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Best New Songs of July 2015

The #SunsetFam killed it this month (we kill it every month). When collaborating for these monthly playlists, we like to do what’s best for business, and you are what’s best for business. Different genres, different artists, different sounds. There’s something on here for everyone, or maybe you’re like us and everything on here is for you. Say goodbye to July, and welcome August with open arms.

Highlights this month:

RKCB makes their debut with “Ignite.” NoMBe shines with “Miss Mirage” as he takes you on a journey. Gnash drops his guard and lets you in with “I Hate U I Love U.” MIYNT channels dark-pop-magic with “Civil War.” Allday, who you may remember from working with Skizzy Mars, dropped a solid 7-track mixtape. Arjun told us we should worry about a guy named Allan Rayman. Last, but not least, Meek Mill called out Drake for being fake. Drake responded with not one, not two, not three, just kidding, two “diss” songs because I guess rappers still do that. You can find the second one on this playlist. Oh, and our fellow writer, Andy, became Twitter famous with his tweet about Meek Mill’s response track.

Hit the jump for the Soundcloud stream and download!

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Best of February 2013

Damn you, February! These 28 days crept up on me fast, but don’t worry, I still have your best 25 songs of the month. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, with a hint of swag from Arjun, and I give you Best of February.

Download link below, followed by top 5, and track list after the jump!

Download Best of February 2013

Jordan’s Top 5:

Chance The Rapper – Juice

Chance? The Rapper? Lead single off of AcidRap and it doesn’t disappoint. His voice, his bars, his chorus, his visuals. Still my favorite current rapper (been like that since #10Day dropped).

Chance The Rapper – Acid Rain

Chance! The Rapper! 2/2. Acid Rain is much slower than Juice, and is a more “serious” song. Second single off of AcidRap

Frank Ocean – Eyes Like Sky

Doesn’t have that Channel Orange feel, but the acoustic vibe with his vocals is spot on. This was a leftover track from Channel Orange, but please, don’t let that fool you. Frank for daaayyyyyssssss.

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

Might be the most impressive song out of the bunch strictly because it’s someone brand new that made that good of a song. First impressions are everything, and Sam Smith impressed. Fuck that, he went way beyond that.

J. Cole ft. Miguel – Power Trip

First single off of J. Cole’s new album. Miguel with the wonderful hook, and J. Cole doing what he does best: keeping it real. You can’t beat this combo.

Honorable Mention: The King’s Dead, Juicy J, Hoodie Allen, Theophilus London

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Best of February 2012

I probably say this every month, but February was ridiculously good. A lot of indie, and quality hip hop on here. You know the drill…download below, my top 5, followed by the track listing!


Download Best of February 2012

Jordan’s Top 5:

KiD CuDi – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie & Dose of Dopeness

It wouldn’t be fair if 2/5 songs were KiD CuDi, so I combined them into one! Teleport 2 Me, Jamie will probably go down as Cudder’s best “rock” song because most people enjoy it and some fans haven’t been to excited about his upcoming release in WZRD. Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt to have over 100 plays in one month… Dose of Dopeness was an urban legend that finally saw the light of day and this song provides the main reason why people started to fall in love with this guy back in 2008.

Carousel – Open Road

Carousel is my favorite indie band. I’m new to the indie world, and with only a few songs, Carousel has taken me to a whole other side of music. Open Road is an adventure that will get you movin’ and groovin’! Songs like these? They just “make it eaassssyyy!”

Walk The Moon – Next In Line

Oh, look! Another indie song in my top 5! Are you catching a pattern here? Arjun dubbed them “2012’s Foster The People” and I hope he’s right. Looking forward to watch Walk The Moon progress this year.

Rhye – Open

Instantly fell in love with this. Don’t know too much about Rhye, but this one works best on a rainy day. Try not to sing and snap along with the instrumental? Yeah, slightly impossible.

Timeflies – Under The Sea

These songs are in no particular order, but the last one listed was the one I had problems with. I wasn’t sure who was going to take it. Meg Myers, Wildcat! Wildcat!, B.o.B, Timeflies, G-Eazy, The Dean’s List, and I didn’t know what to do! To settle the tie breaker, I went to the play count and Timeflies won. Under The Sea is arguably their best Timeflies Tuesday and when they finally released a full version, they left everyone wet. Am I allowed to say that or is that too much?

Honorable Mentions: Meg Myers, Wildcat! Wildcat!, B.o.B, G-Eazy, The Dean’s List, Domo Genesis, Kendrick Lamar, 2Am Club and many, many more.

Hit the jump for full track listing

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