Goldielocks – Liquify

Sydney-based Goldielocks has released his Luminous EP, featuring stand-out track “Liquify”. The whole EP is filled with top-notch material, but “Liquify” uniquely combines the producer’s unique ability to combine downtempo electronic textures with melodic, pitch-shifted vocals. This track starts with a catchy percussive beat before settling into a dreamy, bass-heavy journey. At times it sparkles, at times it gets dark – but never does “Liquify” stop being beautiful. Check it out below and, if you like what you hear, the Luminous EP here.

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Carmada – Maybe (Elk Road & SLUMBERJACK Remix) [Banger alert]

SLUMBERJACK are one of those inebriating Australian duos that seem to craft seamlessly blended mixes of equal parts emotionally and bass driven music – combined with Elk Road’s silky smooth chord-driven anthems, the guys have remixed Carmada’s Maybe and smashed it out of the park. One word – BANGER.

If you’re a fan of getting down, take one listen to this track and you’ll know what’s up. I’m sure that this tune will be rinsed through and through this coming summer as the outdoor festival party goers get lit up with the sounds of Australia’s best.

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Somewhere In Between

A microcosm of the what seems like the whole cultural universe these days, the music blogosphere is pretty bent on getting the latest in everything–the music itself, the artist buzz, the trendiest collaborations and projects. But I think music that blogs try to bring to readers should be better categorized as “timely.” It can be timely because it’s new, but a song or album can be timely because it just feels right for a certain time of day, year, or life.

August is about the time of year for most (unless you live in, like, Cabo…) when things slow down right before they speed up. For me, the anticipation of a new school year is kind of sad, but also inevitably exciting. I’m not ready yet to switch gears, but I’m preparing to. The next few weeks will be filled with that waiting, whether you spend that time worried or eager, of a time where you can feel something’s just ending but you may not be sure what exactly the something is. It could be August for you, or it could be the end of autumn, or New Year’s Eve, or another transitional time, but the best remedy I can think of for the sort of ennui-inducing “inbetween” is fitting soundtrack.

“Seventeen,” a track by Adam & Dusty that I found a while back on my favorite radio station EVER (Triple J Unearthed…now you understand why I’m always posting Australian music!), is nice n’ simple, but the soaring chorus evokes a little nostalgia as well a little hope for the future. This song makes me want to enjoy the inbetween–not merely live through it.

Adam & Dusty – Seventeen

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Saskwatch – Your Love

Cover art for "Your Love"

I really don’t know how to dance. But I really do like songs that make me feel like I’m in Hairspray. “Your Love,” Aussie group Saskwatch’s first single off their upcoming debut album, is one of those songs.

The nu-funk/soul movement, inspired by big-band sound with all the horn instruments and swinging tempos that that entails, is an exciting one to watch, with artists like Raphael Saadiq,  Fitz and the Tantrums (who have a new album coming out!), and French belter Ben L’Oncle Soul at the vanguard. As sensationalist as it might sound, I think it’s truly a testament to how regenerative music can be, that genres can keep reinventing themselves when artists can transform an older sound into a new one while maintaining its timeless element. “Your Love” sounds like a mix Etta James’ “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” and The Supremes’ “You Can’t Hurry Love” with a fantastic sprinkle of new pop.

Doing the Twist will never, ever go out of style.

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Hilltop Hoods – I Love It ft. Sia

I Love It

For some of you, “I Love It” may be a bit out-dated. However, if you’re not familiar with Australian hip/hop group Hilltop Hoods, I suggest you acquaint yourself. Although they’ve been around for years, they are still relatively unknown in almost every place but Australia. “I Love It” officially leaked back in November and is the lead single on the the trio’s upcoming record Drinking in the Sun due out in March. Let me tell you, this baby’s catchy! There’s no doubt in my mind that you will give it some repeat treatment. Stream it below – If you’re diggin’ it, grab it on iTunes here.

But wait… There’s more!

As a result of acquiring 5,000 & 7,000 Facebook “Likes” they’ve just recently cut loose another track from Drinking From the Sun, for the fans on YouTube. This one’s called “Rattling the Keys to the Kingdom,” where the Aussie’s proudly declare their superiority throughout Australia, and rightfully so. Check it below.




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“Keep On Walking” – Deep Sea Arcade


“Keep On Walking” – Deep Sea Arcade

Deep Sea Arcade. Sounds a bit like Arcade Fire. Not a bad choice of band name right now! If only I could dance a bit like Michael Jackson, I’d put a hooded jacket on, headphones, and dance down the street to this song, being sure to push everybody else out of my way.

Download “Keep On Walking”

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