Saturday at Sunset: Boxing Day

New Saturday at Sunset!

I try to keep you guys updated about my life because I think there’s something that can be said for being more than just any ol’ anonymous writer on a music blog. Everybody follows my Twitter. So you know that last week I tweeted about how music and comedy are the only things that have never disappointed me, which is not supposed to be sad. It just happens to be true. I love music and comedy. This love became more apparent than ever this past week.

As I grow up in the humdrum life of a high school senior, it seems like every week gets tougher than the last. Between college applications, school work, real work, and the maintenance of a social life, it becomes overwhelming. And when stuff becomes overwhelming, you turn to the things you love, so I turned to music and comedy. And when I did, everything seemed less overwhelming. I survived the long week of tests and the anticipation for college letters thanks to Louis C.K.’s hilarious new stand-up special (BUY IT HERE FOR JUST $5 IF YOU LIKE HAPPINESS AND GOOD THINGS) and the songs on the mini-mix below.

It looks like I’m going to college and freakin’ acing tests in the meantime. I’m not saying these things to brag or anything. This past week I relearned something that hopefully you knew or now know: condoms…feel..weird. Listen and download your favorites below.

  1. Pandr Eyez – Little Bit
  2. CYNE – Boxing Day
  3. Common – Come Close (ft. Mary J. Blige)
  4. mc DJ – Best I Ever Had (Bambi Remix)
  5. Milagres – Gentle Beast
  6. French Wives – Numbers
  7. Bombadil – A Question
  8. Joel Plaskett – When I Go
  9. Daniel Tashian & Mindy Smith – Taking You With Me
  10. King Charles – Bam Bam

I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful.

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Bombadil – Laundromat (Karl Kling Remix)

So as yall just saw, Bombadil’s 2011 album, All That The Rain Promises, just made my Top 20 Albums of 2011 list. I got a message from one of the guys in Bombadil, James, saying that Karl Kling, a member of RAC (Remix Artist Collective), had remixed their hit song “Laundromat.” I listened. Thinking I’d be disappointed. Just because Laundromat is such a great song on its own. But damnit, he did a good job. Even the artists themselves loved it. Awesome. That’s that. See ya later.

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“Smile When You Kiss” – Bombadil

Why should anybody tell you what to do? Ever wanted to just lash out and just do your own damn thing? Who cares what anybody else thinks, what other people say, just do what you want. 

I feel that way sometimes, but society pulls me right back into being who I’m supposed to be. Composed, so I keep my job; polite, so I make my mother proud; smiley and social, so I seem myself. 

But who the hell knows what the real me is – maybe that composed, polite, happy girl is me. Maybe the other side who wants to rebel and forget all sense of manners and societal rights is just a here and there thing. 

One thing I do know, is that Bombadil got it right when he said “Talk to yourself” and “Sing all alone.” That shit keeps me sane.

Bombadil is a band based out of Durham, North Carolina. Keep your eye on them North Carolina folk, they poppin up out of [what to the rest of you could be considered] nowhere! (Other North Carolinian notables: J. Cole, The Avett Brothers, The Love Language.)

Download “Smile When You Kiss”

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