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Cee-Lo Green – You Promised Me Love

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“You Promised Me Love” didn’t make the cut for Cee-Lo’s latest album, Lady Killer. Sounds pretty catchy to me, T-Rex!

MP3: “You Promised Me Love” – Cee-Lo Green

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“Fuck you” (Remix ft. Chiddy Bang) – Cee-Lo Green


“Fuck you” (Remix ft. Chiddy Bang) – Cee-Lo Green

Falade Thoughts: I got off the phone with Lydia around 30 minutes ago and instead of writing this piece I began belting the lyrics to the chorus of “Fuck you.” I never thought I would choose this song as my soundtrack but in light of recent events I must say to the world “Fuck You.” I guess it is time for me to just be that guy.

Lydia Thoughts: Dude. At work I do a lot of research on CPA’s and stuff, for a client, and then in comes Chiddy talking about CPA’s in this jam. Always winning my heart. Why you gotta be like that, Chiddy? My boyfriend’s gone be jealous!

Download “Fuck You” Remix

Collaborative Post by Lydia and Falade

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Mashup Monday!

“Fuck You, I’ll Survive (Gloria Gaynor vs. Cee-Lo Green)” – Chambaland

This week’s Mashup is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Mainly because it’s totally realistic. It’s got a story. It’s a war between the genders. Gloria’s got the back of all the beautiful females out there, letting the males know that WE “WILL SURVIVE”, and Cee-Lo is shouting back to these ladies, “FUCK YOU!” in honor of all the males out there. Battle of the sexes. War of the genders. WHO’S GOING TO WIN? For now, Mashup artist Chambaland seems to be the winner. Well done, my man.

Download “Fuck You, I’ll Survive”

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Cee-Lo Green Announces New Album Release Date

Despite Wikipedia saying that Cee-Lo’s album would drop October 4th, Cee-Lo Green has announced via his Twitter that his upcoming album, The Lady Killer, will go on sale on December 7th via Elektra Records.

Have you heard his song “Fuck You” yet? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Listen here.

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Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You


“Fuck You” – Cee-Lo Green

This song is dedicated to all the well meaning haters out there that have been scorned by love. Fret not for you are not alone.

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