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[Straight Talk Sunday] I Miss the MySpace Days

I tweeted a couple weeks ago that I miss the days of discovering music through MySpace. That’s how I got started on this whole thing. I got inspired after talking to a friend when I was home for Thanksgiving break and he told me about all these young hip hop artists from Seattle who he was really into (names like Macklemore, Blue Scholars, Dessa…but this was back in 2008, so even a name like Macklemore meant nothing to me yet). So to find their music, I had to go to their MySpace pages. And what was really fun was to find an artist I really liked, and then find out who they were into by searching through their top 8 friends on their MySpace page. It was kind of like a puzzle for me, and I’ve always been a big fan of puzzles. Sometimes the artists would put their top producers on their Top 8, sometimes they’d put their inspirations, and other times they’d put that artist from down the road who they were good friends with and wasn’t getting much recognition yet. I remember finding Ryan Lewis, specifically, and getting super excited. Here was this guy who was an incredible musician and producer, but also an extremely talented photographer and videographer. But nobody really knew about Ryan Lewis outside of Seattle yet. These days, everything’s so open – it’s almost as though there’s too much access. Everything’s right there in front of you on the table (or in your inbox, if you’re a blogger), it’s just a question of whether you have the time or attention span to go through it all. I miss the pursuit. There was a bit of a chase, and it was fun.

But what I can still hold on to is the joy I got out of listening to good hip hop. There’s something about finding a hip hop song that not many people have discovered yet and listening for raw talent that really gets me going. And to be completely honest, I haven’t been able to find much lately that’s been able to get me going. Day after day, everything seems a bit the same, life seems a little redundant. I’m stressed out at my job, I miss my family at home, and I look forward to vacation time more than anything else. I miss my friends and the simple lifestyle in North Carolina. It’s a scary feeling. But I reminded myself that I’m lucky to know of one thing that makes me really happy. It’s not that easy for some people to pinpoint. Music has been a constant for me for many years. So I let myself slow down and get back to doing what I love – finding music, and letting myself stop and listen. I took myself on a search for some new hip hop music (to be honest, I tried to recreate the MySpace chain search experience on SoundCloud to find people I hadn’t heard of yet, but it didn’t work very well) and included some songs below that I liked as I went along.

One thing I’ve learned in the past couple years is that you may not recognize as you’re doing something just how meaningful it will be in your life. Ordinary things may not stand out to you while you’re experiencing them. But once some time passes and you think back on those things, some moments may stand out that you didn’t expect. It’s like when you smell or see something that immediately reminds you of a time in your past. At the time, you may not have realized that you were creating a memory. But looking back, you wish you could go back to that moment in time. I had no idea that MySpace would be one of those things for me. It feels kind of weird saying that. But those days also remind me of being in college, of days of lesser stress about getting older and needing to know exactly what I want to do with my life, of having all of my closest friends within walking distance at all times. It’s not just about MySpace, it’s about the times that surrounded that experience. But while I sit here and wish I could go back to those days, I’m also trying to take a second to recognize the good things I may be overlooking in my present. I may be going through a hard time, but there are little things (right now it’s the smell of the wreath in my apartment, the cozy feeling of the twinkle lights I just put up in my windows, and the good music I’m listening to right now) that I may look back on and long for someday in the future. We’ll see, maybe I’ll be posting something a few years from now called Straight Talk Sunday: I Miss My Twinkle Lights.


OnCue – Staring at the Stars (prod. CJ Luzi):


BMB – Playah (ft. GoldLink)


Sunni Colón – Jezebel


Logic – Like Me (ft. Casey Veggies)


Vic Mensa – Suitcase (ft. Chance The Rapper)


NoName Gypsy – Samaritan (ft. Mick Jenkins)


Brothers From Another – Groov (ft. Asher Roth)

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Mike Posner – Started From The Bottom (Remix ft. T. Mills, Chuck Inglish, Asher Roth, King Chip)

Mike Posner King Chip T. Mills Chuck Inglish Asher Roth

Mike Posner sent me a link to the next remix he put out today and as soon as I saw the lineup on the song, I got all jittery inside. I knew it would be a fun one, but was worried about it sampling Started From The Bottom. I was relieved when I heard that it sounds very little like Drake’s own “Started From The Bottom,” as it’s really minimalist piano as the instrumental. The song then builds into a full band collaboration, which is really fun to watch in the video (featured after the jump). This is a really fun one, and it sounds like they had fun putting it together. One thing I’d ask for is a bit more from Asher Roth, but hopefully Mike and Asher will do a collaboration in the future. Also, I have to say, I love the “Hey Ma” cover section thrown in there. My first listen was a bit mindless as I was doing work simultaneously, and all the sudden I was rapping along, wondering how the hell I already knew the lyrics. It took me a minute, but I figured it out. A little slow today, it seems.

Hit the jump to see the music video!

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Justin Bieber ft. 2 Chainz, Asher Roth, & Mac Miller – Boyfriend Remix

Let’s be honest. Everyone has that ONE Justin Bieber song they like. Mine happens to be “U Smile.” Whether you hate the kid or not, someone has caught you at some point singing one of his tunes.

I happen to think Boyfriend is an okay song. His rapping is awful, but the bridge and chorus are great. Specifically the bridge because he channels his inner Justin Timberlake.

Anyways, this is an official remix as 2 Chainz, Asher Roth, and Mac gave The Biebs a remix treatment. In order of best verse: Asher > 2 Chainz > Mac. Not saying Mac’s verse was bad (I actually enjoyed it), but 2 Chainz is on a hot streak with his ad libs (TRUUUUUE), and Asher brings us back to middle school days.

Spotted at IllRoots

Justin Bieber ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller, Asher Roth – Boyfriend Remix

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[Mixtape + Review] Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz

This dropped sometime last week and I’ve been holding off on posting it for a few reasons.

  1. Because of the music world we live in, mixtapes drop all the time. With the frequency of mixtapes that drop, I like to take my time and listen to the project to see if I like it and if its worthy of a post.
  2. I wanted to figure out what I wanted to say about this.
Well, this does in fact deserve a post, and here’s what I want to say about it: Asher Roth was on the same XXL Freshman Cover with the likes of KiD CuDi, Wale, Curren$y, and B.o.B. Also featured on that cover was Mickey Factz, Charles Hamilton, Ace Hood, and Cory Gunz, all of which have not exactly lived up to their potential. Mickey & Cory Gunz are underrated and Charles Hamilton went insane (seriously, he did). Asher Roth is in the middle of the successes and suckers. It’s hard to disagree with the fact that Asher has kind of fell of the radar since his “I Love College” days. But, and this is a big but, Asher has become a significantly better artist since those college days.

This mixtape was almost an EP, but instead, dropped it to the masses for free. The production and features are on point. This shows us why nobody has given up on Asher because of his ability to rap.

Asher Roth – More Cowbell

Asher Roth – Common Knowledge

And let’s not forget the features he’s got on here. With the likes of Pac Div, Chip Tha Ripper, GLC, Blu and a variety of people I’ve never heard of, as they provide the depth of the bench as Coach Asher gives each one of them a chance to shine. I will admit though, with some of the people I didn’t know, I would’ve much rather had more Asher.

Asher Roth ft. Pac Div – Useless

If you like chill hip hop/jazzy type ish, this is made for you. Fortunately for me, I love this kind of hip hop, but I’m not saying this is perfect. It’s 16 tracks and some are just ehhh. But nonetheless, still a good effort.

Mixtape Rating: 7.5/10 – When you need a break from The Weeknd’s “Echoes of Silence,” Asher is ready.

Download Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz Mixtape

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Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz ft. Hassani Kwess & Kenny Keys

The first official, self titled, single from Asher Roth’s upcoming project, Pabst and Jazz. Asher has definitely grown from his “I Love College” days and I love the direction he’s been taking. He goes over simple, classy instrumentals while providing us with those lyrics that makes you think. Some say Asher Roth sucks, is overrated, and just throws a bunch of words together that sound similar. I disagree, he’s good at what he does.

If this jazzy beat has any indication of what he has in store for us for Pabst & Jazz, I’m quite excited for the outcome!

Asher Roth ft. Hassani Kwess & Kenny Keys – Pabst & Jazz

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Asher Roth – Common Knowledge

New track off of Asher Roth’s upcoming mixtape, called Pabst & Jazz, that will be out sometime soon. Enjoy!

“I try to tell them, but they don’t know.”

Hulkshaer: Asher Roth – Common Knowledge

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Asher Roth – In The Kitchen (Prod. By Chuck Inglish)

In honor of Asher’s birthday which was a few days ago, he gave his fans this Chuck Inglish produced present. Now, unless you like The Cool Kids or more specifically, Chuck Inglish beats, I don’t know how many of you will like this. Sunset is reppin first in youtube searches for “Asher Roth In The Kitchen” though! 😀
Youtube video for your preview and Hulkshare link below it.

Asher Roth – In The Kitchen

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Asher Roth – Another One Down ft. D.A. Wallach (of Chester French)

I don’t wanna sound groupie-ish, but I’ve been craving some new Ash Roth. It’s about damn time too! He recruits D.A. Wallach of Chester French for his latest track, “Another One Down.” Great sound. Can someone tell this man to drop his sophomore album already? Sheeeeesh!

Hulkshare: Asher Roth ft. D.A. Wallach of Chester French – Another One Down

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The Cool Kids – Roll Call (Ft. Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper & Boldy James)

Ooh wee…this song is loaded! The Cool Kids drop a surefire, head-bobbing jam from their highly anticipated album “When Fish Ride Bicycles.” Guest appearances by Ash, Chip and Boldy James. Stream their whole album via Facebook here.

MP3: “Roll Call” – The Cool Kids

Follow me on Twitter.

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[Video] Luke Christopher ft. Asher Roth – Rooftops

Luke Christopher released his music video earlier with Asher Roth called Rooftops. Definitely been getting some major spins in my itunes since I got it a few weeks ago. Dope song. Both are dope emcess. Enjoy the visuals!

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“Sometimes” (ft. Asher Roth) – Big Z Remixes

“Sometimes (feat. Asher Roth)” – Big Z Remixes by Sunset in the Rearview

Sunset in the Rearview was recently listed as one of the Top 100 Indie Music Blogs on the internet, and when I was asked to answer a few questions about why people should listen to independent music, I mentioned the creativity that the indie scene allows. What I forgot to mention in this regard, though, is how entrepreneurial the independent music scene is. There are opportunities every day in the indie world that, through campaigns born from creativity, allow for your everyday person to go knocking on the door of some serious tastemakers in music. Here’s a perfect example of that.

Asher Roth recently put up an acapella on his Facebook page, calling for any producer who wishes to participate to make an original beat for the song. The chosen winner than gets to be on Asher’s next project. That’s pretty incredible, if you think about it.

To no surprise of mine, Big Z Remixes has submitted a beat. This song carries the typical low-key vibe that Big Z has claimed as his own, and it sounds quite nice under Asher’s lyricism. The sample is “Sometime” by The Noisettes.

The one thing I wish for from Big Z is a bit more variety, but I’ll say – this kid is young. He’s got the whole world ahead of him. So much time, so much room to explore. I’m just anxious to see that happen.

Download “Sometimes (ft. Asher Roth)” – Big Z Remixes

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Sam Adams: A New Breed of Rapper

With the sun disappearing from view and streets lights flickering overhead as temporary replacements, downtown began to slowly but surely come to life. Hipsters biked, walked, and skipped to the left while frat boys began their night of debauchery to the right. In the middle of all this mayhem, situated as the unofficial separator of the two groups, was The Vault Club and inside, standing illuminated by multicolored flashing lights, Sam Adams. He, like his music, stood in between two worlds; a part of both but belonging to none. With a cool but goofy grin plastered on face, he spotted me as I entered the club and hopped over with a simple “Yo.” As an awkward but sincere handshake was exchanged, I stepped back and took in his 6’3 frame and realized that all the research I had done prior to the interview was useless. The real Sam Adams was right in front of me and he was nothing like what I expected.

[By: Falade ] [ Photography: Bonnie Brothers]

Sam Adams began the night with energy that even I had trouble keeping up with. I followed him as he went from skipping to calmly walking up the club’s stairs; from sitting on a plush white leather couch to standing in his Jordans, and finally to spinning on a bar stool. The interview began and he, unlike me, wasn’t even out of breath.

His Own Thing

There have been recent claims and various comments made by and on blogs stating that you don’t belong in the rap game. What is your relationship with actual rappers in the industry? Do they hold the same sentiments?

When it comes to rappers, even though it
isn’t their lane, they respect what I am doing because I am having success and am fun for the most part. So ya, I do have some relationships with rappers. But in terms of that, I try to do my own thing because unless you want to get on a poppy ass dance record that a bunch of 17 year old white girls are dancing to, you might not want to jump on a tape with me. [laughs]

What about blogs and bloggers? Is your relationship strained with us?

I have actually never talked to them. I tend
to just shun them. The only blogs I fuck
with is The Carter Cartel, FreshNewTracks, and 2DopeBoyz. Especially FreshNewTracks2DopeBoyz just threw us up a couple of days ago. So they are cool. They are finally coming around. I mean, who knows if it just because I released a track with Whoo Kid, or if it was cuz I was with Curren$y. You know dudes will post some shit and will say “I posted this because of Curren$y,” but you know they still posted my shit though.

One of the distinct things I remember from the interview was a pause; a pause that seemed void of the initial energy that I had witnessed. During it, as I sat across from a mellowed Sam Adams, I observed that he had become slightly jaded by the bad press he had received. This change in his disposition surprised me until I remembered that he had only begun this journey into the rap industry a mere year ago; a fact that Sam Adams did not shy away from.

Every time I have an interview they ask me the same questions. ‘So where did you start? How do you balance school and soccer? What’s it like? How has your life changed?’ I mean come on, I am not fucking Diddy. [laughs] I am still a kid. I really haven’t changed that much.”

The Kid & His Music

There is a distinction between those who create music & those who just make songs. The former primarily provokes thought while the latter primarily emotion. Are you creating music and in turn provoking thought or are you doing you and simply creating songs that people love?

Umm, I think that I am doing both. I have a lot of room to grow as an artist and some of my songs, like “Driving Me Crazy,” are songs that are sort of for the high school and college masses. Other songs that I have done recently are incredibly lyrical but some songs are definitely aimed for mass appeal. You know? Like the Black Eyed Peas are just killing it in terms of making what everyone loves. Their stuff is real dancy and not too confusing or intellectual. [pauses]

One of Usher’s biggest songs is like a dance record. When he used to write those songs I was just like “Damn I should not break up with this girl.” [laughs]

But I think my rookie album was a mix. Me trying to find my place in the industry, so now I have room to be thought-provoking.

What about your new mixtape coming out with Whoo Kid?

It’s going to be more hip hop and a lot of dub step, electronic, fast paced. Sort of on some whole new shit. Then we have some real thought-provoking songs. Like ones where I vent about the industry. Vent about here and there. There is a lot I have to say. I have learned so much in the last four months of doing this job. Feels like I have done a full four years of college.

Fake Life 101

There are many rappers trying to get in the industry who focus on what they are not rather than what they could be.

Ya, that’s what we call Fake Life.

Fake Life?

Ya, when you are going into relationships and you are around people that have a tendency to be fake. I just call it my get money face. It’s your business face. Ya know? If you have to shake a dude’s hand that you rather put his head through a bar, you shake his hand. Especially if he is important. You watch your tongue and play your role.

But in terms of people being fake and making songs that are untrue and stuff; it’s a business and it’s sort of part of it. As a musician, it’s sort of corny. Then again, we are in the record industry and the goal is to sell records.

I know Asher Roth hated “I Love College” and that was the single that was pushed and he did well. But I mean, if he could have, he would have done it a different way. That’s why he didn’t pick up and own the college circuit.


Who are you now and who do you think you will be in five years?

I think right now I am still an aspiring artist. I still have a lot of room to grow. In five years, if we do shit right, I should be smashing it on the domestic and international level. I am trying to be on stage with the Tiesto’s, David Guetta’s, Rusko’s, & dub step cats. Sort of step over the bickering middle man bullshit in the rap industry and go to 75k shows.

Hearing this I realized immediately that the Sam Adams before me was not at all the typical rapper. He had no wishes to be the next Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, or Common. From the get-go he readily admitted that he didn’t fit, or even belong, in the rap game. In his mind, he was just making a pit stop on a journey to what he called “a new genre.”

The interview ended and another handshake was exchanged. This one was as cool and awkward as the first, but this time it did not surprise me because I finally understood. I understood that Sam Adams, behind the lights, was just a young man having fun; a young man whose ego hadn’t inflated to the point that it couldn’t be bruised by bad press. An artist who had enough energy to go from dealing with a pesky blogger such as me to making the club go crazy.

Sam Adams is not our typical rapper but he does belong to that new breed of artists we have all been whispering about. The new breed that many of us are hesitant to even label as rappers. Love or hate his music, the fact that he is gaining success speaks volumes about the industry and where it is headed. Change is coming and one thing is for sure: Sam Adams has the opportunity to play a large role in it.

“Fly Jets Over Boston” – Sam Adams ft Curren$y

Interview by Falade

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