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[Video] Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator – Trouble On My Mind

Golf. Wang. Wolf. Gang.
The visuals for one of my favorite songs to hit the net this month has been unleashed to the internet masses! It doesn’t disappoint, and the reason for that is because, well, it’s, uh, Tyler, The Creator. He’s a just a strange mothafucka, but I really can’t get enough of him. He makes the song even though Pusha does his damn thing too. I included the behind the scenes video as well because it’s funny as shit in my opinion.

My question is though, how much input did Tyler have on this video? Because we all know he can direct.

In other related news, “Yonkers” video is in the run for MTV Music Video of the Year. Go vote for him, because he spazzzzzed out on Twitter if he loses to Bruno Mars. He actually spazzed out on Twitter just for being nominated. I really do give this man props for what he’s become and he’s done it the way he wanted to, which is everyone’s dream. He didn’t have a label (Atlantic you devil of a label) telling him what to do.

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Pursuit of Happiness (Alternate Video) Behind the Scenes


THE MAKING OF: Pursuit of Happiness (Alternate Video) Behind the Scenes

If you’re into production, and/or into Kid Cudi, you will want to see this video. It’s pretty cool to see how they filmed the scenes where he fell from couch to couch.

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