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Jata – Ebony

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Jata describes his new single “Ebony” as “808s rumble through the jungle,” and it is certainly a fitting explanation. The track is filled to the brim with a cacophony of chirping, skittering synth blips, making it sound like you’ve been dropped deep in the woods.

With “Ebony,” Jata creates a landscape that fascinatingly blends the organic and electronic, similar to artists like Glass Animals and Ben Khan. It’s soulful and minimal at once, punctuated by a sharp drum line.

Jata’s vocals are understated but emotional, as a singer-producer he understands where his voice fits into the record perfectly.

Overall “Ebony” is a well produced, polished piece of electro pop that showcases Jata’s skill both in the booth and on the boards.

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[Free Download] Ben Khan – Blade (Tidal Wave of Love)

While everyone sits in their seats, impatiently waiting for Jai Paul to release anything ever again, there are artists like Ben Khan making their name in the same genre that we adore. However, Ben Khan should not be lumped in a category because he has his own spark. This is especially evident in his latest release, “Blade (Tidal Wave of Love)”. The track has an addictive sound yet does not fall short of feeling. Within seconds, the track creates a dark vibe: “I don’t want to be alone no more”, Khan expresses with pure emotion. “Blade” is deep, but catchy all at once. Not only is it a mixture of all things right, but it’s free right on Khan’s soundcloud. Check out and download the tune below.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: The Floor

New Tape Tuesday!

I made at least 20 different variations for this mixtape cover, and I showed my friends the different versions and gathered opinions on each cover. This one was always my personal favorite, but literally no one else’s. So why was it selected? Well, probably because I’m stubborn–but also because there is something to be said for sticking with your guts. There is a basic instinct that comes with any creative endeavor and everyone might not appreciate it at first (or ever), and that’s okay as long as it reflects a piece of you.

I told a musician friend that art is an energy you have to learn to control, and now I’m not really sure I agree with that. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what makes a classic album (you know, trying to create a classic mix for ya), and I actually think what makes a classic album is an artist unleashing his or her unique (sexual […sorry]) energy in an untempered environment. For this mix I tried to start at the base level (“The Floor”) and find these really unique artists with extremely recognizable styles to create this really gritty, powerful hour of music. Also, it’s kind of dancy, which is mostly why it’s called “The Floor.”

  1. Sydney in Theory – Diamonds & Dirt
  2. George Barnett – Down on Me
  3. Benin City – Wha Gwan
  4. ASTR – R U with Me
  5. Sylvan Esso – Play It Right
  6. Hayden James – Embrace
  7. holychild – Happy with Me
  8. Lime Cordiale – Sleeping at Your Door
  9. Lolawolf – Drive
  10. The Hard Knocks – Coast
  11. Ben Khan – Eden
  12. Jagga – Hold Me
  13. CliffLight – Summer of Sin
  14. RÁJ – Ghost
  15. Body Language – Charm
  16. John Wizards – Muizenberg
  17. High Highs – A Real Hero (College Cover)
  18. Twin Shadow – Old Love / New Love
  19. Great Good Fine Ok – You’re the One for Me
  20. Bipolar Sunshine – Love More Worry Less
  21. Lontalius – Furthest Thing (Drake Cover)

What am I supposed to say? An old love called me yesterday.


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