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Friday at Five [O’Clock Somewhere]

Friday at Five

This Friday, I’m ready to let all hell break loose. For the first time since I started my job, I am GOING ON VACATION! This is really exciting, yall. We’re talking ten whole days of freedom! I love my job, but like…this is like taking a trip into my past when summers meant not having a care in the world. Sleep in as late as you want, sit by the pool all day if you want, eat all the food in the fridge if you want, because you’ve got nowhere else to be. So you know what that means? It’s time to post some good, fun music that I’ll be listening to this weekend. Time for yall to have fun, too. Celebrate America, damnit. And god forbid a Republican wins the next election, pack your bags, move to Canada, and play some good music while you’re at it. (I do not endorse this message.)


MP3: “Mind Your Manners” – Chiddy Bang

MP3: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Bobby McFerrin

MP3: “Tommy Chong” (ft. Macklemore) – Blue Scholars*


*Great song. Best line: You need visine. Your eyes are real red. Wiz Khalifa’s gonna fuck your girlfriend! (Macklemore line.) Blue Scholars are another one of those hip hop groups from Seattle who you hear and you might ask yourself, why do I not know about these guys? Or if you do know about them, why don’t you listen to them everyday? It’s real hip hop, people. Macklemore, too. Seattle. Real. Storyteller. Hip hop lives!

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MUSIC VIDEO: “Paul Valery” – Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars sampled Owl City and made this little guy. Not going to lie, I probably wont add this song to my iTunes, and it’s either because I’m over the Fireflies sample (never really thought that was his best song, anyway) or because I just don’t think Blue Scholars bring what they’re good for on this one. The rhyming seems a little elementary and forced, but I’m only one opinion. Thought I’d post it because many people may enjoy this…particularly people who aren’t very big into hip hop. 

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Blue Scholars – No Rest For The Weary


“No Rest For The Weary” – Blue Scholars

Thanks to Josh for recommending this one to me. This might be my favorite of the Blue Scholars. These guys are not to be slept on-they’re rising in the ranks daily. Lord knows I melt at the sound of melodic hip hop beats.

I speak to find peace but it’s war all the time

Download “No Rest for the Weary”

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Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars

I found out about these guys over at thecoolestout and like their sound a lot. They have really light beats, nothing too heavy, and interesting sounding voices. A little bit like LMFAO flow. Here are two songs off of their latest EP entitled “Oof!” I’d say “Hello” is just a little bit better, but both are worth having in your library.

Download “New People” here.

Download “Hello” here.

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