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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Fear of Missing Out

New Tape Tuesday!

Fear of Missing Out is the reason I check my Twitter (and Facebook and email) every second of every day. It is the reason I did not want to stay an extra day in D.C. with extended family. The deep-rooted fear of missing out on something almost always involves friends or girls or dreams. For this mix I wanted to take songs that may seem simple or one-dimensional and uncover their second and third dimensions. I think behind each of these songs there is a vulnerability and fear, and that fear is what makes this tape heartbreaking and relatable. The common fear of missing out that lives within us also lives within this music. And it also doubles as a great mix for your imminent post-NYE depression.

  1. Patchley – Always
  2. Beat Culture – Drifter (ft. Psychic Twin)
  3. Annika Zee – Make It Right
  4. Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough
  5. POWERS – Gimme Some
  6. Julia Brown – library
  7. Trace Mountains – salty/sweet
  8. Phantogram – Fall in Love
  9. Burial – Archangel
  10. Ambassadeurs – Make Me
  11. Richie Quake – About Time
  12. Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the Wraith
  13. Arjun and Friends – Shut Up and Play the Hits
  14. Bastian’s Happy Flight – Come for the Early (Stay for the Late) (Sweater Beats Remix)
  15. SOHN – Lessons (FLECS Remix)
  16. Yung Lean – Gatorade (Prod. by Yung Gud)
  17. Alex The Flipper – Rich
  18. Daniel Wilson – Will You
  19. Zodiac – Loss Config.

And it’s about time that I know why this keeps happening to me..


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Tape Tuesday: Fool’s Paradise

You and me’s just a fool’s paradise.

I used to watch a lot of movies. Early in high school my dad even joked that I had watched the most movies in the world for my age. For some reason or another in the past year, I just have not made time for one of my favorite mediums of entertainment. Over spring break I decided to change this. I just sat down, disconnected myself from online society, and engaged in the lost art of watching movies–but not just any movies. I wanted to watch films that would change my life: big movies with weighty concepts and twisted ideas. Movies that could warp my perception of things in a two hour runtime and make me re-evaluate how I would approach daily scenarios. I (re)visited the works of Charlie Kaufman, Woody Allen, and briefly, the Coen Brothers. Fool’s Paradise is an amalgamation of the inspiration garnered from watching Raising Arizona, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Manhattan. Also, as I explained to my friends, the first third is a great “turn up” playlist, and the rest is the opposite of that.

  1. Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile (Houses Remix)
  2. BenZel – Fallin’ Love (Alex Young Remix)
  3. KYLE – Fruit Snacks
  4. Phoenix – Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)
  5. Andy Bull – Keep On Running
  6. Skizzy Mars – What Up Girl?
  7. CP – Spend The Night
  8. IYES – Glow (Demo)
  9. Float Fall – Someday
  10. Delta Spirit – California
  11. Mainland – Wasted
  12. Way Yes – Important
  13. Story Books – Simple Kids
  14. Hotel Cinema – Rabbit Hole
  15. Different Sleep – Get Ahead
  16. BenZel – Semi Detached (ft. Cass Lowe & Chance The Rapper)
  17. I Will, I Swear – Sleep
  18. Phosphorescent – Song for Zula
  19. The Colourist – Wishing Wells

Yeah then I saw love disfigure me / Into something I am not recognizing


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