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[Music Video] Avicii – Wake Me Up

I love this song, and it makes me sad that Avicii didn’t push “Wake Me Up” a bit harder in the spring. I’m sure it would have BLOWN up this summer if he had. Whatever. Today (yesterday, actually, but I’m the worst blogger ever) we have the music video for said song, featuring vocals from Aloe Blacc and a whole lot of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (FUN ANDY FACT: I actually rowed with the dude-model with the long hair in high school). Check out the vid, and you can download the track here.

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Mashup Monday | Week 140

Mashup Monday

Haven’t done a Mashup Monday in a hot minute, but the time has come, my friends! Back on my grind, and in need of some good party tunes, so why not turn to mashups, naw mean? Hit the jump for a whole list of the best mashups I could get my hands on.


1. Nate Belasco – Black Skinhead x Elephant (Kanye West x Tame Impala)


2. Ricky Cervantes – Forever This Young (Avicii & Aloe Blacc x The Knocks x TheFatRat)


3. DJ BAHLER – Summer Luv (The Knife x Ashanti x Fat Joe)

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Songs of the Week: July 10-16

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post, but I am back with a new feature on the site that I will be curating each Sunday recapping Sunset’s favorite songs of the week. If you fall behind on music any given week, we hope this post will get you back in the loop!

G Eazy – I Don’t Believe You feat. Team Robot

Young Gerald dropped a new single featuring long time contributor Team Robot (you’ll know them from “Run”). This is one to get turnt to.

Avicii – Wake Me Up feat. Aloe Blacc

If you’ve been following Avicii since his controversial Ultra performance where he blended live country music with his set, you’ll know he’s going in an interesting direction as of late. This one features Aloe “Needs a Dollar” Blacc, and fuses Avicii’s club-ready instrumental’s with country guitar and Aloe’s beautiful, jazzy voice.

Vicktor Taiwo – Only Love (Ben Howard Cover)

This one is really incredible. Vicktor Taiwo, who Arjun recently introduced to the site, cover’s Ben Howard’s song “Only Love.” Vicktor’s exceptionally unique R&B combines with the instrumental to make a dreamy, driving, gorgeous song. Perhaps my favorite from the entire week.

Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind

Thanks to Dusty for bringing this to SITR, Milky Chance is an artist I had formerly been unfamiliar with. They’re kind of like Feist meets Guster meets Miike Snow, but their sound is unique and a lot of fun. With an amusing, acoustic instrumental and the lead singer’s voice that recalls Noah and the Whale, these Germans are poised to become very popular in the States.

Trails and Ways – Nunca

It’s tough not to start dancing to this one. Trails and Ways describes their sound as “bossanova dreampop,” and I think that’s really the best description possible for what they have released on their new album, Trilingual. Listen to my favorite track off of that EP below, and hit the link above to stream the new EP.

Paul Otten – Breeze

Paul Otten’s “Breeze” sounds like a song that could be a breakout single this summer. Perfect for the beach and backyard barbeques, this song is simple, fun, and guarantees a good mood. Breeze will certainly be in heavy rotation in the weeks to come.
Schoolboy Q – Collard Greens feat. Kendrick Lamar

Given that this one features two of my favorite MCs of the moment, it almost makes the list by default. That being said, it clearly came with high expectations, and in my mind, it exceeded them. With great verses from the two of them, TDE kills it as always.


Dream Big

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Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up

Ok, maybe it won’t take over the world like Levels did, but this is pretty infectious. Folk gone EDM?

There’s actually been an unfinished version of this track rolling around the internet for quite some time, but here’s the official radio single from international DJ, Avicii, as he recruits Aloe Blacc for the vocals (good choice, Tim).

If anyone was wondering where I’ve been (this is Jordan) the past 5-6 weeks, I’ve been studying abroad in Asia. Exploring the different music scenes that China, South Korea, and Japan have to offer. I’m sure you could care less because I could care less if I were you. Watch this. This post was from Kyoto, Japan. Konichiwa, bishes.

Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up (Radio)

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Aloe Blacc – Billie Jean (live) [video]

The applause at the end goes on for over a minute and a half, and every bit of it is deserved. A gorgeous take on the Michael Jackson classic from the wonderful Aloe Blacc. Check out the MADE blog for 5 more videos from the session.

MP3: “Billie Jean (Live String session) – Aloe Blacc


For you impatient folk, the singing starts around 1:50…

Also, a new electrofunk remix of Aloe’s “I Need a Dollar,” spotted over at TMN

MP3: “I Need a Dollar” (Cee-Roo Remix) – Aloe Blacc


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99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

So this is really awesome. Aloe Blacc, the old school, vintage soul man of our generation recreates Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” and mixes it with Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” If you don’t know Aloe, check out his “I Need a Dollar,” which is a super dope song itself.

He performed this at BBC along with a few other choices. This was definitely the most interesting. Kind of like his version of a mash-up. His band does an awesome job recreating Kanye’s instrumental, and Aloe’s voice is as kick ass as always.

I really hope Aloe’s talent becomes recognized on a wider basis. I’m talking Grammy’s level. Multiple. I’d love to see him work with hip-hop artists as well. Everyone seems to have their own version of “I Need a Dollar,” and it would be awesome seeing him do original stuff for rappers.

Ye I’m looking at you.

Download “99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin'”

Aloe Blacc || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

D Prep || Twitter

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I’m Beautiful – Aloe Blacc


“I’m Beautiful” – Aloe Blacc

I got some good feedback on the last Aloe Blacc I posted (“I Need A Dollar”), so I thought why not post some more of his music. This is by far my other favorite of his. Some really easy listening. Kick back and enjoy this one.

You never know. Anything’s possible. You just might make a friend.

Download “I’m Beautiful”

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I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc

MUSIC VIDEO: “I Need a Dollar” – Aloe Blacc

This song is incredible. The music video not as much, in my opinion. It’s too hard to watch two things at once. I can’t focus. But yeah, so this is the theme song from “How to Make It In America,” that HBO show that Cudi is in. This song has gotten incredible feedback from just about everyone. And for good reason-it’s spectacular. Looking forward to more music from Aloe Blacc.

And if I share my story with you, will you share your dollar with me?

Download “I Need A Dollar”

Download link taken from P&P

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