BESTiE – Asleep On The Bus

BESTiE came across my radar in one of those beautiful little #NP posts that Arjun graces us with. He had me at “sounds like: Vampire Weekend, The Griswolds.” I started following them on SoundCloud, and today heard a new song of theirs called Asleep On The Bus. Again, they’ve managed to create infectious indie-pop, just like Arjun promised they would. I’ve pressed the play button three times on this song already, and I only found it about 7 minutes ago.

BESTiE provides too perfect explanation of themselves for me not to share: “BESTiE are a band whose influences are summer, ice cream, the beach, girls, floating down a river in an inner tube, high fives and heart break.” I want [almost] all of those things. Use your imagination, I guess.

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NP #2: MNEK, BESTiE, and Thumpers

I did the first NP feature last month. Well, I didn’t know exactly what it was going to be last month. But now, I’ve decided it will be a recurring feature because it’s just a great way for me to introduce some exciting, new acts I’ve discovered during my excursions through the Internet (sorry if the word “excursions” makes you feel uncomfortable).

Hit the jump to discover who is Now Playing on my iTunes… Continue reading “NP #2: MNEK, BESTiE, and Thumpers” »

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