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[Sunset Mixtape] I Woke Up This Morning

The concept for this playlist was built around the line in the opening track by Chance The Rapper that says “I woke up this morning / I woke up this morning / Gotta smile when I say that shit / I woke up this morning!”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that line since I first heard the song. I could go into a long monologue about ‘what a time it is to be alive,’ but honestly I don’t feel like sharing all of that today in my own words. I’ll share a few, but mostly I wanted to put together a playlist of songs old and new that sum up my feelings about the world.

It’s funny – I think I get a certain way at the end of every year as my team is putting together our Best Songs of the Year playlist; I think it makes me pause and think about what music really means to me. It’s weird to be able to connect so deeply to the words and art of people you don’t know at all. But when you do feel that sense of connection, it’s a really beautiful thing.

This is a collection of songs that I feel a connection to. It’s a mix of all-time favorites, recent favorites, and songs by some new artists I’m into. For one reason or another, each song gets me excited to wake up each morning. And I’m thankful to be reminded of what a gift that is.

Happy Holidays,


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Songs of the Week: August 26 – September 1

Summer may be nearly over but the jams sure aren’t. Here are this weeks best tunes.

1. [Music Video] Manicanparty – Monarch

(Posted by Arjun)

This track is a dash of tropical sounds and pure uniqueness. The video happens to be the perfect match for it. Nature vibes are the way to go with this one and we love it!


2. [Download MP3] Chris Malinchak – So Into You

(Posted by Alicia)

So.into.this.track. DAMN. It may be a bit simple lyrically but hey it gets the job done in making us want to groove. Addictive? Why yes it is.


3.[MP3] Denitia and Sene – Feel Better.

(Posted by Alicia)

This duo does it so right, all the time. “Feel Better.” is chill, edgy, and cool. The usual r&b indie balance that Denitia and Sene seem to bring track after track is something to adore.


4.[Download MP3] Zak Waters – Penelope (Radio Edit)

(Posted by Arjun)

Can we say catchy, feel good pop at it’s finest? Oh yes, Zak Waters has it in “Penelope”. It may be made of bubblegum but it is impossible to not become hooked instantly. Delightful!


5.[Video] Lost Scripts – I’ll Be Watching You

(Posted by Alicia)

John Talabot and Pional together are unstoppable. We knew this before from tracks such as “Destiny”, but now we’ve got even more music to get addicted to created by these two. Keep making us dance boys, we love it.

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[Download MP3] Chris Malinchak – So Into You

Sometimes we just simply need to dance, nothing more to it. Luckily there’s artists like Chris Malinchak, that happen to make the perfect upbeat gems to get us going. “So Into You” screams catchy beats with a straight forward message. We’re so into it, can’t even deny it. I don’t know about you guys, but I could probably put this song on a loop and never get sick of it. Too good.

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Three Songs On My Weekend Playlist

Guys. It’s mothafuckin Friday. Did yall hear that? Or are most of you who are reading this college kids whose Fridays come on Thursdays? Ugh, I’m jealous. Hold on to that shit forever. HOLD ON TO ITTTT. Alright, I’ll stop. I’m just getting overly excited for the fact that I can sleep in tomorrow and sing and dance all night tonight if I want to. TGIMFF!

Here’s my playlist for today. Add these songs to your playlist, k?

 1. Lil Flip – Way We Ball (Crizzly Remix)

Oh my god, what is going on? I usually can’t stand dubstep, but I’m digging this shit. Maybe because it’s a Lil Flip song, and that’s my BOY. Well, he’s not really my boy, or at least he doesn’t know that he is. But he’s from Houston, so he might as well be my boy. That’s just the way we ball.

2. Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me

Slow it down a little bit, but keep the beat rollin. Came across this song on Hype Machine and immediately fell in love. The layers on this track are incredible — seems like there’s a new one added every couple bars. But what I love most about this song is the gentleness of it all. It builds with time, but throughout remains soulful and smooth. I didn’t know about Chris Malinchak before today, but he’s an artist hailing from New Jersey, and he’s signed to the label French Express. He’s doing good things, and he’s certainly captured my attention with “So Good To Me.”

3. Coldplay – Paradise (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

Again, not typically into this type of music, but shit…it’s the weekend before Halloween, so shit’s allowed to get a little weird. We Plants Are Happy Plants are also new to me, but I learned that it’s the work of one man named Peter Bergmann from Budapest. Keep this stuff coming, Peter. You’re onto something.

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