Captain Murphy

Captain Murphy – Duality [Free Download]

Captain Murphy‘s debut project DUΔLITY is here! Sort of…in the form of video. If you were still wondering who Captain Murphy is, the video makes it pretty obvious: he’s the cult leader. This honestly caused the funniest, scariest, most confusing 35 minutes of my life, and it felt amazing. Watch below.


*WARNING: The video contains graphic nudity, cult worshipping, and more devil things.


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Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)

I think we have all tried and failed at rapping over TNGHT‘s (Lunice x Hudson Mohawke) instrumentals. And by we I mean me, and by that I’m just being humble. In all seriousness the mysterious Captain Murphy did his thing on this “Bugg’n” remix. It finds the rapper(s) simply flexing his rap skills, resulting in a super hype and at times funny song. Play this one in your car at the red light and turn your head to the car next to you. Make eye contact and then just go apeshit. Chances are they’ll go apeshit with you, and it’ll be weird.

MP3: “Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)” – Captain Murphy

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Captain Murphy – The Ritual

We don’t know who Captain Murphy is, and I have a feeling that won’t change until Captain Murphy wants us to know who Captain Murphy is. Below are two cuts from a project entitled Du∆lity. “The Ritual” finds the Captain rapping over the instrumental of Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine,” which was noticeably absent from the recently released tracklist of Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), Jay’s debut album. “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” carries a distinct Madvillain influence. Check it out.

MP3: “The Ritual” – Captain Murphy

MP3: “Mighty Morphin Foreskin” – Captain Murphy

If you’re feeling extra wild, you can leave your guess for who CM is in the comments below.

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