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Artist Picks: What is Alice Boman Listening To?

Alice Boman first came across my radar with her song “Waiting,” which immediately gave me the chills. It reminded me a lot of the song “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters, made famous by the film Blue Valentine. It had that same vintage, warm feel to it. Since then, Alice has released a handful of other songs that all give me that same feeling – we’re not alone even on our saddest days. She’s one of a group of artists today who are making what might be worth calling alt-misery, and she stands out with her minimalistic approach.

When an artist really captures my attention, it’s fun to find out who inspires them to make such powerful music. Alice Boman fits the bill perfectly, so I asked her to take part in our Artist Picks feature. I can hear bits of who I think Alice is as a person in the music she chose. Take the song “Please Stay” by The Cryin’ Shames, for example, which mirrors the sadness and old-school vibe that Alice weaves into her songs – it’s really neat to see the similarities.

Artist Picks is a series we do where we turn the tables and ask artists for their current music recommendations. It’s a fun way to discover art that’s inspiring creators, rather than just hearing the opinions of influencers like myself. We ask the artist to list 10 songs that they’re currently listening to, tell us why they picked that song, and we put together a playlist with all of their picks plus our favorite song by that artist him or herself.

Hit the jump to listen to Alice’s picks and read her explanations for each song.


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Alice Boman – What [Stream + Lyrics]

I fell in love with Alice Boman the first time I ever heard her song “Waiting.” Since then, I’ve listened to that song over and over again. Today I fell deeper in love with her when I heard “What” for the first time. Both songs have a vintage vibe, but a timeless message. Sometimes I ask myself whether I fell in love with a song for its lyrics or its instrumentals, and often times I can pick one or the other. But with Alice’s music, it’s really hard to pick one, because she marries the two perfectly. Simple put, it’s light instrumentals alongside dark lyrics. The two come together to form something truly beautiful.

Music becomes addicting when you can really feel the message that it’s sending. Something tells me that every human (we all have hearts, after all) can relate to the message in Alice Boman’s latest single, “What.” We’ve all wondered if our love is unrequited, but few of us could put our thoughts down as eloquently as Alice just has. Read the lyrics after the jump.


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Listen While You Work: 5.0

Believe it or not, I still have people asking me if I have any suggestions for new music they should listen to (this happens very frequently, in fact). Perhaps it’s uppity of me to find this silly, but I’ve made it pretty well known amongst my circle of family and friends over the past five years that I absolutely love discovering music and have created a music blog as a portal to share that music. With the emergence of softwares like Spotify, it’s admittedly harder to get people to come to a blog to sort through the curated music collection, when they could just use the portal that’s downloaded onto their computer to press play and let the technology do the rest. But for the elite music seekers out there (is it cool to call us that?), we all know that not all of the gems are on Spotify. Most times, though, it’s on SoundCloud. So that’s the reason I continue to make these Listen While You Work SoundCloud collections. It’s just too good to ignore. And if we have to be spending so much time at work, we might as well make that time not just worthwhile, but enjoyable.

Enjoy this episode. I started it a long time ago, but just finished it today, so it’s actually kind of fun for me to go back and re-listen to some of the old picks that I haven’t heard in a while.

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Introducing: Alice Boman

Alice Boman is an emerging singer-songwriter from Sweden (of course) who jumped into my radar today with the release of her song “Waiting.” Boman has been picked up by Adrian Recordings, who got ahold of a tape that she created called “Skisser,” which translates in English to “Sketches,” as the songs on the tape were recorded just so that Boman could remember them. They were never meant to be released to the public or heard by any others, and though I feel a tinge of guilt for invading Alice Boman’s privacy, I think I’m better off having heard this song. What a simpe and elegant song, but it makes me feel okay in this world. Over the background hiss of the tape recorder, we’re presented with a simple guitar line, and hushed piano arrangement, and most of all her voice beautifully singing lyrics all too poignant and relatable. Hit the jump for the full lyrics.


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