Womp Womp Wednesday


Break out the headphones, break out the dance shoes, break out the WOMP. We’ve got twenty glorious tracks plus one teaser that will have you slapping bass all the way through this Fourth of July 🙂

Some of the biggest bangers from the past week and then some. Enjoy your sunset.

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Womp Womp Wednesday


We got 11 tracks that are absolutely electrifying on this weeks edition of Womp Womp Wednesday. Featuring artists include: Vindata, Nebbra, 20syl, WRLD, Pusher. Wave Racer, Club Killers, HWLS, Akouo, CRNKN, and Bassnectar. Have fun with these ones, cheers.

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The Evolution of Lollapalooza [Day One]

Holla Lolla! So, just like I did for Bonnaroo, I’ll be creating playlists and collecting video footage of this past weekend’s Lollapalooza–day by day–for you guys to relive (or discover for the first time.) This was my first Lollapalooza in 4 years, and I noticed a lot had changed since my initial footsteps onto Grant Park back when I was just in high school. So, that inspired me to do a little research and scribe a bit on on the festival’s transformation over the years in the context of music as a whole. Check out my insights below, or skip to the bottom for some music selections made up of acts I got the chance to see, as well as video of Friday’s headliner, The Black Keys, performing “Lonely Boy.”


Since its inaugural notes hit the air in 1991, Perry Farrell’s Lollapalooza has had its ups and downs. The festival’s initial success was synonymous with the rise of alternative rock in the early 90s. So, when the alt scene began to lose steam later in the decade, Lolla did too.

But in 2003, Farrell’s festival was staging a comeback. After a lukewarm couple of years, Lollapalooza found a new home in Grant Park, Chicago and heated thangs up with expansive lineups that delivered tunes to casual listeners and rabid aficionados alike.

Today, Lollapalooza is a three-day, sun-soaked (well, most of the time) monster of a festival that hosts nearly 300,000 concertgoers in the heart of the concrete and steel jungle that is Chicago, Illinois. And, it’s only getting bigger. In recent years, the festival has landed on soils as far as Chile, Brazil and most recently, Israel.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that Lolla is a pretty big deal. Culturally, it represents a musical hotbed where up-and-comers and seasoned veterans can both share the spotlight (think Chief Keef and Black Sabbath.) And, I think in a lot of ways, big ticket music fests like Lollapalooza are great temperature readers for where music is at as a whole.

So, what is Lollapalooza saying about that “whole” of music today? The answer can be found at Perry’s Tent. That is, the honored stage which is named after the festival’s founder and also happens to be the lone platform at Lollapalooza completely dedicated to electronic dance music.

You see, Perry’s wasn’t always a stage. In 2008, when it first emerged, Perry’s Tent was literally a tent, and a relatively small one at that. Jump around to present time, and Perry’s has blown off the roof, laced the stage with sizzling LED lights and practically doubled its viewing capacity.

Yeah, I know. It’s not news that EDM’s popularity is booming in America. But, my real point is that big, institutionalized music festivals like Lollapalooza are an instrumental part of why dance music is becoming more and more mainstream (just like it helped the growth of alternative music in the 90s.)

The transformation of Perry’s Tent—and the evolution of Lollapalooza in general—is ironic in many ways. Perry Farrel’s Lollapalooza of the 90s stood for all things indie—not mainstream. Yet today, Lolla represents a diverse palate of music, from relaxing indie folk to heart-throbbing dubstep.

A lot of people might tell you that Farrel compromised Lollapalooza’s former integrity by opening the flood gates to mainstream music, but you know what? I say it’s a beautiful thing. Where else can you mosh to At The Drive-In, chill out to Florence and the Machine and get your rageface on to Bassnectar?

Not at Lollapalooza 1991.

Porter Robinson – Language

Nero – Promises

Bassnectar – Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco) (Vinyl Version)

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy (Live)


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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

For many of us, this may very well be the coldest weekend of the winter (so far.) Chicago finally got some snowfall, and I realized once again the joys and woes of snow. It’s funny how as a kid, snow was seriously the best thing ever. It meant the possibility of no class. It meant hours of hurling snowballs at your friends and girls you had a crush on.  It meant writing your name in pee all over your neighbors yard (well, it still means that.) Now, all it means is shoveling and bad traffic. For those living in warmer climates, I feel bad for your childhoods but I guess at the end of the day, you won. For errbody else: don’t get left out in the cold, heat it up this weekend with today’s Friday At Five. Bring it, snow.

1. “Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)” – Bassnectar

Bassnectar – Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix) – Free DL by The Glitch Mob

2. “Reaching Out (Fred Falke Remix)” – Nero

Reaching Out (Fred Falke remix) by Fred Falke

3. “Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)” – Yelle

Yelle – Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix) by Madeon

4. “Free My Mind (RAC Remix)” – Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig – Free Your Mind (RAC Mix) by RAC

5. “Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)” – Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Something About Us (Cherokee Remix) by Cherokee (Official)

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Lupe Fiasco ft. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar – LightWork

I have two favorites in the music industry. My favorite artist: KiD CuDi. My favorite rapper: Wasalu (or better known as Lupe Fiasco). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am pretty sure this is Lu’s first attempt at doing a type of song like this? Whatever, I like it. Then again, I’d like anything this dude puts out. This is the first single for a new mixtape dropping on Thanksgiving called Friend Of The People. Listen up to one of the best lyricists out there!

Hulkshare: Lupe Fiasco ft. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar – LightWork

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Womp Womp Wednesday

The other day, Bassnectar released a new remixtape. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new one from him, so I was excited to see what he would do. Well, as always, he brought some serious womp.

In my mind, Bassnectar is paralleled by only maybe Skrillex in terms of ingeniousness when it comes to heavy bass music. Their samples, their drops, their buildups…always, always, always on point.

The ‘nectar seems to get spicier with each project Lorin releases…he seems to be constantly touring, so it’s no surprise it took him a while to get this out. That being said, if you ever get the chance to see Lorin do his thing live, go to that. Don’t ask questions, just go.

Listen to the entire thing below, or download and break up songs individually. Personal favorites? In Bloom or YES.

Bassnectar – Color Storm Remixtape by Bassnectar


Download “Color Storm”

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Daladubz, The Hood Internet, and Star Slinger: Thirsty Thursday

So D Prep’s enjoying cold coronas and warm beaches in Mexico at the moment and completely forgot about Womp Womp Wednesday until my boy Jason Heitman reminded me on the Sunset in the Rearview facebook page (which you should “like,” by the way! And share with friends! We’ve got some free goodies coming your guys way when we hit 2k fans, let’s make this a symbiotic relationship!) So, to make my brotha Jason happy, I said I’d post a Thursday Thursday. Hence, this is my Thirsty Thursday. Enjoy.

“Pink Elephants VIP” – Daladubz

Talking to some of my friends who went to the Snow Ball Festival in Colorado the other week, a lot of them mentioned Bassnectar as a highlight of the show. Specifically, a song that sampled clips from Dumbo the Clown (peep original). Turns out it wasn’t a Bassnectar track, rather a track made by the Swedish producer Daladubz (who, by the way, is 17 YEARS OLD). You can see a video of Nectar dropping it live at Snow Ball here. Hipptty Hoppity.


“Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R. Kelly vs. Major Lazer) – The Hood Internet

Let me just say one thing-if you don’t like R. Kelly’s Ignition, I hate you with a burning passion. That right there is my muh fuggin JAM. I also love Major Lazer (they are absolutely nuts live), so the combination of the two makes my innards feel like warm jello. It’s the remix to the remix of ignition.


Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix) – Childish Gambino

I was super stoked when I saw the tweet about Star Slinger remixing this song. The original picked up an absurd amount of playcounts in my iTunes, so I was expecting big things out of the remix. Let me tell you, this is one hell of a successful delivery. They use my favorite line of the song, pitched down,  as the hook. “I am running this bitch, you are just a dog walker.” Anyways, super super dope. Great instrumental, sick acapella from Childish Gambino, overall just awesome.


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Womp Womp Wednesday: Bassnectar

For those of you who follow my Womp Womp Wednesday posts on a regular basis (and I love each and every one of you who does) you’d know that Bassnectar is far and away one of my favorite producers. The thing a lot of people don’t understand is how intelligent and intuitive you have to be to be as strong of a producer as he is: he knows how to work a crowd, he knows how to get people going, and, most importantly, he knows when to drop the womp. Here are three of my favorite Bassnectar tracks.

1. Here We Go – Bassnectar

One of my favorite DJing moments is coming out to this song. A few people had opened up for me so the crowd was already really worked up, and I had a friend walk out on the stage to press play. I let the music play for a while, and was planning on coming out when it dropped. Well, waiting backstage got me really amped to perform, and I ended up running out right before it dropped and stage diving out into the crowd right as it dropped. The timing was perfect and I’m sure I looked much cooler than I actually am, but the energy was just raw and insane. Still one of my favorite performances.

Download “Here We Go”

2. Falling (feat Paper Machete) – Bassnectar

I’ve seen Bassnectar a few times, and to be honest, every time I’ve seen him there have been multitudes (if not the majority of the crowd) on heavy hallucinogens. Well, you don’t need any kind of drug to feel the effects of this track. With a beautiful, soaring vocal part from Paper Machete, Bassnectar creates a track that really overtakes people. People truly do seem to lose their minds when he plays this track, and it’s a crazy experience to be in the living, breathing organism that encompasses a Bassnectar crowd. You’ll have to listen to this one to see what I mean, but it should be apparent-Bassnectar has power in his music that I’ve rarely ever seen before.

Download “Falling (feat Paper Machete)

3. Cozza Frenzy – Bassnectar

Possibly Bassnectar’s most famous track, this one is pretty self-explanatory: the title says it all. With a grimy subbass line, driving synths, and whipping snare drums on top, this one is simply one of the songs that people expect to hear at a Bassnectar concert, and certainly one of the songs people womp hardest to. Listen, and it won’t be hard to understand why.

Download “Cozza Frenzy”

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New SunsetCast!

New pocast just in time for your Saturday night pregame! This one is a really fun one…be careful out there! Shout outs at the end of the track. You know who you are. Hit the jump for the download link.

SunsetCast 11: LIGHTS

1. “Lights!” (Ellie, Waka, Wale) – Potomac Boys Club
2. “Coming Home” – Sam Adams
3. “Temptations” – Gorilla Warfare Tactics
4. “Hasta La Vista” (ft. OnCue) – Fortune Family
5. “Shutterbugg” (ft. Cutty) – Big Boi
6. “Opposite of Adults” – Chiddy Bang
7. “Trapped In My Mind” – Kid Cudi
8. “One” (WAWA Edit) – Sky Ferreira
9. “With You Friends” – Skrillex
10. “Gorgeous” (ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon) – Kanye West
11. “Fuck You” – Cee-Lo Green
12. “Hello” (Why are we whispering Remix) – Martin Solveig & Dragonette
13. “Black & Yellow” – Wiz Khalifa
14. “Good Vibrations” – Young Prince
15. “Lights” (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding Continue reading “New SunsetCast!” »

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[New Release] “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” – Ellie Goulding

“Lights (Bassnectar Remix)” – Ellie Goulding by SunsetintheRearview

No chance I could wait until tomorrow to drop this one on Womp Womp Wednesday. We got the drop on this, and I could not pass up that opportunity. I got an email from Bassnectar labs the other day promoting a new Bassnectar remix, and I almost had a heart attack after reading the subject line: “New Bassnectar Promo: Ellie Goulding Remix.” First off, it should be clear by now that I love Bassnectar. Second off, it should be known that Ellie Goulding and I will be married one day. Don’t be jealous guys, it’s just because I’m so good looking and charming.

Anyway, Ellie’s “Lights” has been mixed a whole bunch of times, my favorites being Potomac Boy’s Club’s remix “Lights!” or the Blackmill remix, and this new Bassnectar remix. This one sounds very similar on a certain level to the PBC’s remix, until the womp drops. I’m sitting in a very sullen room right now typing this, and I can barely restrict my headbanging. Bassnectar is just a master with the bass. His sound is so fierce-deep growls, slapping drums, and a great synth track rolling throughout that makes this one a real banger.

He’s an absolutely unbelievable concert to see, so I definitely recommend doing everything in your power to see Lorin womp live sometime. It will not disappoint, and neither will this track. Enjoy.

Download “Lights (Bassnectar Remix)”

Like this song? Give it a heart on Hype Machine!

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