on 700 devices including my Ring Pop and IKEA clock, it gives me an excuse to bully my friends into following my Good Life playlist (yeah, you click that), and it introduced me to Two Door Cinema Club.

I went from hearing them once on Spotify Radio to becoming a loyal fan in a matter of 21 hours. In my opinion, Two Door is hipster music for everyone. I like it. My friends like it. My parents like it. My little sister likes it. My boss likes it. I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it.

I was stoked to see them play at Fox Theater in Oakland on October 23rd. So much so that I begged my boyfriend to celebrate our 3-year anniversary with tickets to the show and proceeded to invite all of our friends. It was one big anniversary party (registry is at Williams Sonoma, in case you wanted to send something).

The show kicked off with an incredible light show that maintained throughout. Someone evidently spent days blueprinting ways for the stage to come alive and whoever you are: luminescent job buddy. Nicely done. I usually don’t notice stuff like that but I was mesmerized by the exploding spots of green, rays of silver, and blue meteor shower.

I had heard some of Two Door’s live recordings (thank you Spotify) and was already aware that their live performances aren’t quite as crisp as their studio recordings can be. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away; I just wanted a good time (that’s what he said). I was right. They didn’t bring the same sort of clean sound on stage, but their lyrics, energy, and lightshow (again, awesome) more than made up for it. There were definitely aspects that would have enhanced the experience (more interaction with the crowd and maybe a shout out for me to come on stage) but quite frankly, the crowd didn’t mind. No one cared they couldn’t hear what Alex Trimble was saying to his fans (we already know we’re awesome and you couldn’t have done this without us, thank you, thank you). No one cared the sound was not as well-groomed as they were used to. From the moment Two Door opened with Sleep Alone – my personal fav – to the moment they closed with What You Know, 95% of the crowd was dancing with the intention of pulling a butt muscle. The other 5% was venue staff.

Which brings me to the last thing you need to know about me:
4. I’m going to be Sam Halliday for Halloween.


[Review written by Sunset Guest Writer Andi Pimentel]

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The Weeknd, Live in Pittsburgh

Everything that happened on June 19th was pretty fitting:

  1. Some of my friends finding themselves on stage pre-show because f**k rules.
  2. Opening DJ playing pre-recorded mixes and pressing buttons on his DJ-doohickey that didn’t actually do anything.
  3. A guy that may or may not have been my friend passing out because he may or may not have been doing something that may or may not be illegal to do.

I know what you’re asking yourself. “Does this have anything to do with the show you’re reviewing?” And my answer to you is, “Shut up. I’m writing the review, I ask the questions around here.”  But in all seriousness, they have everything to do with the show, because I had no idea what to expect coming into this performance. I did not expect any of those things to happen, and I certainly didn’t expect it to end up being the best live show I’ve ever seen.

Abel Tesfaye, dubbed the Songbird of Our Generation by a guy I talked to once, is one mysterious dude. We know he’s 22 years old and that he’s tight with Drake, but that’s about it. Wiki says he’s signed to Cash Money, but I doubt that that is true. His three critically acclaimed mixtapes (House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence) include a whole lot of sex, drugs, and RnB. And a little bit more sex and drugs. All three of his projects are great, but if you’ve listened to his music you realize why I had a hard time figuring out how the hell he was going to create a performance that would be anything but forgettable. His recorded music is just about anything but exciting, leaving me skeptical that he would be able to pull off that good of a live show.

Like I noted earlier, the opener was laughably bad. A hipster-DJ wearing a beret and cargos was not something I expected to witness in the flesh in my life, but #YOLO right? Wrong. He played mixes that he obviously made beforehand, including a track from Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album and the edited version of Wiz Khalifa’s “Say Yeah.” So you could say that I wasn’t in the highest of spirits immediately before Abel’s set.

It didn’t take long for me to get excited, though. The Weeknd’s live band strutted out to their instruments, and as soon as they started “High For This” the energy in the theater exploded. I was extremely impressed with the way that Abel was able to interact with the crowd without connecting with them too much, being consistent with his ruse of anonymity. He came strolling out onto the stage with an ear-to-ear grin on his face, getting crazy close to the fans but not close enough for the crazy white girls up front, as you can see in the video I took, below.

Speaking of the white girls, I’m not sure you can fathom the amount of thirst in that theater. Every single female that was their was ready and willing to poke a hole in a condom, from the 45 year old black woman next to me to the high school-age white girls in their homemade XO shirts in the front row. There were baby momma’s mommas in attendance that were ready to get down at the drop of a proverbial hat. Did I mention that the stereotype of white girls yelling the n-word during The Weeknd’s performance of “Crew Love” is absolutely true? None of them seemed to have a problem with it. But I digress.

That energy and excitement was consistent for the rest of the concert. The band and lightshow remained phenomenal throughout the show, exponentially adding to the energy of the show. Abel barely stayed still, hitting his falsettos and dampening women with a mere look. His voice was just as immaculate as I’d been skeptical that it was; it was really hard for me to believe that his vocals on The Trilogy weren’t adjusted in some way, but trust me they are not. His voice was near-perfect, and I only say “near” because calling it perfect is going to turn my ass to grass because someone will have a problem with that.

TL;DR? Fine. Just know that you don’t have to listen to The Weeknd to go to his concert and have a great time. The atmosphere that he creates makes it impossible to not enjoy yourself at least a little bit. Let me know how yours goes.

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Sunset Presents: Hoodie Allen, Clemson SC

Sunset in the Rearview is hosting a Hoodie Allen concert in Clemson, South Carolina on April 19th! The concert will be the first show on Hoodie’s nationwide All American tour and according to everyone it will “definitely be the best concert ever.” The show comes 9 days after the All American EP releases on iTunes and will feature brand new material from Hoodie Allen. If you live anywhere nearby, you need to come to this. It will be one crazy night. Also, if you’re an insane stalker, I will be there for you to stalk. Tickets are selling quickly! Hit the links below to RSVP and buy tickets. The concert is 18+ AND all profits from it go to the great local charity Clemson Community Care. Swag on swag on swag.


RSVP on Facebook!

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[Album] Garrett Anderson – Within and Around

I have a legitimate apology to offer you guys–I’m sorry for not posting enough Garrett Anderson. I haven’t posted any new music from him since “Lonely Eve,” and in doing so have been keeping some really, really amazing music from you guys.

Let me be very clear here–Garrett’s most recent album, Within and Around, is one of the best indie projects I have heard in a very, very long time. Garrett’s voice tells a beautiful story in every song, and combined with his guitar, puts a gripping spell on the listener and really pulls you in. Anderson kind of sounds like the lovechild of The Head and the Heart and Ben Harper, and he has a truly incredible voice.

When you listen to Garrett, you feel like you’re sitting around a bonfire listening to your buddy play guitar and sing–if only your buddy played a masterfully laidback guitar and had the twangy pipes of a folk star.

Within and Around is a wonderful mix of beautiful songs that simply cannot be passed up–do not let yourself miss this guy, he’s too damn good.

He has an album release show tonight at the 8×10 in Baltimore, and if I lived any closer I’d get up right now and walk there. If you’re in the area, do yourself a huge favor and get out and support Garrett’s new album tonight–I can’t think of a better way to spend your time tonight.

I’ve streamed some standouts from the album below, and head over to Garrett’s bandcamp to download the whole album–support good music. Might be the some of the best-spent 12 bucks you’ll ever spend.

Garrett Anderson – The Wait

Garrett Anderson – Texas Honeysuckle

Garrett Anderson – Complete

Garrett Anderson – Little Secret

Buy Garrett’s album!


Dream Big

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Sunset Concert: Filligar! San Francisco, CA

Sunset in the Rearview Presents Filligar, Warm Weather, Terraplane Sun

Well guys, the G-Eazy show was such a raging success, we’ve decided to sponsor another concert in our second month based out of San Francisco! This time around, we’ve switched from hip-hop to good old fashioned rock and roll. Filligar, a rock and roll band hailing from Chicago, will be taking the big stage, following opening performances by fellow rock bands Warm Weather and Terraplane Sun.

Filligar is visiting us in San Francisco after having wrapped up an international tour. They just might be on their way to becoming one of the youngest and hottest rock and roll bands in the world. It’s an enormous claim, but they have the ability to live up to it. Their sound is full, their energy is through the roof, and apparently they put on one of the best live shows the world has to offer. Needless to say, it’s going to be a fun night. The floors will be rattling in San Francisco…

Download Filligar Apricot Jam

MP3: “A Promise” – Warm Weather (via Knox Road)

Concert Details:

    • Thursday, January 26 @ 8 PM
    • Location: Cafe Du Nord (2174 Market St, San Francisco)
    • Special: Thrillcall will be at the show, offering drink specials for those who download their mobile app!

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Live: Dispatch (100 Bands Review #68)

What’s Left: 35 Days. 32 Bands.

Band #68: Dispatch

Expectations: Going into it, I was unsure exactly what to expect. I’d seen State Radio (lead singer Chad Urmston’s other band) live a few times, and they were always great. I had heard good things about Dispatch’s live show (quasi-legendary things, actually) so my expectations were rather inflated. Chad’s voice was really awesome each time I saw State Radio live, and I was excited to hear him singing with the rest of the guys in Dispatch. The show was outside at Chicago’s Millenium Park (AWESOME VENUE) so that added another element to the show. Perfect summer mood, perfect summer night.

Pre-Show: Just included this to inform you how I was feeling going into the show–the weather was perfect, it was a straight up majestic day in Chicago, and we were pre-gaming the concert on my buddy’s 40 foot, wooden, OG sailboat. So I mean, the concert kind of had to be amazing for everything to live up to my expectations/the glorious afternoon leading into the show.

Concert: I used the term majestic in my last paragraph. Majestic would be an understatement. Not only was Dispatch completely in tune and on point with each other as a band, but you could really feel an awesome connection between the audience and the crowd. A feeling like that really elevates any concert experience, and there was something truly tangible in the air that night between the crowd and the band. They played all of their classics and left nobody (at least none of my friends, who are all very big Dispatch fans) wishing they had played a different set. They did some awesome covers, and it was easy to tell how much fun the band was having onstage. They had a pretty big band, and some of the percussion instruments especially were pretty cool. Rain sticks, big African drums, etc…all of the guys were adding their own unique sound to every jam.

Concert Afterglow: One of my favorite summer nights to date. This is exactly what makes Chicago my favorite city in the summer. It is absolutely beautiful–just ask ‘Ye how he feels about summertime Chi. If Dispatch ever plays in your area code, or even somewhere remotely close to you, it is a necessity in my mind that you see them. Don’t pass the opportunity up.

Dream Big

D Prep || Follow on Twitter


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Sunset in the Rearview, DML and Yacko Present…

Josh Bonney concert

Sunset in the Rearview is sponsoring a concert alongside Dirty Mexican Lemonade and Yacko. The show is Thursday, September 1st at Fat Frogg in Elon, North Carolina. Doors open at 10:00 PM. Lineup is as follows:

Josh Bonney
K.O. Kid & DJ Ladro
Eddy B & Tim Gunter
Chris Levintow
Tim Gunter (DJ Set)

Late night DJ Ladro DJ Set until 2 PM. Tickets will be $8 presale and $10 the day of the show.


Mark your calendars!

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Free Ticket Giveaway! (Chiddy Bang! Super Mash Bros! And More!)


-2 free tickets

-Chiddy Bang, Super Mash Bros, more

-June 18th, near Philly, NYC, Trenton

-To sign up: comment on this post with your name, email address, and favorite movie of all time


Yep, you read it right! I’ve got two free tickets to give away for a concert outside of Philly (and only one hour from NYC via a $12 train, and close to Trenton as well). The event is called Summer 618 and it will feature:

Chiddy Bang

Super Mash Bros.

5 & A Dime

3 Philadelphia DJs

+ 4 Surprise Electronic Artists in the VIP dome/stage*

(*VIP: underneath an Ultra-style geodesic dome, a second stage will host the official VIP after-party.)

To be in the running for the free tickets, simply comment on this post with your name, email address, and favorite movie of all time.

Yall know if I was near NYC/Philly I’d be at this show in a heartbeat! This isn’t something to pass up on!

Here’s a video to get yall pumped:


***To make this whole thing even cooler, the concert is eco-friendly and fueled by biodiesel, run with electronic ticketing, and hosted on a natural food local-crop farm that will reinvest its profits in sustainability.

Feel free to spread the word about this to your friends/family in the NYC/Philly/Trenton area by sharing the link using the Twitter/Facebook/Buzz/etc. icons below this post.

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ATTENTION NYC! Act1v Music Presents: Live show, Wednesday March 3rd, featuring Rocky Business, R20, and Ben Famous

Sunset supports Rocky Business (and Act1v Music), so make sure if you’re in the area you go check out this show!

“Find Away” – Rocky Business

Buy Tickets here ($10 in advance, $12 at the door)

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