Beach Jesus

Beach Jesus – Two Weeks Vacation

New Beach Jesus!

Two Weeks Vacation is the debut album by Beach Jesus, who were introduced on Sunset last week. The album plays through like a Jackson Pollock painting. Through its nine tracks, the beauty of disorder is explored. Parts of these songs are broad strokes of effortless crooning, and others are splashes of rhythm and rapping. The sounds are electric, and the content is eccentric. More questions are asked than answered, and that is okay because the wonder is in the asking.

Now, I just got to ask for a download link.

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[Introducing] Beach Jesus

New Beach Jesus!

Beach Jesus is a group of four friends from Chicago, consisting of producers JAROFMY and SEER and vocalists Chandler London and Jessiath. They have a sound so unique and completely their own that they could probably get a patent on it. They call it “dream-hop,” a transcendent listening experience where the boundaries of genre are blissfully ignored and your favorite indie band occasionally raps.

Below are my favorite tracks released so far by the collective. Their debut project Two Weeks Vacation will be dropping any day now.

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