Blu – Be Yourself (Prod. By Shuko)

West coaster, Blu, hops on Shuko’s “Be Yourself” and does some good damage on it. I’ve been a fan of Blu here and there and this is a good showcase of what the dude is capable of doing. Definitely worth a listen as Blu flows over the silky smooth production.

You just gotta be you, man.

Peep Shuko’s new EP, The Awakening EPhere.

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ANTHM – Debbie [Premiere]

ANTHM Debbie

After premiering “Black (Waves)” on Sunset last week, ANTHM is back with another new song called “Debbie” today. This is a really heartwarming song written in honor of ANTHM’s little sister Debbie’s birthday. The beat is also incredibly catchy, shouts to Blu on the production. From ANTHM himself:

I picked this as my second release to celebrate my sister on her birthday. She turns 11 today. Anyone who has ever been close to me knows that we have a special relationship. It runs deep. I hope this record remains as timeless in her life as our bond will be. Happy birthday, Debbie.

And from the Sunset Fam: happy birthday, Debbie!

If you don’t know much about ANTHM, he’s been a long-time Sunset favorite. Ant and I went to Duke together, and after he graduated, he got a job on Wall Street. His journey into hip hop is unique: he quit the job on Wall Street to pursue a career in music. His song “Be Still” tells the tale of what he went through in that transition best. It’s a great story, but definitely a tearjerker. We’re counting down to the release of ANTHM’s next EP, Handful of Dust, fully produced by Blu.

Listen to “Black (Waves)” by ANTHM
Download Joy & Pain EP by ANTHM

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ANTHM – Polaris (ft. Blu)

ANTHM Blu Polaris Artwork

ANTHM sent me a preview of this track a couple months ago and I was sworn to secrecy about it and the feature on it. Listen to this song for yourself and keep in mind that Blu (one of my favorite rappers) is featured on a track with my buddy, and imagine having to keep that to yourself for a significant period of time. Oh, and it samples James Vincent McMorrow. Let’s just say shit was hard. And on that note, ANTHM and Blu both go hard. I absolutely love this track.

Shouts to 2DBZ for the premier!

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Stream Blu’s New Album ‘No York!’

Blu No York! Album Cover

Just when it seemed like Warner would never release Blu’s album, No York!, Blu showed up at Rock The Bells – California with copies of his album that he was giving out to members in the crowd. Not really sure what the goal financially is here, but hey – check out the full album stream in the YouTube video below and let me know what you think!

Blu – No York! Track Listing:

01. Doin’ Nothin (Feat. U-God)
02. Everything Ok (Feat. Jack Davey)
03. Never Be The Same
04. A Bove Crenshaw (feat. Cashus King)
06. Super Dooper U
07. Hours
08. Annie Hall
09. Ta G’s (feat. Exile)
10. Spring Winter Summer Fall (feat. Jimetta Rose)
11. Down To Earth (feat. The Donel Smokes, Double O, Definite)
12. My Sunshine
13. Jazmine
14. And The Jazzmen
15. Ronald Morgan (feat. Edan)
16. Keep Pushinn
17. Doin Something

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Throwback Thursday – Discovering Music as I Know It / Part 2

Hey there Sunset riders–

It’s another Thursday, so I hope y’all are thirsty for a little throwback. Today’s TT is continuation of the story I posted last week — how music forever entangled itself within my life, how my music tastes evolved, and I how I ended up listening to what I do. We left off somewhere around the end my high school years, when I left Texas for bigger and badder adventures in the wild wild west…


When I think of the summer after my first year in college, in terms of music, I think of the Cambrian Explosion — when out of the blue, like, 600 million years ago, life decided to diversify like crazy and start being badass. I was working in Beijing and studying Chinese (long story), and I was living with some friends from other California colleges. One of them, my friend Supallav, was a total hip hop snob and connoisseur.  I was not. I didn’t know shit about hip hop, top 40 or otherwise. I never thought poorly of hip hop, and I certainly wasn’t one of those guys to ignorantly bag on it — I just didn’t know where to start, and I knew it.

So I asked my friend to give me some of his albums for me to listen to, and he basically sat me down, laughing, and told me he was going to do it the right way. He began introducing me to all the greats and legends one by one, an album a day, and at the same time he’d let me in on their stories, histories, philosophies, controversies and the works. I had an hour commute to and from work everyday. I spent the entire summer walking and riding the Beijing subways to Jay-Z, B.I.G, Nas, Wu-Tang, Lil-Wayne, Eminem, 2pac, Dr. Dre, and on and on. I couldn’t get enough of it. He’d make me listen to all the old school records, something I don’t think I ever would have listened to without him pushing me. I remember standing in crowded ass subways listening to 2pac’s All Eyez on Me or GZA’s Liquid Swords. The first Jay-Z album I heard was Reasonable Doubt. I remember exactly where I was walking the first time Juicy came on when I first listened to Ready to Die. I had no idea how famous that song was, and when I came back to the apartment that night telling my friend how awesome it was, he just sighed and shook his head. Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Common, The Roots, Dead Prez, Blu. It was SO good. Kanye and Lupe Fiasco. Every once in a while I’d come back to our apartment, complaining that some of the old school music sounded dated — he’d then play the song on his computer, and break it down for me line by line until I was forced to admit that these guys were clever as hell.

The first song I want to share is D’Evils, from Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. Another one of those songs were I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard it. A super powerful song about friendship and competition between two friends who grew up together — how life hustling on the streets can infect, corrupt, and poison the mind. Look up the lyrics to this song and take your time.

We used to fight for building blocks/now we fight for blocks with buildings that make a killin/The closest friends when we first started/But grew apart as the money grew, and soon grew black-hearted/Thinkin’ back when we first learned to use rubbers/He never learned so in turn I’m kidnappin’ his baby’s mother

MP3: “D’evils” – Jay-z

Hidden Bonus Track on Johnson&Jonson’s self titled album (Blu and producer Mainframe). If you’ve never heard of Blu, get on it. There’s something so real and honest and youthful about him, something that very few hip hop artists seem to touch. It’s hard to put a finger on, but I think this song does him justice. That John Lennon sample…so good!

MP3: “Hidden Bonus Track” – Johnson&Jonson

Old School, from 2pac’s Me Against the World. Ok so I admit it, I threw this one in because it is, after all, throwback thursday. But a great song nonetheless.

MP3: “Old School” – 2Pac

The year after I discovered hip hop, I became a music blog addict.  Like friends and the outdoors, music can reinvigorate life like nothing else can, and especially new music. I discovered Blind Pilot and Bon Iver around this time…oh my. Those two guys helped me through one of  the toughest times of my life. And Andrew Bird. Don’t get me started on Andrew Bird.

A little while later, I heard Chiddy Bang’s Swelly Express for the first time. A couple weeks later they came to play at my school. I was front row, fist-bumping Chiddy:

I was still happily discovering all the amazing hip-hop in my iTunes that my boy Supallav had introduced me to, but for the first time I was also stumbling on mashups. Do you guys remember when the Notorious XX album came out, the mashup between The XX and the Notorious B.I.G.? Amazing. I was coming across so many DJs, so many mixes… I was in heaven. Some of my favorite indie-rock songs fused with hip hop raps and beats, or with dubstep lines or electronic melodies. I found Big Z Remixes on Sunset maybe a little less than a year ago. All I could think was, holy shit, this guy is so young but his music is SO good.

Here I am a year later, still uncovering incredible music…some new and some that’s been out for ages. And as I move forward with my life, musically and otherwise, I’m just trying to take it all in and shut nothing out. You never know what you’re missing.


I’m resisting the urge to post Bon Iver’s re: Stacks. I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, and if not, it’s on Sunset’s Flying Through Summer mixtape. But..of course, of course I’m posting an Andrew Bird song. Actually, to be embarrassingly honest, I’m actually wearing an Andrew Bird shirt as I write this…I swear I’m not creepy. He’s an amazing artist, and he does everything by himself (even live!) using looped tracks he makes on the spot. It’s nuts. Here’s Plasticities, from Armchair Apocrypha.

MP3: “Plasticities” – Andrew Bird

My favorite Big Z Remix song, Slow Down (feat. Lupe Fiasco and Mos Def), with a beautiful sample of Nico’s These Days. The song is soft and melodic and wise and powerful, with great verses from Lupe and Mos Def. Mos Def’s verse comes his song Priority, from The Ecstatic. It’s a one verse song, but with a totally different feel.

MP3: “Slow Down” – Big Z Remixes (feat. Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco)

Save Me Concubine (Ghostface Killah vs. Beirut), TheHoodInternet remix. I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times. Ghostface is a hard dude, but this story is surprisingly touching and sentimental. It was on repeat during another tough time for me.

MP3: “Save Me Concubine” – The Hood Internet (Beirut vs. Ghostface Killah)

Finally, here’s an Arcade Fire cover I stumbled across some weeks back, by Mr. Little Jeans. One of the best covers I’ve ever heard. This girl’s voice is gorgeous, and it fits perfectly over the dreamlike dubstep coatings.

MP3: “The Suburbs” – Mr. Little Jeans (Arcade Fire cover)

If you had to pick 5 or 10 songs to represent the history of your musical discovery, what would you choose? Treacherous, huh?



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“Untitled(LovedU)2” – Blu

And this right here is why Sunset in the Rear View is a one of a kind blog. How many people you know will post Jonathan Boulet and Blu on the same day? Anyway, here’s some new Blu for yall – it’s absolutely beautiful. Blu is one of my absolute favorite rappers in the game. Commonly recognized on Sunset as the “maple syrup” rapper, because his voice is so smooth it flows like syrup. The music he’s making is ridiculous – beautiful production, great rapping, just a hands-down MUST have. 

Cannot wait until he drops a mixed and mastered version of Her Favorite Colo(U)r this August.

Download “Untitled(LovedU)2

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Hip Hop Update

I’m going to do a brief update here, since I’ve been sleeping/slacking on some big hip hop releases.

1. “Nothin’ On You” (ft. Bruno Mars) – Lupe Fiasco

You probably think you’re reading this wrong or that I’m an idiot, because “Nothin’ On You” has been on the radios for a while now. Nah, I’m not an idiot. (I had that posted a long time ago…shameless self-plug.) So, in fact, it turns out that the song was originally Bruno Mars’s (which makes me sad that he’s only listed as a feature…but that happens all the time. Think: Timbaland ft. One Republic “Too Late”….that was definitely a One Republic song.) Anyway, so it was Bruno Mars’s song before he released it to Atlantic Records and it fell into the hands of B.o.B. Apparently Lupe got his hands on the track first and this is what he came up with. To be perfectly straight, and let me preface by saying I’m definitely a B.o.B fan, but Lupe is a far better rapper. And by far, I mean FAR.

Download “Nothin’ On You” (Lupe version) (6/23: This link has been fixed)

2. “Dance Pants” (ft. Donwill) – Recess

Brooklyn rapper Sene has teamed up with TheClubhouse to form a new group called Recess. For this joint they called in Donwill (from Tanya Morgan).
Download “Dance Pants”

3. [MIXTAPE]: Song of the Starz – Cobe Obeah

Really nice production features on here, and I like Cobe Obeah. Worth giving a listen!
Download “Song of the Starz”

4. “Heartbeat” (Remix ft. Nas) – Nneka

Nneka’s single “Heartbeat” gets remixed and Nas jumps on the track for some verses.
Download “Heartbeat” (Remix ft. Nas)

5. “You Know, You Know” – Drake

This track was left off of “Thank Me Later” by Drake. Personally, I like it a lot…aint no telling why it wasn’t put on there!
Download “You Know, You Know”

6. “The Day” (ft. Blu, Phonte, Patty Cash) – The Roots

As you may already know, The Roots album dropped today! It’s got a great tracklist, and a couple features from Blu, one of my favorite hip hop artists. Definitely get your hands on that!

Download “The Day” Purchase album on vinyl

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So Perfect (prod. by Exile) – Blu


“So Perfect” (prod. by Exile) – Blu

This has been the perfect end of Spring/start of Summer day. Woke up and went to the Farmers Market, made a delicious lunch, exercised, about to go run some more errands…I feel productive, healthy, and happy. This song makes me feel the same way. Hope it does the same for you.

Download “So Perfect”

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Fashawn – Samsonite Man (ft. Blu)


“Samsonite Man” (ft. Blu) – Fashawn

This track could easily be a favorite of the month. Always hungry for verses from Blu, and Fashawn does it as well. Production by Exile is killing it!

Look out your window, honey, and I’ll be gone

Download “Samsonite Man”

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Sene – WonLover (Prod. Blu)


MUSIC VIDEO: “WonLover” (Prod. Blu) – Sene

Sene just came out with an entire album produced by Blu (who’s the man, by the way) called ADayLate&ADollarShort and this is a music video from one of the top songs on the album (to be honest, I haven’t listened to the whole album yet, but people are saying this is one of the best songs. I’ll try to get back to yall on my opinion on that when I have some more free time).

My thoughts currently: waiting until I hear another song from Sene that talks about pimping it up…hate the mixed messages that tend to go around in hip hop songs by the same artist. Sweet message, just hope he really feels that way. Overall though, great production (as is to be expected). And Sene is hot. Ha.

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Blu “HerFavoriteColo(u)r” Mixtape

Link: Blu “HerFavoriteColo(u)r” Mixtape

Clink on the link to download for free.

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