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OnCue – Cereal

Cuey and his right hand man/producer/beast CJ Luzi drop off the first dose of dopeness from Cuey’s impending “Angry Young Man.” Cuey has been hyping AYM for quite some time, and seems very excited about it. As per usual with most artists, of course–but when Cuey gets excited about his new releases, it’s almost always justified.

Cuey often writes about his struggles with poverty, and he does so in a refreshingly real, honest way. This song is no different. Titled “Cereal” or “Cereal for Breakfast,” it discusses his difficulties with getting by and succeeding in the music industry and in his life in general–eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in order to pay the bills.

As Cue points out, it’s been a rough ride to get where he is today–but he believes success is in his future, and so do I: “My pass kicking my ass/Got me on the brink though.

Stay tuned for new AYM releases, and get really excited for Angry Young Man.

How often does Just Blaze throw an executive producer tag on a white kid from Connecticut’s hip hop album? Not often, that’s for damn sure.

“If you don’t recognize me, then I’m the man I planned to be” — Now that is a beautiful line.


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