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[Download Mixtape] Sunset Selections of 2013

New Sunset Selections!

Sunset Selections is a curated collection of original songs written exclusively for this mixtape by our favorite breakthrough artists of 2013

A lot of people contributed to the making of Sunset Selections, so I decided to write this post as a thank you note. It feels dumb writing it, so if you feel dumb reading it, understand that that is okay. First and foremost, I would like to thank the artists who were a part of this mixtape for being so accepting of this idea and all-in with this project. You guys surpassed my expectations on that front and then met my expectations with the awesome songs you sent (my expectations were really high okay–that’s why we asked you to contribute). I would also like to thank the Sunset Fam for working their asses off for me and this idea. Without getting too sentimental, I love these people more than my own family. Just kidding. But they are cool, and it’s cool how Lydia set up a submissions page, Eric made a legendary trailer, Alicia let me use her collages, Jordan and Andy got artists on board, and they all listened to me vent about all the bullshit and awesomeness that took place while heading up this project. I really think the mixtape does its job of capturing this moment in time, but more than that, pieces of it are timeless. Oh God, that was ‘cheez‘-y. Fuck, I can’t stop. Just… let this mixtape soundtrack your 2013 and then your entire life.



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The Knocks – The Feeling (Brenton Duvall Remix)

Brenton comes through with this dope remix to an already dope song, “The Feeling,” from The Knocks. This isn’t the first time Brenton remixed a song from the duo. Awesome change of pace as Brenton puts his own touch on it. Sunset stamp of approval. Peep it!

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New Beats from Brenton Duvall

Brenton Duvall

Oddly enough, just hours after I had gone on an afternoon jog wondering when I could get more music from Brenton Duvall, I got an email from Brenton himself announcing that he is putting out a few beats that he’s been sitting on for a while. Most of these beats were made in late 2011 or early 2012, but Brenton has decided that he wants to put out music more often. Exactly what I was hoping to hear. From Brenton himself:

they all have samples in em. the first one samples lupe fiasco “hip hop you saved me.” the second samples my amazingly talented friend @CillieBarnes “Hey Hi.” the 3rd and 4th are better mixes to two drake remixes i put out in April. the 5th samples “Better Times” by Beach House. The last samples “Something to Do with my Hands” by Her Majesty, its a rework of a Messy Marv song from back in the day.

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[Brenton Duvall Remix] The Knocks – All We Got ft. One Room & Kardinal Offishall

Our guy Brenton drops this brand new joint, remixing The Knocks song with Kardinal Offishall, All We Got (original), and he adds in one of our favorites, One Room.

Two favorites in one song? Yeah, we’re kind of excited about this drop. Lydia should be too. Two people in this song crush on her! Chris (of One Room) and Brenton…I see you both!

Kardinal Offishall used to be my shit back in the day.

Brenton Duvall – All We Got Remix ft. The Knocks, One Room & Kardinal Offishall

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[Video] Oncue – Rich Kid (prod. Brenton Duvall & CJ Luzi)

Very, very rarely do I ever find myself blown away, or even truly impressed, with music videos nowadays. Rich Kid, directed by Adam Ross, is an exception to that.

When I first heard the song, I wasn’t particularly blown away. But this video brings it all together for me and makes me realize just how important this song is, how real Cuey’s words are.

The visuals are stunning, both due to on-point framing and incredible after-effects treatment.

The best quality of this video is that it accentuates Cuey’s emotions, brings out the straightforward honesty in his words and works to further his point–it is not simply a cool looking visual accompaniment to the song.

It’s more than that.

I never was a rich kid, but best believe  I’m dying one


Dream Big

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Hoodie Allen – Moon Bounce (Brenton Duvall’s Hotel Drum Refix)

It’s common knowledge that Brenton Duvall and Hoodie Allen hate each other. They share zero similar interests and are repulsed by the other’s very existence. Last night while Hoodie’s loyal fans got #HoodieAllen trending, Brenton’s casual, less attractive fans failed to get #NotHoodieAllen trending.

This led to a lot of tears and this remix.*

*The whole situation was actually reenacted in Tenacious D‘s new promotional video. Swaggie.

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OnCue – Rich Kid (prod. Brenton Duvall and CJ Luzi)

I saw some chatter about this collaboration on Twitter over the past few days, and I’ve been waiting for the release since I first saw that Cuey, Brenton and CJ were working on a track together.

To be frank, these three artists are three of the most talented up and comers in the game right now, hands down. Just look at OnCue and CJ’s unbelievable “It Usually Goes”. I had the chance to interview Cuey about a year and a half ago, and it’s been clear to me that he is the truth since first hearing his music.

“I speak that realness,” Cuey says, and it’s hard not to agree with him. While his flow is always on point and production always top notch (thanks to CJ et. al), his lyrics are always open, honest, and meaningful.

CJ and Brenton produce an anthem on this one, and Cuey supplies it with a beautiful hook and a couple great verses. It’s got the vintage Brenton Duvall sound, and it’s awesome to see Brenton collaborating with CJ on the beat. I hope these guys do more work together, because this is awesome.

I never was a rich kid, but best believe I’ll die one

If Cuey keeps putting out music of the caliber he has so consistently put out over the past couple years, serious success is inevitable. Cuey knows it, Just Blaze knows it, I know it…do you?

Download “Rich Kid”


Dream Big

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Ass Back Home (Brenton Duvall Remix) – Gym Class Heroes (ft. Neon Hitch)

Brenton Duvall

There was a time in my life when I was absolutely obsessed with Travie McCoy. I had a picture of him set as my Facebook profile picture. I tried to get onto his tour bus to say hi (yes, just to say hi, you dirty slugs) after one of his concerts. I followed his blog daily. It was cool…but I’m pretty much over it now. Ever since he dated Katy Perry, I’ve lost hope that he and I are meant to be. But he can still create fun music. What’s even better, though, is when Brenton Duvall remixes his music.

If you’ve been to Sunset before, you likely know that Brenton is my boy. His music is fantastic, his personality is hilarious, and the emails he sends me are absolutely fantastic. His insight on this song can be summed up in his one sentence “got hella high and made it all day.” That’s Brenton for you. And if that’s not enough, the email was signed “Yee and kisses. XoXo, BDubble.” Love him. Love you. Love Travie McCoy. Love the world.

MP3: “Ass Back Home (Brenton Duvall Remix)” – Gym Class Heroes (ft. Neon Hitch)

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Brenton Duvall – Phone Rings Goodbye

Brenton Duvall

My boy Brenton Duvall hasn’t put out a song in a hot minute, but today he dropped a 7-minute remix sampling Mike Posner and Jon Brion. I’ll let him describe it himself.

Yoyoyoyo what’s haddddenennnniinnn’ it’s BRENTON aw yeah back again 2 skool ‘em

So I have like, a hunned tracks in the can. But, they are all rap tracks, for the most part. U know how rappers be. They be late. They be slackin, they be takin they time. They be recordin’ vocals an’ shit. I digress. Point is, I haven’t put shit out in a long time. I been stressin bout getting better and making different shit, but today I said fuck all dat. Started making this today. But shit is SLOOOW, nobody’s gonna wanna use this right now. Figured yall should hear it instead. Also it’s 7 minutes long. Not that it’s epic or nothin, or even polished, or even good, it’s just 7 minutes. I hope you like it. Strongly encourage javelin tossin beforehand. and afterhand and middlehand.

MP3: “Phone Rings Goodbye” – Brenton Duvall

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Beau Young Prince – The Reverse Effect (Prod. Brenton Duvall) [Video]

The Reverse Effect Beau Young Prince Brenton Duvall

Beau Young Prince dropped his video for “The Reverse Effect,” the title song off of his mixtape that Sunset sponsored. It’s an artistic showcase of Young Prince and Brenton Duvall in the DMV area with nice direction and production from For Tha Future and Brendan Luu. This was one of my favorite tracks off of The Reverse Effect.

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Beau Young Prince – The Reverse Effect [Sponsored by Sunset in the Rearview]

Young Prince Reverse Effect Artwork

Beau Young Prince, also known simply as Young Prince, is advancing his career by leaps and bounds with this mixtape release. A young rapper studying at Guilford College in North Carolina, but hailing from the DMV, Beau Young, aka Beau Young Prince, is quickly making a big name for himself in the new hip hop scene. He’s been known to pair up with producer Brenton Duvall to make bangers, but with this mixtape, he’s proved that he’s more than just party music. He’s flexing his muscles on this tape. He has tracks where he sounds like Kanye, tracks where he sounds like XV, tracks where his lyrics are dirty and dark, tracks that make you want to light up, tracks where he thanks his Mom, and tracks where his conceptual thought is explicit and creative. The diversity on this mixtape is proof to what Young Prince’s future holds. The production ranges from Brenton Duvall to Smoke Trixx to Yala, Brian Dorsey, Big Z, Action Jackson, RJF, Tim Gunter, Bob Swaggit, Dante CK, and more. The theme throughout the track seems to be that BYP is here to not only have fun and toss javelins, he’s here to tell his story and make his mark. He’s showing the world what he can become, and if you ask me, he can become something great; the world is his oyster.

MP3: “The Reverse Effect” (prod. Brenton Duvall) – Beau Young Prince

MP3: “Javelins” (prod. RJF) – Beau Young Prince


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Sonny Shotz – I’m Only Twenty (prod. Brenton Duvall)

After going on The Animal House Tour together, Sonny Shotz and Brenton Duvall paired up to create a song that’s slower than expected, but still a showcase of talents behind the mic and on the instrumentals. Brenton and Sonny are both young men bursting at the seams with talent. It’s incredible to see how far they both have come, despite both being younger than 21 years old. Sonny is the frontman of rap group The Dean’s List and Brenton has produced hits that feature rappers like Young Prince and tons of remixes that have topped the charts of Hype Machine. Sample on this song is from a Frank Ocean song.

MP3: “I’m Only Twenty” (prod. Brenton Duvall) – Sonny Shotz


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