Mashup Monday! Ft. Beemer, DOSVEC, Fergie Ferg, The Hood Internet, and Kap Slap

Mashup Monday

Woah. I totally flopped on last week’s Mashup Monday. Sorry about that – no excuses – I suck. But this Monday I’m gonna find only the best mashups to make up for it. And today’s fact of the day? My future brother-in-law is 30 today. Wow. Old as fuck. Hang in there, old fella. And have a good one. Get ready to be welcomed to the family. Initiation only takes about 11 years. Think: keg stands, redheaded slut shots, prank calling elementary school teachers…it’s all comin for ya. Never too old – even at 30.


1. “Yeah Again” (Beemer Bootleg) – Chris Brown x Basto
I thought I’d never put Chris Brown on this blog. But damnit, this just sounds fun.

Yeah Again (Beemer Bootleg) by DJ Beemer

2. “Feeling Good” – DOSVEC
This is pretty mainstream for my liking, but it’s a good gym mix.

DOSVEC “Feeling Good” Mashup by DjWhatt

3. “Nightfire” (Childish Gambino x Kavinsky) – DJ Fergie Ferg
We love Gambino at Sunset.
Nightfire (Childish Gambino x Kavinsky) by DJ Fergie Ferg

4. “Gold Dust Paradise” (DJ Fresh x Coldplay) – DOSVEC
DOSVEC making the list twice today! This is dub-heavier than I typically get, but I can dig this.
DJ Fresh vs Coldplay (DOSVEC Mashup) “Gold Dust Paradise” by DjWhatt

5. “The Way Marvin Was” (Big Sean x Wolfgang Gartner) – The Hood Internet
These guys kill it. Every. Single. Time.
The Hood Internet – The Way Marvin Was (Big Sean x Wolfgang Gartner) by hoodinternet

6. MP3: “Guetta’s Calling Solveig Up” – Kap Slap
Aw, this one sounds kind of sweet. I like it.

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