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Best of… Supa Bwe

New Supa Bwe!

A key influence of Lil Wayne and Lil B is the method by which they would release large quantities of music per year. This idea feeds the mutualistic relationship between fans and artists. Fans benefit with a constant stream of new music from their favorite artists, and artists benefit by staying relevant and having a freedom to experiment with free releases.

For new fans, however, it can be quite daunting to familiarize yourself with an artist with 6 or 7 releases already under their belt. This is why I have made a sampler of my favorite songs by Chicago rapper, producer, and engineer Supa Bwe whose career I have followed closely since discovering Hurt Everybody in 2014. I sequenced the playlist, so these one-off songs and EP tracks make some semblance of sense together. It actually turned out pretty well and gives insight into Supa’s development over the years and also his strange consistency considering the experimental nature of many of his songs.

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Best Songs of 2015

It’s been a helluva year for music. We had a legend return to us (D’Angelo), new indie darlings to worship (Oh Wonder), and a kid from Chicago show us the power of authentic, positive, and more importantly, independent music (Chance The Rapper). In the midst of a raging war between Spotify, Tidal, and SoundCloud for our bandwidth, we had more music to consume–and more ways to access it–than ever before. Yet in a year when streaming dominated more than ever, an English songstress broke record after record for units sold in consecutive weeks (Adele). We’ve had plenty of highs (Drake & Future teaming up) and we’ve had some lows too (*cough* Meghan Trainor), but it’s seldom a dull moment in the universe of music. With 2015 coming to an end, the #SunsetFam is sure as hell excited for 2016 and the jams that it has in store. But before we all move on to the new year, relive our favorites from this year below. Stream on SoundCloud, listen on Spotify, or download them for your collection. We got you covered! Until 2016 ya’ll.

Download Best Songs of 2015

Editors note: SoundCloud playlist has about 70% of our picks. Spotify has about 90% of our picks. The download links have all of them. Hit the jump for full tracklist.

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The Best Of Lollapalooza 2014 Playlist

This time a week ago, there were roughly 100,000 large gathering in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park to down copious amounts of alcohol, consume various narcotics, and oh yeah, listen to some  good ass music by their favorite artists.

What’s that you say? You’re still not over Lollapalooza, or even worst, didn’t even get to attend the festival? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive playlist for your (ab)use to relive the sounds from Lollapalooza 2014.

Enjoy this 21-track mixtape that features everyone from Chance The Rapper to Young The Giant and everybody in between.

Until next year.

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Best of March 2013

It was a busy, busy month for us here at SITR. Many, many posts. Tons of new songs. A bunch of spankin’ new EP’s. #NoDaysOff

No, but seriously, this was one of the tougher months I’ve had due to the fact that there was so much music to choose from. It’s only 30 songs, but could’ve stretched it to 50. Could you even handle 50 new songs that are considered the best of the month? Could you? I feel like 50 new songs would give you a midlife crisis.

Download link, top 5, and track-list below!

Download Best of March 2013

Connor Youngblood – Vegas

A beautiful journey throughout the streets of Vegas on some other ish.

Magic Man – Paris

P&P called it “inide pop perfection” and it is. Word to ya mothaaaaaa.

Chance The Rapper – Good Ass Intro

#AcidRap drops in April. Around the same time I have finals. Good luck to me.

Vicetone ft. Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat

I’ve known Collin’s music for a couple years now and he sure impressed when he was on The Voice. His versatility is crazy as he can go ahead and slow it up for you like he did on his Stark Perspective EP, or do something like this with Vicetone.

Robin Thicke ft. Pharrel & T.I. – Blurred Lines

The irony in this song. Literally just last week during our ILR of JT’s new album we mentioned how Robin Thicke has been irrelevant, then he goes ahead and drops this bombshell on us. Oh, and the video is cool too.

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Best of February 2013

Damn you, February! These 28 days crept up on me fast, but don’t worry, I still have your best 25 songs of the month. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, with a hint of swag from Arjun, and I give you Best of February.

Download link below, followed by top 5, and track list after the jump!

Download Best of February 2013

Jordan’s Top 5:

Chance The Rapper – Juice

Chance? The Rapper? Lead single off of AcidRap and it doesn’t disappoint. His voice, his bars, his chorus, his visuals. Still my favorite current rapper (been like that since #10Day dropped).

Chance The Rapper – Acid Rain

Chance! The Rapper! 2/2. Acid Rain is much slower than Juice, and is a more “serious” song. Second single off of AcidRap

Frank Ocean – Eyes Like Sky

Doesn’t have that Channel Orange feel, but the acoustic vibe with his vocals is spot on. This was a leftover track from Channel Orange, but please, don’t let that fool you. Frank for daaayyyyyssssss.

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

Might be the most impressive song out of the bunch strictly because it’s someone brand new that made that good of a song. First impressions are everything, and Sam Smith impressed. Fuck that, he went way beyond that.

J. Cole ft. Miguel – Power Trip

First single off of J. Cole’s new album. Miguel with the wonderful hook, and J. Cole doing what he does best: keeping it real. You can’t beat this combo.

Honorable Mention: The King’s Dead, Juicy J, Hoodie Allen, Theophilus London

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Best of January 2013

My, oh my. Haven’t done one of these in a year! I’m so funny, right?

What a way to kick off the new year then with the top 25 songs to have come out early in 2013? This mix is jam packed with a lot of gems, as it’s one of my favorite mixes in a while. Everyone should be able to find something they can jam to on this. Top 5 and download link below.

Download Best of January 2013

Jordan’s Top 5:

Bastille – Pompeii

It’s poppy. It’s fun. It’s catchy. It’s addicting. Hopefully it’s not to poppy for your ears, but I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this one.

Blood Diamonds ft. Dominic Lord  – Barcode

Fun little joint right here making it’s way into my top 5. Combining hip hop, and a tad bit of dubstep, this is the fusion that I like when these two genres come together.

KOTA – Masters Of The Sun

New band that we haven’t heard of? Yes. Good first impression? Yes. Top 5 debut? Yes. While I listen to this, I pretend I’m Iron Man whose fighting the big bad boss man. In the middle of the song, I get knocked down, and just when all hope is lost, I get back up and kick some fucking ass. What’s going on when you listen to this?

MS MR – Fantasy

THIS IS SO GOOD. It’s so infectious. The harmonies, the tribal drums, and Lizzy’s voice is just such a great recipe for success.

Johnny Rain – Mulholland Drive, My Abyss

One of my artists to look out for in 2013 as he reminds me of OVO XO. Mulholland Drive, My Abyss (MDMA) gets trippy, real fast. Let’s get goooooone.

Hit the jump for the track list!

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Best of December 2012

I know, I know. I haven’t done any of these since last year. No, but I apologize for my lateness as I was ringing in the new year at a wedding (free bar!), but have no fear, my top 25 songs of December, my top 5, and a download link is here!

Shout out to the Sunset fam and all the readers as 2012 was a blast, and can’t wait to see what happens in 2013!

Download Best of December 2012

Jordan’s Top 5:

The Neighbourhood – A Little Death

Ugh, like, we kind of love these guys. What’s not to like? The dark-soothing vocals to woo you over. The backdrop to make you feel like you’re breathing.The Neighbourhood fucking rules.

Skizzy Mars ft. G-Eazy – Pay For You

Skizzzzzzzzzz, bro. You probably lead the Sunset In The Rearview league with top 5 appearances. How about that Phases project? I’ll pay for it!

Carousel – Stay Awake

Another frequent top fiver as Carousel finishes 2012 with a bang. Be on the lookout on an even bigger year from these guys as I can only imagine a debut project in the near future.

Frank Ocean – Wiseman

First, Django Unchained is fucking ill. One of the best movies in 2012. Second, Frank Ocean killed it. Third, Frank tweeted that Django was ill without it, meaning that “Wiseman” was recorded for it, but never actually used. Fourth, Frank killed it.

Leapling – 17

If you do a google search of this song, you’ll find two legitimate results. The initial debut from Pigeons and Planes, and then this mention right here. This is a gem that hasn’t been discovered and is probably my favorite song from December.

Hit the jump for the tracklist Continue reading “Best of December 2012” »

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Best of April 2012

This was a wonderful month of music. Why? Kanye West. A month highlighted heavily with hip hop and rap songs. First time we’ve had that kind of month in a while with my recent sensation for indie, right? This was also a month where I had over 50 songs to choose from and I had to leave it at 31 because I couldn’t decide. Whoops. The more the merrier though. Had to separate them into two different parts to decrease file sizes. Hit the jump for the track list for each part. Enjoy!



Jordan’s Top 5:

Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, & 2-Chainz – Mercy

From Big Sean to 2-Chainz I can listen to this song all day long. This is turning into my “go-to-song” when I just randomly start reciting lyrics out of nowhere. The previous song was Big Sean’s “Ass.” Dare I say one of the top songs of 2012? Swerve. 2 CHAIIINZZZZZZ.

Kanye West – Way Too Cold

Kanye explodes. Compared to his Mercy verse, Way Too Cold is straight fire. His shots at Wiz, his remarks on Kim K, the fact that he could of gotten Kris Humphries released from the Nets. You go, Glenn Coco Kanye.

Hoodie Allen – No Interruption

This tweet sums of how I feel about this track. I’ll let that do the talking. Thanks, Arjun. Oh, and grab All American on iTunes. It’s dope.

ASAP Rocky & Theophilus London – Big Spender

This beats out ASAP’s single, Goldie, because I’m a fan of Theophilus London as well, and this instrumental is insane in the membraaaaaane. Ya dig?

Danny Brown – Grown Up

Danny Brown is a weird case. At first, I couldn’t stand his voice, but now things are a little different. I featured this song on our 4:20 mixtape, and his speciality is weed music. Surprisingly, this is the number one played song in the playlist for me, so it squeaked it’s way into my top five. Who would of thought?

Honorable Mention: Logic, 5 & A Dime, The Neighbourhood, Ghost Beach, Kendrick Lamar, Eddy B & Tim Gunter.

Hit the jump for the track list for each part.

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Best of March 2012

This was a month of madness. March Madness! See what I did there? Basketball is my favorite sport, but unfortunately for us basketball lovers, this has nothing to do with basketball. This is just a playlist filled with what I think is the top 30 songs of this month. I’m also depressed because Ohio State lost last night. Fuck.

Download Best of March 2012

Jordan’s Top 5 (in no particular order):

J. Cole – Visionz Of Home

This reminds me of why I fell in love with J. Cole’s music in the first place. This is pure fire. It’s ridiculous. Bonkers. Crazy. An anthem for his home. This is arguably one of my favorite songs from Cole. Yeah, it’s that good. Did I mention how good it is?

Chiddy Bang – Zeros

The production from Xaphoon Jones is always legit and Chiddy is consistent for the most part. This is a song for the car, yano? The type of song high schoolers blast with their windows down as they leave their high school’s parking lot. They got that vroom vroom, and their bass got that boom boom.

Frank Ocean – Whip Appeal

I mean, it’s new Frank Ocean. Pretty girls and sports cars, duh.

Raider – Lady, Lady

I found this gem via our submission email. One of my favorite indie songs currently on my computer. Keep in mind I don’t have that much indie since I’ve just become a recent fan, but still, this was good enough for a Tape Tuesday. That alone tells you the quality.

Avicii – Levels In Reverse (George Monev Edit)

If you follow me on Twitter, or just have some sense of who I am, you know Levels is one of my favorite songs of all time. I’ve spent countless hours listening to Levels. From the original to the infinite amount of remixes. This one, however, is the best Levels remix. This is the remix that should put any other past and future remixes to rest. Flipping the synths completely turns Levels into a brand new, more upbeat track, but it’s still not better than the original.

Hit the jump for full track list! Continue reading “Best of March 2012” »

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Best of 2011: Mashups (New Years Playlist)

You guys are going to be the most popular kids in town when you throw this mix on for your New Years Eve pregames. Not even kidding. These aren’t just any mashups. These are THE BEST MASHUPS OF 2011. Hit the jump for the full playlist. The songs are listed in no particular order. They’re mashed up, if you will.

I apologize in advance for making you feel like death on January 1st, 2011. Ring in the new year with a bang, right?

Have fun. Get sloppy.

Download Best Mashups of 2011 (.zip – Mediafire)

*(updated link)

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Sunset in the Rearview Presents: Top Songs of 2011

What are the top songs of 2011?: one of the hardest questions I ask myself each year and this year is no different. What are the tunes that you constantly played and hopefully continue to do so? Sunset is one of the best blogs out there. Biased? Maybe. But listen, putting this tape together opened up my eyes (I actually mean ears). From the likes of Frank Ocean & Drake to Reptar & M83, the diversity here is a little like this: that shit cray. I respect music so much more after listening to this collection. Typically, you might have never seen me listening to some of the types of choices made by the Sunset writers on here, but hey…shit happens…and somehow I love everything on here.

I asked each writer to send me their top 5 songs of 2011 with a brief paragraph describing their choices. The results? A fucking raw mix of songs. Enjoy it!

Download Best Songs of 2011 here.

Hit the jump to read all of our picks and sample MP3s from each.

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Top 20 Albums of 2011 : Sunset in the Rearview

When the end of the year rolls around, it dawns on me that it’s time to put together my “Best Of” lists. It’s a daunting task, and one that comes with risk of heavy criticism and/or incredible envy from megafans out there who wonder how in the world I come across all of this music and fit it into my already busy life. Don’t worry, I know you exist. (Kidding. Seriously.)

I find it very important to start this time of year with a predecessor: I am not perfect. I haven’t listened to every single album that was released in 2011. Something tells me it’s actually not possible. There must be more than 8,765 hours of music that was released in 2011. So obviously there may be things that I have missed. But what I can say is that I have listened to a TON of music throughout the year. Whether it’s through my own perusing, PR contacts getting in touch with me, trusting my blogger friends when they recommend an artist or an album, or artists asking me themselves to listen to their releases, I have listened to hundreds of albums over the last twelve months. And through it all, I have somehow come to the conclusion that these 20 constitute the best that I heard.

I tend to have a very eclectic taste, so you’ll find a very wide variety of music genres and types on this list. Though we live in an era of free singles and file sharing, I really encourage you guys to purchase any and all of these albums. I’ve provided a purchase on iTunes link for each one of them. Just click on the name of the album. Support the artist. It’s what your mother would want you to do. Unless you’re using her credit card. She might not like that. But do it anyway.

*All write-ups below are written by Lydia, unless otherwise noted


Click through to continue reading and sample one song from each of our Top 20 Albums of 2011


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