Day Wave – Come Home Now

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“Come Home Now” is the newest release from Day Wave, filled with enough jangly guitars to give summer a proper goodbye. Day Wave is the moniker for Oakland-based Jackson Phillips, formerly of Carousel. With his new project Phillips has taken a decidedly less electronic approach, trading in his synthesizers for beautifully layered guitars and a lo-fi production aesthetic.

His newest track oozes beach-pop from start to finish, expanding on the dreamy textures that were first heard in July’s “Headcase” EP. Its simple guitar melodies and washed out vocals make it perfect for a drive to the beach, and catching those last rays of summer sun.




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Listen To Carousel Remix Zella Day’s “East of Eden”

Carousel takes Zella Day’s East of Eden” and gives it a little touch of their own. With their signature sound (which is evident on this song), Carousel takes a more electro song, and gives it an electro pop feel to it. Happy Tuesday!

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[MP3] Carousel – Into The Night

Carousel does one thing, and they do that one thing quite well. That one thing is making music. I actually attended high school with one of the members of Carousel, and every time he contacts me with a new song, I feel as if this world got a little bit better. Obviously I’m being facetious, but just listen to their brand new cut, “Into The Night,” and you’ll know what I mean.
Not only does it feel like I’m jogging nowhere at night time in the 1980’s, but this song actually features a quick guitar solo mid through, which is something new from them. Be on the lookout for more material from Carousel as they continue to remain consistent.

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[Music Video] Carousel – Another Day

I’m not totally sure how this slipped under our noses, but here we have the video for Carousel’s hit “Another Day” off of their Palms EP. The track first dropped back in March, so the video is a bit late as far as that goes but shit, it’s something. I don’t really know what’s going on, but it involves dolls and a little girl and a dude that I SWEAR is Tom Cruise. Can anyone confirm that either way? Please? Please? Bueller?

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Songs of the Week: July 28 – August 4

1. Oliver Tank – Sound of Silence (ft. Fawn Meyers) (Posted by Arjun)

I have to be honest, when I first saw this I scoffed–“who in their right mind,” I thought to myself, “could even hope to do justice to Sound of Silence with a cover?” I was forced to change my thinking almost immediately, because what Oliver Tank and Fawn Meyers have created here is absolutely incredible. It’s less of a cover and more of a reinterpretation, and the chilling, eery production over which they sing only vaguely sounds like the original. It’s mysterious and slightly dark, and I hope Simon and/or Garfunkel hear it one day–I do not think they will be disappointed. You can catch Oliver on tour with James Blake.

2. Drake – All Me (ft. 2 Chainz and Big Sean)   (Posted by Arjun)

I literally listened to this, and this only, for an entire day on repeat when it dropped. Like GOT DAMN this is an anthem. All three verses are on point, and Drake‘s hook is catchy as always. I think  I have to give it to Tity Boi as far as best line goes…his sneezing “Givenchy” followed by “Bless you” is absolutely hilarious. Some of the stuff he comes up with is just absurd. Sean kills it, and it was originally going to be on his album, but Drake thought it was too good (it is) to give away, keeping it for his upcoming album Nothing Was the Same, dropping in September.

3. Cass Lowe – Birthmark (Posted by Arjun)

Cass Lowe is incredibly talented, and at different points in this song there were about 7 or 8 different genres I was going to peg this in. First I thought it was R&B, then I thought it was electronic, then I thought it was indie rock, the list goes on. Needless to say, Cass has mastered the ability to blend genres, and his talent carries throughout. This song has a little bit of something for every taste. Look out for Cass, I think he has the potential to be really popular. What a voice. Oh yeah PS…the video is awesome too.

4. Marlene – Bon Voyage (Posted by Alicia)

To say the least, this is not the kind of music I usually listen to. That being said, this song is (almost) embarrassingly catchy. The Swede’s music is pretty much straightforward pop music, but it has a little more spunk and flare than the majority of the stuff you will hear on the radio. Would not be surprised at all to see Marlene, and perhaps even this song, take off on the radio in the future.

5. Carousel – Close My Eyes (Posted by Jordan)

Hypothetical question: would it make me more or less cool if, when I read this title, I started singing “Dust in the Wind” to myself, sitting alone in my room? Because that may or may not have happened. Listening to this single from Carousel makes me think I’m a cool kid in the early 80’s, driving in a convertible with the prom queen, rocking a baby blue ruffled tuxedo. That’s all you need to know.


Dream Big

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[MP3] Carousel – Close My Eyes

Yet another track off of Carousel’s forthcoming EP, Palms, due out August 7th.

It’s fun, it’s synthy, it’s dreamy, it’s fresh, it’s cool. It’s what the cool kids are doing. This reminds me of an 80’s movie montage of some fella and his girl having special moments together. Then when it’s all over, and your eyes open, you realize you want to go back to that moment again, so you close your eyes and hit replay(or vice versa if you’re not as talented). You can, and should preorder their EP on iTunes here.

Isn’t it fun when your favorite artists keep releasing great music?

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Carousel – Before You

Another day, another Carousel single before their EP Palms drops. “Before You” is a slower paced tune for the duo, as the funky synths ring in and out over the soothing vocals. I can’t stress this enough how they have a distinctive sound, and this is their sound with a twist. Definitely something different from them. Peep it below! Palms due out first week of August!

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Songs of the Week: July 15 – July 21

It’s Sunday, which means a few things. 1. It’s pizza night in my household, and 2. the best songs of the week are here. Check out this weeks best new releases below!

1. Something Silent – Ricki Lake

The debut single from Hoodie Allen’s producer, RJF and David Brook that is infectious, and an impressive debut. The sample is catchy as fuuuuuck, and I already can’t wait to see what this duo has in store next!

2. Sol – Jump In

It’s summer. Everybody knows that (at least I’d hope so…). So people tend to release summer sounding music. Sol does just this as he is back from his travels overseas and he lets loose the first single from his upcoming EP out September 10th.

3. Collin McLoughlin – Chasing Ghosts

Another first single from another upcoming EP, as Collin McLoughlin gears up for his new EP, Tears of Tempo, with his first single off of the EDM infused project.

4. Jaymes Young – Fragments

A good pop song that’s constructed to be easy on the ears, but dreamy at the same time. Jaymes swoons in over a simple instrumental

5. Raleigh Ritchie’s EP

I know you’re not supposed to put EP’s on this, but IT’S SO GOOD. ALL OF THESE COULD BE THE BEST SONGS OF THE WEEK.

6. Smallpools EP

Again, I know you’re not supposed to put EP’s on this, but IT’S SO GOOD. ALL I WANT TO DO IS DANCE BECAUSE ALL OF THESE COULD BE THE BEST SONGS OF THE WEEK.

7. Carousel – Not Enough

Sticking with the whole “singles dropped before an EP theme,” I’m gonna round out this week with Carousel’s latest as their distinctive sound will take over your speakers and put you in the best mood you’ve been in all day.


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Carousel – Not Enough

Carousel is going to drop one of the best EP’s to come out in 2013. Here’s why:

1. Wolf’s Awake

2. Not Enough

3. Every song they’ve ever put out

“Not Enough” is the latest from the duo to come out recently, as it’s another one that can be found on their EP, Palms due out the first week of August. They have a distinctive sound and similar sound in each of their songs, but it’s a sound that works flawlessly every time as they provide you that happy-go-lucky music that just makes your day.

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Carousel – Wolf’s Awake

Well It’s #MusicMonday and we have the best indie-pop song you’ll hear all day. That is a challenge, mostly because this month sucks for music thus far.

Sunset favorite Carousel lets out their brand new single, Wolf’s Awake, off of their new EP, Palms, due out in August. With their synths and electronic pop, Carousel strolls off into the sunset as they have another hit on their hands. This will leave you in a trance, that will make you want to dance. Slightly corny.

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Carousel – Dancing On My Own (Robyn Cover)

New Carousel!

Over the past year Carousel has been making some of our favorite indie tunes. They has mastered light-hearted synth pop with crushingly real lyrics. A few minutes ago the LA duo dropped their very first cover, which takes a Robyn classic and very smartly makes it into a lovely Carousel jam.

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Carousel – Another Day

It’s always an exciting moment when you receive a message in your inbox that Carousel has a new song.

“Another Day” makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside with the soft vocals and top notch indie-pop-electronic production, but this isn’t anything new from the group. That’s their recipe: top notch production with the silky soft vocals.

A little birdie told me that they will have an EP by late Spring/early Summer…

Peep the track!

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