Allan Rayman

Allan Rayman ft. Jessie Reyez – Verona The Hellcat

Allan Rayman has made his way onto many “Best of The Month” playlists, so it’s  no surprise to see this coming from his latest single, “Verona The Hellcat.” Over gritted drums, and a grated melody, you can feel the emotion from Allan, who’s arguably at his best. You can feel the story he’s telling. It’s safe to say this will also make Best New Songs of March, as well. Check out the tour dates after the jump!

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Best New Songs of July 2015

The #SunsetFam killed it this month (we kill it every month). When collaborating for these monthly playlists, we like to do what’s best for business, and you are what’s best for business. Different genres, different artists, different sounds. There’s something on here for everyone, or maybe you’re like us and everything on here is for you. Say goodbye to July, and welcome August with open arms.

Highlights this month:

RKCB makes their debut with “Ignite.” NoMBe shines with “Miss Mirage” as he takes you on a journey. Gnash drops his guard and lets you in with “I Hate U I Love U.” MIYNT channels dark-pop-magic with “Civil War.” Allday, who you may remember from working with Skizzy Mars, dropped a solid 7-track mixtape. Arjun told us we should worry about a guy named Allan Rayman. Last, but not least, Meek Mill called out Drake for being fake. Drake responded with not one, not two, not three, just kidding, two “diss” songs because I guess rappers still do that. You can find the second one on this playlist. Oh, and our fellow writer, Andy, became Twitter famous with his tweet about Meek Mill’s response track.

Hit the jump for the Soundcloud stream and download!

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[Introducing] Allan Rayman

New Allan Rayman!

You should worry about Allan Rayman. The northern Toronto artist has set up this precedent that he is constantly on the verge of a total breakdown, and everyone he knows (including himself) is concerned that one day the combination of substances and his own ambition will prove too much.

His voice cracks with soul reminiscent of Citizen Cope. His image has the moody mystery of JMSN. His songwriting oscillates wickedly between Michael Jackson and old country legends.

His two most recent projects Hotel Allan and The Bird & The Cage are below for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Download Hotel Allan here.

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