Foreign Air – In the Shadows

Foreign Air’s debut single “Free Animal” was a broody, yet seductive indulgence of base instincts, calling to mind eclectic indie outfits like Alt-J and Glass Animals.

The duo’s second single, “In the Shadows,” cranks up the saturation and brightness a bit, but there’s still a rawness that is refreshingly genuine.

The record’s backbone is the chugging percussion, featuring massive toms and kicks that give it a truly worldly feel, and the booming piano chords here are simply good for the soul.

“In the Shadows” is about moving on from the past, and it’s a testament to the creativity of Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen that they handled such an oft-covered topic without devolving into cliches.

“There is something very animalistic and ritualistic in the way we deal with putting the past away,” the duo explained of their new track. “You get tunnel vision and don’t see all the other great things and people around you. You’ve got to keep your head up or you won’t see the things that lie ahead of you.”

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

“World is a dance. Mindfulness is witnessing that dance.”
― Amit Ray

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Songs of the Week : September 2 – September 8

School is in session but at least we’ve got some serious jams to look back at, right? Yeah!

1. [MP3] Hugh – Not Fair Too Far…

(Posted by Alicia)

Hugh randomly popped out this week with a somber, chilling track. “Not Fair Too Far…” is a twist of female and male vocals and a dash of darkness. It’s really something else and is the perfect debut.


2. [MP3] Seekae – Another Girl

(Posted by Lydia)

What a hauntingly beautiful track Seekae has created. It’s one of those songs that just put you into a trance, that you simply don’t even want to get out of. “Another Girl” is gorgeous in possibly the saddest way, but we’re loving it.


3. [MP3] Magic Man – Every Day

(Posted by Lydia)

“Every Day” is an upbeat electronic pop jam that’ll get you in a damn good mood. It’s fun, light and simply addictive as can be.  Can’t go wrong with that, right? Go ahead, groove around to this one.


4. [MP3] Vaults – Cry No More

(Posted by Alicia)

This is by far my personal favorite track of the week. “Cry No More”  gave me chills on first listen with its pure emotion and unique elements. It’s a bit dark yet it’s so incredibly catchy at the same time. It’s a gorgeous combination that makes this track the special piece of art that it is.


5. [MP3] alt-J – Breezeblocks (RZA Remix)

(Posted by Dusty)

RZA + Alt-J? Weird, but I’m down.  This RZA Remix of Alt-J’s hit “Breezeblocks” is definitely a bit odd but it works out. It’s a fresh, unique take on the tune we all fell in love with. Can’t argue with that one!

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[MP3] alt-J – Breezeblocks (RZA Remix)

RZA has to be one of the most eclectic artists out there. From grimy, basement Wu-Tang beats to directing biopics on Ghenghis Khan, he yields a wide spectrum of creative prowess. This time around he’s reimagined alt-J’s twisted love ballad, “Breezeblocks” to interesting results. Stripping out the band and replacing it with a busy, somewhat chaotic drumkit, Bobby Digital adds new flare to the British rockers’ standout hit.

Check the remix below.

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Moby – A Case For Shame (Thom alt-J Remix)

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Alt-J remixing Moby?

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally aware that Moby was making new music, but his upcoming album Innocence was brought to my attention via this remix (which is so 2013).

Indie rockers Alt-J have been riding an awesome wave of success after their debut album was released last year, which was notable for its genre-blending tendencies and ambitious vision. This remix shows a bit of that too.

Check out how their drummer, Thom, reconstructed the new Moby cut below.

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The Best Dance Songs of the Week

What’s better than ringing in the new year with new music? Not much, really. Press play and piss the night away to the best dance bangers of the week.

1. Wale – Folarin One Eye Kitten Song (feat. Travis Porter) (produced by Diplo & DJA)

2. Azealia Banks – BBD

3. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)

4. Monolithium – Bounce 4 Life (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

5. alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Betatraxx Remix)

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Alt-J – Buffalo (ft. Mountain Man)

Sliver Linings Playbook Artwork Alt-J

Sunset-favorite Alt-J is streaming a brand new track called “Buffalo,” with backup vocals from the band Mountain Man. As ever, I’m loving the sound of this song. Intriguing instrumentals with the soft voices of Alt-J, which is what made me fall in love in the first place. “Buffalo” is slated to appear on the soundtrack to the movie Silver Linings Playbook featuring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. The official soundtrack is coming out on November 19th, and will have features from Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, and Alabama Shakes.

BONUS: Watch the official music video for the band’s song “Fitzpleasure” below:

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alt-J – Something Good (SARM Acoustic Version), Tour Dates

alt-J (∆)

As you guys likely know by now, alt-J has become a favorite band of mine of late. And it seems I’m not the only one catching on to their incredible and unique talent. They’ve been playing sold out shows night after night on both sides of the country (and beyond!), they’ve received a Mercury Prize Nomination, and they’re not stopping to catch their breaths. They’ve announced that they’ll come back to the West Coast in December (YES.), and tickets can be purchased starting October 12th at 12:00 PST here.

Listen below to the SARM acoustic versions of both “Something Good” and “Tesselate,” both of which were recorded at SARM Studios in London this past July.

Related: An Introduction To alt-J

Hit the jump for upcoming tour dates!

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An Introduction to alt-J (∆)

alt-J (∆)

You first question might be “why the hell is this band’s name alt-J?” And why have I sometimes seen his name listed as alt-J (∆)? Simpler answer than you might think — if you click alt + j on a computer, you end up with a ∆ symbol. Which, of course, stands for change. But they have stated that his name is pronounced as it looks: alt-j.

So one disclaimer: I’ve been meaning to share alt-J’s music with you guy’s for quite some time. It’s been some of my favorite music to listen to for a couple months now, but it’s been one of those things that I’ve kept in my pocket for fear of alt-J getting too big.

I hear something different every time I listen to alt-J, but tonight I’m hearing Forrest Gump. Their song “Something Good” sounds a bit like it could be in Forrest Gump. It’s got a classic vibe to it, but it’s also pushing boundaries in today’s music enough so to consider it a bit futuristic. That’s one of the things I like best about alt-J. They keep me guessing.

The band is made of Gwil Sainsbury (guitarist/bassist), Joe Newman (guitarist/vocalist), Gust Under-Hamilton (keyboardist), and Thom Green (drummer). The four met each other at Leeds University in 2007, but it all kicked off with Joe and Gwil started recording songs together in their dorm rooms using Garageband. To think that something this brilliant came out of a dorm room equipped with Garageband is saying something. The four young men ended up all coming together to form the band and they spent the next two years playing shows around town, said to bring “a precise and unique brand of alt. pop that draws on poignant folk verses, crushing synths, smart hip hop syncopations and tight vocal harmonies.” Well shit. That’s about the best a band can do these days if they’re trying to push the limits.

Let your ears have a listen and tell me this isn’t some of the most beautiful music you’ve heard in a long time. I want to listen to every single song on repeat, potentially for the rest of my life. Did Passion Pit, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, and Reptar just have a wild foursome and give birth to alt-J (∆)? Perhaps. I’m into it.

broken sweethearts who sleep apart/ both still pine for the other’s side spine, spoon as sleep starts

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