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[Album Stream] Beau Young Prince – Until Then

New Beau Young Prince!

Beau Young Prince has been a friend of this site for a long time. We even sponsored his 2011 mixtape The Reverse Effect back when blog sponsorships were still a thing. BYP continued to release singles and projects throughout 2012 and 2013. Then, it seems he came to a crossroads where he decided that in order to make the dream work he was going to have to lock up and make an album that is better and more innovative than his competition. Perhaps, he even decided to compete with himself rather than worry about what other artists were doing. Working closely with his producer YalaMusiq, he shaped a sound and crafted Until Then. The album is full of so many unique flows and sounds; if Travi$ Scott made this album, everyone would immediate herald it as a classic. As a completely independent artist, Beau Young Prince has put in the work and forced his name into conversations generally reserved for major label artists.

Stream Until Then on Spotify or download on iTunes.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Awesome Hanging Out with Her

New Tape Tuesday!

College is a bizarre place. It is not like the actual world. It is this vacuum of constant intoxication and twisted idealism. Going to classes on a campus is weird as hell. School is the only time all of these individuals will be grouped together like this–packed into classrooms like sardines, awkwardly sweating next to your potential future wife. As much as college is about the whole higher education thing, it is also about forced socialization. You choose a major and a concentration and voilà, like robots or young wizards, you are sorted with kids with whom you share similar interests. You’ll spend years going to the same classes as these kids–some of them you will know and become friends with and others you will recognize but never really talk to. Anyway, I’m not about to start naming names like iLoveMakonnen, but there’s this girl in my major that has a boyfriend but spends more time with me and got me in this terrible thing where I don’t care what happens, it’s just awesome hanging out with her. I know. It’s disgusting.

Lemme talk to you, I want to hear you talk to me back

*The SoundCloud mix is missing track 15, “Winning” by Just Jack.


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Beau Young Prince ft. Franky Murdock – About You Remix

BYP remixes one of my favorite tracks of 2012, About You, from XXYYXX. Continuing that trippy, groovy, sound BYP has mastered, as he adds his on touch to the already unique production.

Check it out below, and stay classy.

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Beau Young Prince – Flosstradamus “Lana’s Theme” Remix

Beau Young Prince gets weird again with these instrumentals. It’s his calling. He’s been on a roll lately, don’t you think?

Peep it!

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Beau Young Prince – Purity Ring (Obedear Remix)

The homie, Beau Young Prince, drops a brand new track that’s got that funky sound to it. Starting to get the sense that Beau’s signature style is those funky beats and he shows us why it is his style.

Peep it!

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[Video] Beau Young Prince – King Midas

The homie Beau Young Prince drops a new video for his track King Midas.

I’m not sure how I feel about the instrumental. Might be a little to out there for me, but regardless, he puts on a clinic. Peep it below!

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[Mixtape] Beau Young Prince – Dream Catcher

The homie, Beau Young Prince, dropped his latest mixtape, Dream Catcher. Definitely a solid effort and he keeps it short and sweet with only six songs, and only one feature from Huey Mack. This will definitely play to his advantage, in hopes that he gets people to want more. Download and preview below.

See You At The Show is probably my favorite. Peep it!

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Beau Young Prince – See You At The Show

Beau Young Prince hit me up with this brand new cut off of his forthcoming mixtape, Dream Catcher, coming later this month. He collaborated with Bitter Child, which is a band at his school. Peep it and enjoy!

This that feel good.

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Star Slinger – Night Sky (Beau Young Prince Remix)

Beau Young Prince

I haven’t heard much from Beau Young Prince lately, but just the other day he released a remix of the Star Slinger tune “Night Sky,” and I’m really digging it. This kid keeps getting better; he’s crafting his sound and it’s becoming something I can believe in. Of course it also helps to have such a dope by Star Slinger to rhyme over!

‘As I look at the night sky and write lines/ I’m tryna get signed’

“Night Sky” (Produced by Star Slinger BYP rmx) by BeauYoungPrince

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Beau Young Prince Interview with Thrill City TV

Thrill City TV has linked up with Beau Young Prince to do an interview. BYP talks about things like why he changed his name from Young Prince to Beau Young Prince, his latest mixtape (The Reverse Effect – sponsored by Sunset in the Rearview), why he shouts “Dad” in public, the meaning of “javelins” and more.

Thrill City on Facebook

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Beau Young Prince – The Reverse Effect [Sponsored by Sunset in the Rearview]

Young Prince Reverse Effect Artwork

Beau Young Prince, also known simply as Young Prince, is advancing his career by leaps and bounds with this mixtape release. A young rapper studying at Guilford College in North Carolina, but hailing from the DMV, Beau Young, aka Beau Young Prince, is quickly making a big name for himself in the new hip hop scene. He’s been known to pair up with producer Brenton Duvall to make bangers, but with this mixtape, he’s proved that he’s more than just party music. He’s flexing his muscles on this tape. He has tracks where he sounds like Kanye, tracks where he sounds like XV, tracks where his lyrics are dirty and dark, tracks that make you want to light up, tracks where he thanks his Mom, and tracks where his conceptual thought is explicit and creative. The diversity on this mixtape is proof to what Young Prince’s future holds. The production ranges from Brenton Duvall to Smoke Trixx to Yala, Brian Dorsey, Big Z, Action Jackson, RJF, Tim Gunter, Bob Swaggit, Dante CK, and more. The theme throughout the track seems to be that BYP is here to not only have fun and toss javelins, he’s here to tell his story and make his mark. He’s showing the world what he can become, and if you ask me, he can become something great; the world is his oyster.

MP3: “The Reverse Effect” (prod. Brenton Duvall) – Beau Young Prince

MP3: “Javelins” (prod. RJF) – Beau Young Prince


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[Video Teaser] Beau Young Prince – These Days (prod. B. Dolla)

To me this sounds like Beau just going in on a freestyle. The beat is understated, the video is simplistic, and what really shines through is Beau’s lyricism and flow. Out of the DMV, Young Prince has been making a lot of noise as of late.

This video was “shot in 15 mins hangin’ out on a summer day” by Julian Marshall, which is pretty impressive.

BYP’s new mixtape, The Reverse Effect, drops on June 19th. If you’re not looking forward to it, watch this video. I think it’ll change your mind pretty quickly.

Beau Young Prince – These Days (Prod by B. Dolla) [Teaser]

JUNE 19!

Beau Young Prince || Facebook || Twitter

D Prep || Twitter

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