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[Stream] Childish Gambino – Me And Your Mama

New Childish Gambino!

Between his TV show Atlanta and his own music festival, Donald Glover is one busy Renaissance Man. Always up to something and not one to disappoint, Mr. Glover finally released the first single of his upcoming album “Awaken, My Love!”

The track, “Me And Your Mama,” is densely packed with scorching highs and lullaby lows, and offers a side of Childish Gambino we haven’t quite seen before. Singing through an amplifier at times, the new style offered on “Me And Your Mama” screams before it croons, and is anything but dull. If this track is any reflection of his upcoming LP, we’re in for something special.

Stream the audacious single from Childish Gambino below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Awesome Hanging Out with Her

New Tape Tuesday!

College is a bizarre place. It is not like the actual world. It is this vacuum of constant intoxication and twisted idealism. Going to classes on a campus is weird as hell. School is the only time all of these individuals will be grouped together like this–packed into classrooms like sardines, awkwardly sweating next to your potential future wife. As much as college is about the whole higher education thing, it is also about forced socialization. You choose a major and a concentration and voilà, like robots or young wizards, you are sorted with kids with whom you share similar interests. You’ll spend years going to the same classes as these kids–some of them you will know and become friends with and others you will recognize but never really talk to. Anyway, I’m not about to start naming names like iLoveMakonnen, but there’s this girl in my major that has a boyfriend but spends more time with me and got me in this terrible thing where I don’t care what happens, it’s just awesome hanging out with her. I know. It’s disgusting.

Lemme talk to you, I want to hear you talk to me back

*The SoundCloud mix is missing track 15, “Winning” by Just Jack.


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Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy

Childish Logic

Logic and Childish Gambino come together for an epic collaboration. What do you expect when you have two rappers hungry to make moves in the hip hop world. Love love love the flow, the beat, and the verses in this track. Look out for Logic’s debut album which will drop sometime this fall. Cheers!

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Artist Picks: What Music is Raleigh Ritchie Listening To?

Raleigh Ritchie is somebody we’ve been keen on for a while here at Sunset, but lately I’ve been unable to stop listening to his song “Bloodsport.” One of my friends told me the other day that he, too, has been unable to stop listening to “Bloodsport” ever since discovering it on my 2014 Spotify playlist. This inspired me to get to know Raleigh Ritchie a little bit better myself, so I reached out to him to see if he would participate in our Artist Picks feature.

Artist Picks is a series we do where we turn the tables and ask artists for their current music recommendations. It’s a fun way to discover art that’s inspiring creators, rather than just hearing the opinions of influencers like myself. We ask the artist to list 10 songs that they’re currently listening to, tell us why they picked that song, and we put together a playlist with all of their picks plus our favorite song by that artist him or herself.

One might think Raleigh Ritchie’s stunning music is enough to speak for itself, but there’s more to the man that I think you should know. First of all, his stage name is a result of Jacob Anderson’s (Raleigh Ritchie’s birth name) obsession with Bill Murray. He searched through every Bill Murray character he could think of, and eventually settled on names from The Royal Tenenbaums (Raleigh was Bill Murray’s character and Ritchie was Luke Wilson’s). The other thing worth knowing is that he’s also quite well known for his acting career – he acted in Game of Thrones and Adulthood. Not having seen either of those films myself, I trust that he’s a talented actor as well, but selfishly, am very glad he picked up music.

And just like his talents span multiple genres, so too do his musical tastes. I asked him to share 10 songs that he’s currently listening to on repeat, and they range from a quirky song that you might imagine hearing in a Wes Anderson film (mostly “Figure Eight” by Blossom Dearie) to an upbeat trap song (“My Different” by Big Narste). And there’s a whole bunch of variety in between.

Not all of the songs are available on Spotify, so pardon the couple of standalone extras. Hit the jump for the full song list with Raleigh Ritchie’s reasoning for each song and to stream all songs, including Raleigh Ritchie’s own “Bloodsport.”

Follow Raleigh Ritchie on Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: CDs for a Broken Record

New Tape Tuesday!

I feel like everyone numbs themselves to something. It’s like Louis CK said on Conan last September cell phones are a perfect way of subconsciously ignoring true and real and beautiful feelings. So I set out to make a mixtape to draw out those emotions and prevent any possibility of numbness. If this were an episode of Friends, “CDs for a Broken Record” is “The One Where Every Song Kills.”

“I’ll be your one and only,” every time you meet someone downtown

  1. Ricky Eat Acid – Inside your house; it will swallow us too
  2. Raury – Bloom
  3. Emily King – Distance
  4. Kevin Drew – Good Sex
  5. Sleepers’ Reign – Four Dots
  6. SBTRKT – r u n a w a y
  7. Years and Years – Real
  8. Young & Sick – Willow
  9. Day Three – Anxiety
  10. Beyoncé – XO
  11. Lincoln Jesser – Certainty
  12. Yumi Zouma – Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up
  13. Childish Gambino – what kind of love
  14. Frankie Cosmos – bottom lip
  15. TEL AVIV – Cucca
  16. Javeon – Give Up
  17. Fickle Friends – Swim
  18. Yellerkin – Leave Me Be
  19. Stonefox – All I Want
  20. Tom Misch & Carmody – The Last Song
  21. Leo Stannard – I Could Say
  22. Mike Mains and the Branches – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
  23. Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me
  24. Nick Leng – Crawled Out of the Sea



Like I did with Welcome to Summer, I made a trailer for this Tape Tuesday. It really has nothing to do with the mixtape, but I thought it was a funny idea, and I executed the idea just okay.

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Ludwig Göransson Talks Production of Childish Gambino’s ‘Because the Internet’

New Childish Gambino!

Rap Genius is an amazing tool. One of my favorite features of the site is the “Verified Artists” feature, where artists, producers, and designers can explain the underlying truths behind their work and share anecdotes about their creations. RG nabbed one of our favorite producers Ludwig Göransson shortly after Childish Gambino‘s Because the Internet dropped to discuss his contributions to the project. Check out Ludwig’s stories from the BTI mansion sessions, and get tickets to see Gambino live on his national “Deep Web” tour here.

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A Fan’s Anticipatory Take on Childish Gambino’s Upcoming Album, ‘Because The Internet’

New Childish Gambino!

Sunset and Childish Gambino fan Kevin Gannon offered to give his thoughts on Childish Gambino and his upcoming album, ‘Because The Internet.’  

I can remember my first experience with Childish Gambino like it was yesterday. It was, in fact, not yesterday but the summer of 2010. He had just released the Culdesac mixtape and my impression was probably similar to yours: “Holy hell, how did I not know that Troy (from Community) could rap like THIS?!” He instantly reminded me of guys like Lil Wayne and Drake because of his punchline-heavy approach, but there was a sincerity and reality to his lyrics that felt more organic than his influences. The Childish one just sounded, well, real and I could connect with his outsider vision, affinity for indie-rock and cartoons, and fondness for humor as a vehicle. This was, after all, a guy who decided to take on music after showcasing that he could write his ass off and act pretty damn well, too.

But it’s been nearly three and a half years since then and, of course, things are very different for both me and the rapper I’ve grown so fond of. For me, I’ve been most recently dealing with a transition from college to the “real world.” That means relying on my own income, which often gets a little pummeled when I make extraneous purchases to supplement my music-listening habits. Like my new headphones, I finally caved in and copped after reading this guide. And during this same time, Gambino released a slew of new material. That includes his debut album, Camp, which was unfairly panned by critics who seemed to be piggy-backing on one another’s hate. The record still resonated with me, though, as did his Royalty mixtape that dropped last year.

That being said, it did sound as if Gambino was getting somewhat stuck artistically. It seemed like he needed to challenge himself, be it by surrounding himself with new collaborators or simply immersing himself in a different setting. And this past summer, it was apparent that he had done exactly that after I watched his “Clapping For The Wrong Reasons” short film. It was an odd viewing experience, of course, because nothing seemed to be connected as one scene jumped to another. But it did show that he was branching out and spending time with acts who could challenge him. They included Trinidad Jame$, Flying Lotus, and somewhat-frequent collaborator Chance The Rapper.

Seeing all of this made me even more hopeful once I heard rumblings of Gambino’s sophomore album, Because The Internet. And, sure enough, he proved that he was on another level with the release of lead single “3005.” The sing-song hook, the lyrics split between bravado and introspection, and the superbly melodic, albeit forward-thinking production, blended together wonderfully. Here was a fully fleshed-out track from Gambino that was also equally familiar and unlike what we’ve heard from him before.

Subsequent single releases like “Telegraph Ave” proved that this was indeed a new side to the writer-turned-actor-turned-multifaceted-musical-artist. And he opened up about these changes in an interview with Billboard. He revealed that he feels like he needs to inspire people and that his music is a way for him to do that.

That’s why when he went into making Because The Internet in December 2012, he did things differently. He opted out of “going home” and instead rented out a new place—the mansion from the short film?—and reached out to new people. This allowed him to tap into different parts of his mind and expand his creativity. And as he told Billboard: “I didn’t want to make another album, really–I wanted to create a world.”

We’ll all get a chance to hear just what that world sounds like when the album is released Dec. 10. If you can’t wait that long, though, you can stream it right now on iTunes.

Below, you can view the track list for the album, just in case you haven’t seen it yet. The guests are Chance The Rapper, Lloyd, Azealia Banks, and Jhené Aiko.

Tracklist for Because The Internet after the jump.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Fast Forward Culture

New Tape Tuesday!

Whenever I visit my grandma, she always complains that my generation is anti-social (and stuff), and that disconnect can be frustrating. I try to explain the fast forward culture we live in, but the more I explain it, the more it seems terrible. This is going to be the last Tape Tuesday for at least a month, and ironically, it’s partially because I don’t want to live in fast forward anymore. I want to slow things down, evaluate, enjoy, and understand. Last night on Twitter, people were already criticizing Childish Gambino‘s Because the Internet, which is an album that I’ll need at least a week of consistent listening to understand. And that’s the problem. I feel like people don’t want to understand anymore, and lately I have become obsessed with understanding. See, I sound like my grandmother now. I don’t know which way of thinking is right or wrong, but I’m starting to understand what my grandma’s talking about.

  1. Vök – Before
  2. Teen Suicide – Haunt Me (X 3)
  3. Slaughter Beach – Spinning Globe
  4. Saint Raymond – Fall at Your Feet
  5. Yasmin Green – Into the Night
  6. Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave.
  7. River Tiber – The City
  8. Avan Lava – So F*kt Up
  10. ceo – Whorehouse
  11. Default Genders – Stop Pretending
  12. Sportsman – Champagne
  13. Oliver Tank – Time Slows Down When You Walk Into The Room
  14. Alice Boman – Waiting
  15. Sway Clarke II – I Don’t Need Much
  16. Hayden Calnin – Coward
  17. The Holidays – All Time High
  18. Sleepy Dreamers – Bike Song
  19. Twin Forks – Cross My Mind
  20. Chance Waters – Bonnie (ft. The Griswolds)
  21. Francis and the Lights – Like A Dream
  22. D.A. – Farm

Something you tossed out is everything I want, something you’re dismissive of is the reason I wake up…



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[Download MP3] Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave + Ta-ku Remix

New Childish Gambino!

I just had a conversation with my dad about Grand Theft Auto V. He argued that it was one of the causes for the mass shootings that have happened in recent history and that games like it should be further regulated by government. I agreed that it is part of the reason the youth is desensitized to violence and nudity but argued that the root cause of desensitization was because the Internet, and that the focus of regulation should be on gun control and not video games (which he agreed with). It felt really great to get that reference in without him noticing. That is all. It was a great argument, and I totally think I won.

Okay, so I guess I’ll explain what I know about this song below. It’s about a relationship that Childish Gambino had with this girl from Oakland and how different that lifestyle was from LA. It’s my favorite single so far (in front of 3005, Worldstar, and Sweatpants [below]). The .zip also comes with a chopped up mix by Ta-ku.

Download Childish Gambino’s new single “Telegraph Ave” + its Ta-ku Remix here


Related: Check out the track list of Childish Gambino’s new album Because the Internet, out 12/10

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The Jordan And Arjun Show [Episode #3]

New Jordan And Arjun Show!

In our all-important third episode of The Jordan and Arjun Show, we talk about Eminem‘s latest album MMLP2, Childish Gambino‘s Because the Internet cover, Drake‘s brand new video for “Worst Behavior,” and much more. Actually, just some more.

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[Download MP3] Childish Gambino – Melrose + Tracklist

New Childish Gambino!

Childish Gambino has been making a bunch of headlines lately whether it’s due to his friendship with Jhené Aiko a.k.a. the female dragon behind a handful of great rap hooks this year, his ultra personal hotel notepad Instagram posts, his new show on FX (tentatively called Atlanta), his sort of depressing but really honest answers to questions on his label-mandated press tour, and his epic, unplanned listening sessions in parks in major cities for his new album Because the Internet (cover above), which will be out on December 10th (a day after my birthday). Okay? So it seems like Donald is trying to do things differently for his new album, which apparently comes with a screenplay that guides you through the songs. Sticking with this odd trajectory, ‘Bino just tweeted Jhené a download link to a seemingly unfinished track called “Melrose.” Over the past two days, it has seriously grown on me. I sincerely hope it finds a place on Because the Internet because it is just a gem.

Download “Melrose” here.

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The 15 Best Childish Gambino Songs

New Childish Gambino!

I was recently prompted by a reader about Childish Gambino‘s transition from nerdy, name-dropping comedian-turned-rapper to gritty, thought-provoking lyricist. The whole subject caused me to revisit Gambino’s discography, which seems appropriate considering the upcoming release of his second commercial LP Because the Internet (out December 10th). The result of my revisitation is this list of his 15 Best Songs, which can almost act as the evolution of Gambino from Poindexter to Royalty.

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