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Staff Picks: Artists of the Month – May 2013

We have two firsts this month on our Staff Picks: Artists of the Month, yall. The first first: we have a female on the list. Personally, I don’t think this means that there aren’t good female artists out there. Rather, I think it’s a reflection of the fact that it’s harder to distinguish oneself as a female artist. Lots of their voices sound the same; they don’t tend to have as much differentiation in range as men can. There are certainly female artists out there bending the norm, but it doesn’t seem to be happening as frequently as it is with male artists right now. That said, this month features a female artist. Get ready.

The second first: we have a repeat artist. One artist has continued to impress us throughout the months of April and May, and he has made the list for the second month in a row. When you see who it is, you’ll understand.

Enjoy the picks and get familiar with the music. These artists seem to be here to stay.

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Artists of the Month – April 2013

Last month, I predicted that April’s Best Artists of the Month would include a female. Alas, still no females. We seem to be a pretty sexist bunch over here at Sunset, huh? Joke’s on me, the only consistent female writer on the site, I suppose. At any rate, we’ve come together again to pull our picks for Best Artists of the Month thus far in April. These are the guys we can’t stop listening to; the guys who are still singing into our ears as we’re falling asleep every night; the guys we just can’t help but to wish to be in our next lives. They are…the coolest. Head on over to the list, and click on each artist to read more about them and hear more of their music.

View April’s Best Artists of the Month

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Artists of the Month – March 2013

It’s almost halfway through March, so in the spirit of giving, the Sunset fam put our heads together and came up with six of our favorite artists of this month. Hit the jump for the full list, and then click on each image to get a bit more information about them and links to be able to share the artist with your friends so you seem super cool and ahead of the curve, and you can then click through to get more information about them. Oh and we put together a playlist with some dope songs from these guys. WHERE ARE ALL THE LADIES? Next month, perhaps.

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Artists on the Dashboard

As a music blogger, I feel that it is my duty to keep all of you aware of the up-and-coming artists in the industry. The list of rising stars, the up-at-bats, the talent on deck, if you will. So started the monthly feature on Sunset in the Rearview called Artists on the Dashboard, which shines light on three artists to keep on your radar; artists who have shown the talent, the drive, and the willpower to be a star. Keep your eye out for these features, and next thing you know, your friend will be telling you about this amazing new artist, and you’ll be able to say, ‘Dude…I knew about them almost a year ago.’ No more worrying about having to take the time to seem cool, we’ll do all of the work for you. Just be sure to check back every month to see which three artists made the cut.

Another month, and a lot of talent to sort through. Here are the three deserving of the title ‘Artists On The Dashboard’ for this month: Fitz & The Tantrums, Thee Tom Hardy, and The Tallest Man on Earth.

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