SWIMM – Belly (Fake Guns Remix)


SWIMM’s Beverley Hills EP was a breezy, heartfelt and undeniably fun indie pop record. Lead single “Belly,” with its clean churning guitars, falsetto vocal runs and hard-pounding drums, was a perfect introduction to the group for the unfamiliar, and now Brooklyn producer Fake Guns has given it a new, gritty edge.

The track takes on a darker tone with deep, fuzzy synths and crisp, programmed drums. Fake Guns’ production makes lines like “I’m so tired of wandering around” suddenly quite poignant. The subtle vocal rasp on the verses perfectly fits the transition from bright, sunny psych pop to more melancholic indie.

This “Belly” remix is impressive both as a showcase for Fake Guns’ talents and to highlight the songwriting chops of SWIMM’s Chris Hess and Adam Winn. It’s a must listen on all fronts.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: FACTORY

New Tape Tuesday!

Two of my favorite movies are Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto and Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere. Both movies are set in affluent areas of California, which I’ve sort of been obsessed with lately. Not to get too weird but the complex relationships had by young adult children of stupid rich families fascinate me.

So I set out to make a mix that sounds like the hills of the ‘Basas.

It started in Hollywood…

*SoundCloud mix is missing track 11 (“Bellyintro” by Lord Byron) and track 23 (“L$D” by A$AP Rocky)


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Belly – The Greatest Dream I Never Had [Mixtape]

New Belly!

The Internet is great. Consider me a huge fan. When you are bored and procrastinating, you wander there, and it gladly accepts you. It doesn’t nag at you, and tell you, “Arjun, you’re wasting precious time, buddy,” because your name is not Arjun. I especially love the Internet, because it usually reinforces bad behavior by rewarding your procrastination–like it did today by handing me Belly’s new mixtape on a shiny, silver, digital platter. Belly’s only fault is that he’s Canadian. Luckily for him, he more than makes up for that with this stellar mixtape: Drake style. The Greatest Dream I Never Had is weird in a really good way. In it, we get fresh samples of both new and old songs–none of those tired Adele and Pashy Pit samples. No, on this mixtape, we get samples of Lana Del Rey, R.E.M., and James Blake.

This is a MUST download mixtape. Don’t sleep on it.


  1. Intro
  2. I’m Falling
  3. Criminal Mind
  4. Num8ers
  5. Downtown
  6. Dreamer
  7. Lonely Night
  8. Losing My Religion
  9. The Key
  10. Purple Drugs
  11. Time Alone
  12. Go To Sleep

Download the entire mixtape HERE.

New Belly!

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[Stream] Supreme Cuts – Belly

Premiered on The Fader yesterday, the rising and mysterious Supreme Cuts possesses a sound that’s quiet strange, but nonetheless intriguing and addictive. Belly is a meld of atmospheric pads, bleak synths and muffled vocals that Fader best describes as “less nightlife and more night sailing.” This track may be more of a sonic mood than it is a song. Close your eyes and indulge. I’m excited to see where this Chicago-bred artist will take these waves next.

Supreme Cuts – Belly by Dovecote Records

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