Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Make You Feel (Le Youth Remix)

alina baraz - make you feel (le youth remix)

If you’ve been following Sunset in the Rearview for the last few weeks, then you know that it’s no secret that I absolutely love everything Alina Baraz & Galimatias touch. From their debut Urban Flora EP, to the steady stream of remixes they’ve been rolling out, whether its re-imaginations by stwo, Hotel Garuda, orFKJ, everything that has come from the duo has been nothing short of stand-out.

The very last artist to step up to the plate for the official Urban Flora Remix EP is the LA-transplant, Le Youth, and the rising electronic star has transformed “Make You Feel” from a chill jam into a club-ready anthem.

Like all good Alina Baraz remixes, Le Youth’s remix of “Make You Feel” keeps the singer-songstress’ incredible vocals untouched and front and center. Speeding up the tempo and infusing the track with an upbeat, dance-floor-ready vibe, Le Youth intricately weaves together polished piano melodies with a bubbly bass line and subtle note trickles that makes this release a double-edged sword – perfect for a daytime pool party, or at the club at 4 am.

Peep it below.

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Potatohead People – Luv Ya (Exmag Remix)

I feel bad for people that haven’t heard about the Exmag crew – but at the same time I’m so glad that they’ve linked up with Montreal’s finest in this jizz-jazz hell of a banger. After having the privilege of seeing Exmag a couple of times in Illinois this past month, I’ve come to the conclusion that they kick some serious ass. It was when I randomly asked Mike if he had heard of Potatohead People from Montreal that he responded “yeah, we just finished a remix for them”. My jaw dropped and I became a true fan for life.

Check it out now:

Also be sure to catch their most recent full length release with BRANX here.

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DJ SoySauce – Sushi Park

Do you even SoySauce bro?

Sushi Park by DJ SoySauce has been on continuos repeat throughout the last 3 days (since it was posted via SoundCloud). DJ SoySauce even wrote about his inspiration for this wonderful track, “created after eating the best sushi in my life“. Safe to say, Dj SoySauce is my hero. 

Start your Friday right with this beauty – consisting of upbeat vibes, chorus vocals, sick drops, rap vocals, and lot’s of FEELS.

Love it on hypem – HypeMachine: Dj SoySauce – Sushi Park

Follow DJ SoySauce: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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The C90’s – Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix)

I have a little light, I’m gonna let it shine. I’m also going to lay down in an ocean of lotion and listen to The C90s for a month of Sundays. Listening to this song is like getting permission to unwrap one present on Christmas Eve and having that present contain:

  • your best friend
  • warm brownies
  • and a handwritten “I love you” note from God

MP3“Shine a Light” (Flight Facilities Remix) – The C90s


Check out the C90s Soundcloud for their remixes and chart mixes. Phenomenal!

The C90s || Facebook || Twitter


source: Night Drive Miami

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