7 Must-See Shows at SnowGlobe 2014 That Aren’t Headliners

There may not be a better way to ring in the New Year than attending SnowGlobe Music Festival, situated in scenic South Lake Tahoe, to the tune of Disclosure, Flume, Porter Robinson, Skrillex, and Zedd serving as major headliners. The EDM scene has equally dominated charts and fests in 2014, so SG seems like a natural cap to a year driven by DJs.

The most rowdy set should be Flume, with the Aussie-native shutting down the Main Stage as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Skrillex and Porter Robinson will get similar nods on Friday and Saturday, respectively, so who else should you be seeing on Tahoe’s snowcapped mountains?

If you find yourself at SnowGlobe come this year’s end, make sure to check out these other fantastic acts that aren’t headliners.

7. Bro Safari

When he says “bro,” you say “safari.” Bro! Safari!

6. Branchez

Stretch appropriately for B’s brand of smooth, melodic trap.

5. Cherub

Their falsetto makes all the girls soon.

4. Odesza

Catchy beats, chill melodies, and poppy hooks. What’s not to love?

3. Flux Pavillon

FP will be sure to bust out hyper synths and a busy light show.

2. Atmosphere

A wildcard in a fest lined with EDM artists, but don’t sleep on this hip-hop duo. This will be a party.

1. Phantogram

Phantogram’s bouncy production and seductive vocals will have you feeling some type of way.


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Five songs to start your day and get you the f*ck up

It’s 7am.

Your phone-turned-alarm is buzzing, screeching, honking. And really you just want to drop that phone into a cup of water and turn over. But not this morning. Because this morning, you have these five songs to start your day, and you secretly can’t wait to throw off those sheets and turn those speakers to 11. Get up!

MP3: Dyme Def – Let It Be 

MP3:  Brother Ali – Forest Whitiker

MP3:  Atmosphere – The Best Day

MP3:  Nappy Roots – Good Day

MP3:  Atmosphere – Yesterday


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Tape Tuesday: #GoodMorning

Good morning.

BDE Bonus – Mac Miller

Used to take the bus now the boy board jets

Cause kids got me buzzin’ like a fuckin’ hornet

They say I got next, tell them that I got now

It’s all Disney boy, my family proud

Start slowly. Don’t rush into waking up, you’ll wake up on the wrong side of the bed. My favorite song off of BDE, today’s gonna be the Best Day Ever.

Fighters (Feat. Matthew Santos) – Lupe Fiasco

So what’s happening, what you rapping about,
Is it boys? Is it cars? Is it girls? Is it money?
The world?

Lupe and Santos are the best thing since peanut butter and jelly. Except I’m allergic to peanuts so that would kill me.

Sunshine – Atmosphere

“The sunlight hit me dead in the eye
Like it’s mad I gave half the day to last night”

Slug says everything that needs to be said. Perfect to wake up to.

The Prayer – Kid Cudi

Sometimes I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose

I know this song sounds like it would be better before going to bed, but something about it gets my day started exactly how it should be started. Funny how that works.

Big Brother – Kanye West

Fresh of the plane

I’m off the bassline

Nothing handed out

I’m ’bout to take mine

Respect where respect is due. Wake up and do great things. It’s cool to see Kanye talk about his mentors when he is now one of the biggest moguls in the rap industry ever.

Good Friday f. Common, Pusha T, KiD CuDi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson – Kanye West

Did I mention that the sweater was a Jeremy Scott?
Did I mention G.O.O.D. Music, yeah, forever we hot
Motherfucker, are you ready or not?

One of the many “Good Fridays” that was released. He brought in so many artists for each track and absolutely nailed it. This is when I really start to wake up.

Beach Chair (prod. Coldplay) – Jay-Z & Coldplay

Cutthroats & diamond cut ropes I twirls
Benzs round corners
Where the sun don’t shine
I let the wheels give a glimpse
Of hope of one’s grind
Some said HOV, how you get so fly
I said from not being afraid to fall out the sky

The combination of Coldplay and Hova is absolutely absurd. Masters at their craft to say the least. Jay-Z is class. He’s an absolute boss, but he usually has an aura of understatement about him, a humility.

Dr. Carter – Lil Wayne

OK. Let me put my gloves on and my scrubs on.
Dr. Carter to the rescue. Excuse me if I’m late,
but like a thief it takes time to be this great.

I usually don’t mix genres in the morning. I can wake up to Blink, I can wake up to Bon Iver, and I can wake up to gangster rap, and I can wake up to the rap in this playlist–but I can’t mix them in the morning. Don’t know why. This is what I listen to as I roll out of bed.

Sunshine – Lupe Fiasco

Relationship is just 30 minutes long
It’s kinda heavy maybe a lil strong

I kinda cruise through things in the morning. Almost feel like I just drift around, subconsciously preparing myself for the day as my mind remains drifting into dreams.

Dat Ass – Earl Sweatshirt

Nombre, Ho-lay shit, I don’t spit crack, I spit cocaine crisp
I ain’t fuckin’ with it if it’s no payment
Cause everyone knows payed dudes don’t pay rent

I played this song 600 times in a week and a half. It’s my fucking jam. I’m awake. Legggo.

Dark Fantasy – Kanye West

I fantasized about this back in Chicago
Mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago
That’s me, the first year that I blow
How you say broke in Spanish? Me no hablo

Something about Kanye being from Chicago makes me like him more. I definitely consider him one of my favorite producers. His swag is just on point at all times.

Touch the Sky (feat. Lupe Fiaso) – Kanye West

I’m trying to write my wrongs

But it’s funny

Those same wrongs helped me write the song

Yup. Ready to go. Hello world, let’s do this shit.

Ride Out (feat. S.I.R.) – Fortune Family

They call me Tarantino

Cause I’m always on my grind

Enough talkin’ man, it’s time for me to sign out

Split it, fill it, twist it, crack the sunroof and ride out

This is when I first start to get in that groove, that good mood before I head out the door for the day. Grab a bacon sandwich and some oj and just enjoy the morning.

Swag Me Out by Jasper – OFWGKTA

Swag me the fuck out

This is what I cook to in the morning. Daily breafast serving of swag. #Whoo

Mr. Carter – Lil Wayne & Jay-Z

I got summer hatin’ on me cause I’m hotter than the sun

Got spring hatin’ on me cause I ain’t never sprung

Winter hatin’ on me cause I’m colder than y’all

And I will never, I will never, I will never fall

I’m being hated by the seasons

So fuck y’all who hatin’ for no reason

Yeah I just got serious. That’s when you button up and straighten out your tie.

Devil in a New Dress – Kanye West

Hard to be humble when you stuntin on a jumbotron

I need to get a meanmug out of my system early in the day or I’ll be meanmugging all day to make up for it, and that’s a very bad thing. Ye just is filthy in this. The production is majestic and he spits his verses as if he’s disgusted. MEAN.

The Glory – Kanye West

I hear people compare themselves to BIG a lot

You know BIG and Pac, you know to get it hot

I guess after I live I wanna be compared to BIG

Anyone, Big Pun, Big L, or Notorious

To then get money and stunt and stay glorious

And Imma stop killin’ these n****s soon as the chorus hit

I can’t go out of my door meanmugging, though, it’s dangerous. This puts me in the perfect mood to start my day. Little classic Kanye swag, little Chicago pride, and one of my favorite Ye tracks ever.

Kanye’s not just one of my favorite rappers, he’s the hometown legend in Chi. His music is perfect for this time of the year in the windy city.

Download #GoodMorning

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Atmosphere – To All My Friends


“To All My Friends” – Atmosphere

I was called out by a fan for not posting enough Atmosphere. Very legitimate callout! Here’s a new song from Slug and Ant, the make-up of Atmosphere, a hip hop duo from Minneapolis. As you can typically expect from these two, it’s an easy-listening hip hop song filled with guitar on the beat and rapping that sounds truly indie – enunciated r’s and relatable lyrics. This is storytelling hip hop at its best – we’re hearing of Slug’s upbringing and his dreams to be an artist that were lost when he saw the beauty in making music.

The turntable stole my heart; burnt the paintbrush, broke it apart

Download “To All My Friends”

More from Atmosphere:

Purchase When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

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