Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

2015 came and went, some albums gave us chills, others made us want to party like it’s 1999, and then there were ones that just never seemed to arrive at all. While Adele made her surprising reappearance into the music world, Frank Ocean was probably off on an island far, far away laughing at us all as we impatiently wait for his sophomore album. He was most likely chillin’ alongside Rihanna and Kanye West, who have also been taking their precious time to release their next albums. Before we get too bitter about this, it’s important to think about all the great works of art that are likely to flood our ears in 2016. Here’s a list of albums that will (hopefully) arrive in the new year and fill our musical needs.

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Top Acts to See at Pitchfork Festival

pitchfork festival

Maybe you’re going to Pitchfork Festival this weekend or maybe you’ll be sitting at home daydreaming about it. I’ll be doing a bit of both, to say the least. Either way, there are a lot of great acts to not only catch live but have a listen to even if you’re not there. The diversity at Pitchfork Festival is definitely clear, one second you’ll be dancing and the next you’ll be in a soothing trance. There’s a lot to hear and see so here’s a little guidance.  Here’s my list of must-sees, some obvious choices and some that may have you newly hooked:

Friday picks:

Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose will be sure to have you’re attention with her lo-fi indie jams. Definitely no need to get too worked up in the heat during her set because it’ll be cool, chill and the perfect beginning to the weekend.

Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco and summer festivals are two things that  go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cheesy thing to say? Sure, but I merely speak the truth here folks.  Mister DeMarco will be sure to bring his spunky indie rock to the stage this weekend and get people to perk up in that dazzling sun.

Saturday picks:

Ryan Hemsworth

Does it get more obvious than this pick? We all love the guy around here, if you couldn’t tell. Will his set be a total party on Saturday? Is that even a real question? Really though, Ryan Hemsworth will be sure to get the party started at Pitchfork and no one will be able to deny it.


Solange is a firecracker with soul and some serious fierceness. I’m sure this comes to no shock when you’re part of the Knowles family. Solange is known to put on quite the energetic, fabulous show so you’d be crazy to miss her rock it.

Sunday picks:

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira is what you would call a triple threat. Whether she’s modeling, singing or writing, she’s ridiculously awesome at it all. Her music varies from pop, indie, to just pure rock. She’s a star on the rise and a definite must see at this rate.


After falling helplessly in love with their sophomore release Something, I knew Chairlift would become a band I couldn’t ever get sick of. From trippy 80’s sounding pop songs to simply beautiful ballads, they can get you feeling all sorts of things. If you want something fun and unique this weekend, Chairlift can give you that craving.


This list has a dash of everything but don’t forget to see all the other great acts too. (I know everyone will be getting their booty shaking on at R.Kelly, I see you). Enjoy this weekend if you’re going, or even if you’re just pretending to go in your mind.

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Tape Tuesday: We are the universe.

This Tape Tuesday features an eclectic assortment of music. It starts out with probably the best opening track from any album this year. Then, it moves into the endlessly catchy title track (kind of) by tree, only to be taken up a notch with the strangely unknown Skizzy Mars track, “Meant for Me,” which I think is one of his best songs yet. After another relatively unknown track, the mix takes a more folksy tone with a Matt Longo track (thanks to an email from him, which I almost didn’t open). Leading up to the interlude (edited by yours truly), the songs become more indie rock. Each song in this middle section of the mix is uniquely catchy. At least, I think so. ‘We are the universe.’ then ends with two haunting tracks from powerful female vocalists followed by an intense love (but also kind of hate) song that will make you want to square dance or some shit.

Also, I would like to shout out Lydia and Jordan for hitting me up with some of my favorite tracks of the month. I would also like to thank Charlotte Wilder for illustrating the awesome cover art.

No sun revolves around you only, how could you think that you’re lonely? Our universe is vast but gravity will hold you back and overcoming obstacles is easy when you got control.

  1. Frankie Rose – Interstellar
  2. tree – Universal (ft. Ariel Thiermann)
  3. Skizzy Mars – Meant for Me
  4. Mikey Mike – If I Ain’t Stopped Lovin’ You by Now (Chainsaw Love, Pt. 4)
  5. Matt Longo – Level-Headed Man
  6. Raider – Lady, Lady
  7. The Griswolds – Mississippi
  8. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
  9. Reptar – Sebastian
  10. San Cisco – Rocket Ship
  11. Fixers – Another Lost Apache
  12. Fixers – Iron Deer Dream (RAC Remix)
  13. The Lumineers – Ho Hey
  14. Imagine Dragons – Tokyo
  15. Made in Japan – What It Is
  16. Lady Danville – Operating
  17. M83 – M83’s Interlude
  18. Chairlift – Met Before
  19. Charli XCX – Stay Away
  20. Alexander Rybak – Fairytale


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Chairlift – Bruises


“Bruises” – Chairlift

The lead singer of Chairlift is Caroline Polachek from the post right below this one. This pop song is very catchy. It’s featured in an iPod Nano ad. She sounds a bit like Regina Spektor when she hits her high notes. I like the guy’s voice too. When they sing one right after the other it reminds me a bit of the music in Juno, most of which is done by Kimya Dawson. But in particular I’m thinking of the song at the very end when they are singing together.

I tried to do handstands for you
I tried to do headstands for you
Everytime I fell you on yeah everytime I fell
I tried to do handstands for you
But everytime I fell for you
I’m permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you

I tried to do handstands for you
I tried to do headstands for you
Everytime I fell on you yeah everytime I fell
I tried to do handstands but everytime I fell for you
I’m permanently black and blue, permanently blue for

You-ooo etc…
For you-ooo etc…
So black and blue-oooo etc…
For you-ooo etc…

I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruisy knees
But frozen things they all unfreeze and now I taste like
All those frozen strawberries I used to chill your bruisy knees,
Hot July ain’t good to me
I’m pink and black and blue

I got bruises on my knees for you
And grass stains on my knees for you
Got holes in my new jeans for you
Got pink and black and blue

Got bruises on my knees for you
And grass stains on my knees for you
Got holes in my new jeans for you
Got pink and black and blue for

You-ooo etc…
For you-ooo etc….
So black and blue-ooo etc…
For you-oooo etc….


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