Over the past year and a half, I’ve gotten increasingly into jazz music. My dad’s favorite album is Miles Davis’ magnum opus Kind of Blue, so I was introduced to the genre at a young age and I’ve always enjoyed listening to it when my family played it at parties and when I saw it performed live. However, I never really bothered to start my own collection of jazz music. That all changed when a friend of mine got a record player and we started to listen to old jazz records on an almost constant basis. Ever since then, I’ve gotten pretty serious into the classics, but hadn’t really found any up and coming jazz musicians that I really was excited about.

That all changed when I first heard BBNG. I’ll admit, I didn’t listen to them until they first started doing their Odd Future covers, but ever since then I’ve been really excited about each new release they’ve put out.

It’s really cool to me to see such a contemporary jazz group–a group that covers an incredibly diverse range of genres, spanning from Earl Sweatshirt’s “Earl” to Kanye West’s Flashing Lights to James Blake’s CMYK–get such independent groundswell. It’s been really cool seeing their progressing recognition–of course, the Odd Future members rep BBNG all day long, but artists such as Questlove have also taken notice of BBNG’s young talent. It’s interesting to see the clash of their style with the style of Odd Future–both acts have vicious, spitfire delivery, offering their art with no regrets and no reservations.

To put it in more direct terms, they give zero fucks; they’re here to make what they want to make, to play what they want to play, and they do it damn well.

Check out some of my favorite tracks streaming below, and head over to to download the entire album, free of charge. Best $0 you’ll ever spend in your life, I promise you.

BADBADNOTGOOD – CMYK (James Blake Cover)

BADBADNOTGOOD – Bastard/Lemonade

BADBADNOTGOOD – Flashing Lights



No one above the age of 21 was involved in the making of thisalbum, it was created by a bunch of kids. This album wasrecorded in one 10 hour session with no song having morethan two takes, it was mixed and mastered completely byourselves. Thanks to our friends, family, loved ones and anyonewho fucks with us.


Dream Big

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[Video] BADBADNOTGOOD x Tyler, the Creator – Orange Juice (Live)

So I apologize for not posting this week–my laptop has, literally, been sitting in a State Trooper’s barracks in New Hampshire since Saturday night…I won’t get into details, let’s just say it was a long, long, looooong weekend.

Anyway, couldn’t think of a more exciting post to return to. I’ve posted BADBADNOTGOOD on the site a few different times (covering Pe$o by A$AP Rocky  and some more Odd Future), and every time I come across new material from them I get pumped. I’ve been pretty big into jazz for most of my life, although I unfortunately have yet to really show that side of myself on the site, but BADBADNOTGOOD is definitely one of my favorite contemporary jazz bands. Combine that shit with Tyler, and you have a force as unstoppable as the finger’s of BBNG’s pianist.

As Tyler says before he starts rapping, “This shit is so good.” Agreed, Creator, agreed.

It’s just a shame Gucci Mane and Earl weren’t there to throw down their own verses. Free Earl. Free Gucci.



Dream Big


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So if you guys haven’t heard of BADBADNOTGOOD yet, I’m sorry; you’ve been missing out severely. They are a jazz ensemble from the lovely Toronto, Ontario, and they call Questlove and Tyler, the Creator fans of theirs, just to give you some idea of how good they are.

They have a knack for covering hip hop songs that seemingly could never be covered by a jazz outfit, but every time they do they blow me away.

I’ve gotten really into jazz and blues over the past few weeks, relying mostly on artists from older generations–it’s awesome to see kids my age producing such quality jazz music.

This cover was done back in December at the Drake in their home town of Toronto.


Dream Big

They’re too damn good for me to only include one song, so here you go, you lucky bastards–some of my favorites.

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