Best of June 2011

[Mixtape] Best of June 2011

And 30 days later here we are at the Best of June mixtape! Really happy about how this one turned out and I’m doing things a little different. First, I will give you my favorite 5 songs off of it and do a little write up on that. Then provide you with the actual media player and download link for Best of June, then, there will be a separate download link for close to 20 songs that were on the verge of making Best of June, but I decided to leave off. Feel free to comment on how you think we can make the “Best Of” series better! Enjoy!

Jordan’s Top 5 Songs

*No particular order*

Radical Something ft. Kinetics – Be Easy

The vibe and feel to this song is amazing. Radical Something is really special. Loggy, Josh Cocktail, and DJ Big Red are the members of Radical Something and  is joined by Kinetics who provides the best on the song in my opinion. So sit back, relax, and be eaaaaasy.

J. Cole – Lost Ones

I sat here for a little bit trying to decide which of the several J. Cole songs that hit the nets this month was going to be my favorite. At first it was Cheer Up, but then one last listen to Lost Ones completely changed it. The production and lyrics are off the charts. Softer side to Cole. So pumped for 9/27 Cole World!

Shwayze ft. The Cataracs & Dev – Love Letter

I was unaware, but Shwayze had his own version quite a bit ago, but this one with The Cataracs & Dev is just so addicting! One of my favorite songs of the summer by far. And I won’t lie, Shwayze & Cisco are summer music. This one has constantly been on repeat.

Upper West – I Won’t Grow Up

This was a REAL tough choice. It was like a battle royale between this song and another sampled one (no names incase that song gets jealous). This one takes the cake though simply because of the outstanding sample. Upper West is definitely a group to look out for as they’ve had a few solid joints in the past few months. This one will get you moving. Not a party song, but will get you up and going!

Kanye West – Mama’s Boyfriend

And finally, the oh-so-facebook-internet famous track by Mr. West, Mama’s Boyfriend. I’ve heard several theories behind this. One, it’s the actual version. Two, someone hacked the acapella from Ye and production was added to it. Either way, this is the old Kanye flow that NEVER gets old. The production is still amazing, even if it’s not supposed to be the actual production for the song. No matter what theory, this song is a Kanye classic.

Download Best of June 2011

*This will take a lil long to download. I recommend doing it while you’re sleeping or away from the computer.*

Download Best of June 2011 LeftoversTracklist

As before, a few songs didn’t make the media player, but are on the download link. Yonas – A Reason To Breathe, Radical Something – Be Easy, J. Cole – Cheer Up, IanJ – Hey Girl, Zak! Downtown – Toast. Blame Grooveshark for this…


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