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BLU J – Overnight Celebrity

I’m not typically one to post two different remixes of old school classics, but BLU J absolutely knocked this modern-day re-imagination of Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity” out of the park. The SF-based artists have yet to reveal their true identities, but if they keep releasing tracks as good as this, who they really are isn’t going to matter very much. Claiming responsibility for two of my favorite remixes of the year with their take on Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Alina Baraz and Galimatias’ “Fantasy,” and it’s looking like it will be three before the end of the year with this take on “Overnight Celebrity.”

BLU J’s self-dubbed brand of forward-thinking bass music is front and center on this remix, as they pump Twista’s R&B hit with some serious low end bass. Playful, rhythmic synth arrangements pave the way for BLU J to infuse the track with twisting bass accents and a thumping bass line that give Twista’s iconic verses a whole new life.

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BLU J – TGTHR (ft. Raeon)

blu j tgthr

Move over ZHU, because there’s a new artist in town to claim title of music’s most exciting masked man in my heart. I have no idea who BLU J is, but he quickly stole my heart this year with his outstanding remixes of Alina Baraz & Galimatias (whom I have openly professed my love for many times), ODESZA, and even Rihanna. By choosing to remain anonymous, BLU J has allowed their music to speak for itself, and they’ve spoken loud and clear with their unique fusion of deep house with future.

Though the mysterious talents have cut their teeth as serial remixers of pop sensations, BLU J is breaking out of that mold with their first-ever original production, a deep house number featuring Raeon titled “TGTHR.”

BLU J sets the stage a curtain of sparkling synths that are pulled back to reveal a deep, pulsing bass line that commands the tune through an addicting, catchy chopped and screwed vocal sample and heady techno synth sequences.

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blu j umbrla

The ZHU trend is still in full effect. The mysterious producer stormed onto the scene without revealing his identity a little over a year ago, rather focusing on letting his music speak for itself, and a wave of new musicians have tried to implement this tactic, but it has only worked for a select few – ZHU, marshmello, and now, BLU J. The San Francisco-based duo made their emergence a little over a year ago, and they’ve been serial remixers and bootleggers of some of the biggest pop sensations to hit the Internet within the last year, including The Weeknd, Alina Baraz & Galimatias, Frankie, and ODESZA.

BLU J has been on a meteoric rise in recent months, and it looks like they aren’t going to stop, as they’ve just put out their best work to date, a modern-day remix of Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” This remix nearly has it all – it’s groovy, it’s dance-y, it makes you want to sing along, and RiRi’s vocals drive the track like they do in the original.

Funky electronic textures set the stage for a medley of glitchy arrangements and pulsing bass lines that deftly weave in and out of deep, heady synth sequences that takes Queen RiRi and “UMBRLA” to the dance floor.

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