Chaz French

Chaz French – What Ya Say (ft. Saba, prod. Kal Banx)

Chaz French made a new for himself in 2014 when he released his EP called Happy Belated, which was a collection of bangers and honest reflections of the state of his life. Introspection proves to be a strength of Chaz French’s: a few days ago he released a new single, “What Ya Say,” which is a song about staying true to oneself rather than giving in to expectations. In Chaz’s own words, “I’m trying to hear what my heart is saying a little better… A lot of times people sell out for what other people think they should do rather than listen to their heart, but this soul of mine ain’t for sale.”

What stands out to me about Chaz French is that he’s not trying to invent anything new. That’s one strategy for making it these days, and many artists are rightfully on the rise for their ability to be incredibly experimental with their sounds (artists ranging from Kevin Abstract to Fetty Wap). Chaz’s music doesn’t sound all that different from what we’ve heard in the genre over the past few years, but his strengths are in his captivating stories told with honesty and integrity. It feels incredibly authentic, which, coupled with strong production and complex rhymes, is another approach to gaining success today. If I were a betting woman, I’d put my money on Chaz French.

Don’t you ever give in nigga
Don’t you ever fall victim to expectations
Don’t let ’em test your will
You gotta stay true!


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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: ME RN

New Tape Tuesday!

There is a reason coming-of-age films like Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Myth of the American Sleepover, and Palo Alto all revolve around the same three things: sex, drugs, and youth. The reason is that they are one and same. This is the mixtape that understands that.

Much like those coming-of-age films, it is about not letting the little things bother you and seeing the bigger picture in a small town setting. It is about having the clearest ideas under the cloudiest circumstances and about dark times from which you rise above. It’s about getting really, really high and staying there for a week. It is about traveling to a foreign city and fucking shit up with your friends. It’s about the things you can only do when you’re young. Or maybe it’s just the soundtrack.

Don’t tell my momma I’ve been smoking


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