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Arthur Beatrice – Carter [EP Stream]

New Arthur Beatrice!

It’s quiet in the office (in reality I am just wearing noise-canceling headphones). I am not entirely sure if what I am supposed to be doing and what I am doing overlap at all, but I am listening to Arthur Beatrice so I feel strangely great. It is not even because this is particularly happy music. Rather, I’d say it’s pretty morose. That said, it inspires me. It takes me out of the standard office environment and into the depths of my own imagination. Usually music takes me to movies. And truly, every song on the Carter EP from this boy/girl band from London is a movie in itself. You just have to close your eyes, and let it take your there. Purchase the EP on iTunes when it comes out on July 23rd (link).

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Listen While You Work: 4.0

I read a lot of articles that say email is the barrier that stands between a human and productivity. I believe it, too. I find myself going to work and struggling to get through my emails in a day’s time. What it leaves me with is time spent in meetings or reading and responding to emails. So when do I actually get work done? When I get home, mostly. And there’s nothing fun about that. So I’ve decided I’m going to start blocking time off on my calendar for a full hour to sit down and do work and not allow myself to read my emails for that hour. Probably nothing groundbreaking, but easier said than done. Good news is: I just created a new Listen While You Work playlist that’s just over an hour long, so it’ll be the perfect soundtrack for this work hour. Hope it’s helpful for you, too.

This version features music by a k u a, Arbeia, Mausi, There’s Talk, Lonely Child, Jaymes Young, THUMPERS, Lorde, Disclosure, Evan Duffy, JUNGLE, Jetsi Kain, and Arthur Beatrice.



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