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Best New Songs of November 2016

We have finally hit the final month of 2016. Despite this being a November playlist, the early parts of December have been FIRE. The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, Drake, CuDi, & J. Cole?! What did we do to deserve this? While we’re working hard to provide you a list from our favorites from the year, enjoy what we’ve prepared for November, and the influx of quality albums! Hopefully, this will keep you busy until then. Stay tuned…

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Best New Songs of November 2015

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, ate a ton of food, watched Tony Romo shatter the Cowboys playoff dreams, got drunk with your fam, and made a couple memories while at it. It’s the holiday season, and we’re in the mood to giveaway the songs that were remarkable in the month of November. Check out our picks, let us know what you think, and we’ll see you in a few weeks for the best  of the best in 2015…

Download Best of November 2015 (Coming Soon)


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Best of November 2013

The “Best of Series” is a playlist generated every month providing you with quality, sounding music across all genres that were released during that month. Whether you’re too busy to visit daily, or just need some music, this is our way of helping you stay current.

What a wild weekend. It was Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah) all on the same damn day, so gobble tov to those that are celebrating, and on top of that, rivalry weekend in college football could not of been better. My Buckeyes topped Michigan with a last second defensive stop, Lydia’s Blue Devils are on there way to a title game, and the almighty Alabama fell to Auburn on one of the craziest finishes I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like this can’t even compete, but music always has a spot, no matter what, even if there’s a fire.

Download Best of November 2013

Jordan’s Top 3:

Sway Clarke III – I Don’t Need Much

You have to wonder where Sway Clarke Sr. and Jr. are, but number III ain’t to bad with this newbie, I Don’t Need Much. Simple sometimes is best.

Jon Waltz – Magic City

I have a man crush on Jon Waltz…there I said it.He keeps feeding us more and more samplers, but I want the main course. This is a story about his first night in Atlanta, and it pleases me.

Freddie Dickson – Minimal Love

It’s all fun and games until you hit that drop to the chorus, and it blows you away. It seems like I’m describing an EDM song, but I’m describing a carefully constructed, darkish tune about love.

Hit the jump for the track list! Continue reading “Best of November 2013” »

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Best of November 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen:

This December at Sunset is going to get crazy, and this is just the start. Enjoy..


Alternate Link

Jordan’s Top 5:

Kendrick Lamar – The Jig Is Up

Kendrick easily dropped the best rap album of 2012. The Jig Is Up came out just a few weeks after and it’s album material. He cracks his way into my top 5 ya biiiiishhhhhh!

Skizzy Mars – The Come Down

First single off of Skizzy’s “Phases.” Now, we just play the waiting game until Phases actually drops. We want more!

The Neighbourhood – Let It Go

Sunset favorite, The Neighbourhood, returns with their latest single, Let It Go, which showcases their unique sound

J. Cole – Miss America

I’ll keep it short and sweet: he’s baaaaaackkkkkkkk.

Chance The Rapper – YOLO

This song actually dropped over the summer, but reappeared on a mixtape this month, so I made the executive decision to include it in November because:

1. It’s Chance The Rapper.


Hit the jump for the track list.

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[Mixtape] Best Songs of November 2011

Dear Sunset Viewers,

Whether you are new to the site, or frequent fliers, you’re the best. Pay it forward, and share the awesomeness we offer on this site. Download link, and my top 5 below.



P.S. – I jacked Lupe Fiasco’s mixtape cover.

Download Best of November 2011 (32 songs)

Jordan’s Top 5:

Hulkshare: One Room – I Want You/Wait

Who the fuck is One Room? It’s a mystery.

Hulkshare: Skizzy Mars – Another World

Kid just continues to keep on impressing everyone. He may be young, but god damn, he gets better with each song.

“I get love, don’t give it back. That’s the way they do it on Cinemax.”

Hulkshare: WZRD – Brake

People will have their opinions. People will say wah wah blah blah, where’s the rap! Ask me if I give a fuuuuuck, cause I don’t. I will ride with CuDi and die with CuDi. Dramatic? Eh, a lil bit. As Lydia said “I still wish it had the beat of a hip hop song that I know Dot Da Genius can bring to the table, but I always thought that Cudder was a better singer than rapper. Hearing him lay a melody on a track is something I always wished for more of, so it seems we might be on the right path.”

Hulkshare: 2AM Club – Reach Down Deep

Love, love, love this song. Always puts me in a good mood. Catchy, relaxing, and a melody that sounds like a combination of Fergie & Jesus.

Hulkshare: AudioDax – Smile

With their top 5 debut, and I believe Sunset debut as well, I got here a nice little tune that reminds me of some Shwayze type ish. I’ve had AudioDax on my radar for a little over a year now, and I’m hoping this track will get you Sunset viewers hooked.

Hit the jump for the tracklist! Continue reading “[Mixtape] Best Songs of November 2011” »

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