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[Download Mixtape] Sunset Selections of 2013

New Sunset Selections!

Sunset Selections is a curated collection of original songs written exclusively for this mixtape by our favorite breakthrough artists of 2013

A lot of people contributed to the making of Sunset Selections, so I decided to write this post as a thank you note. It feels dumb writing it, so if you feel dumb reading it, understand that that is okay. First and foremost, I would like to thank the artists who were a part of this mixtape for being so accepting of this idea and all-in with this project. You guys surpassed my expectations on that front and then met my expectations with the awesome songs you sent (my expectations were really high okay–that’s why we asked you to contribute). I would also like to thank the Sunset Fam for working their asses off for me and this idea. Without getting too sentimental, I love these people more than my own family. Just kidding. But they are cool, and it’s cool how Lydia set up a submissions page, Eric made a legendary trailer, Alicia let me use her collages, Jordan and Andy got artists on board, and they all listened to me vent about all the bullshit and awesomeness that took place while heading up this project. I really think the mixtape does its job of capturing this moment in time, but more than that, pieces of it are timeless. Oh God, that was ‘cheez‘-y. Fuck, I can’t stop. Just… let this mixtape soundtrack your 2013 and then your entire life.



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[MP3 Premiere] Akono Miles – Phantom

New Akono Miles!

Hip-hop is an ever-changing idea. But there are tiny spaces in its history where it seems to lapse, but truly it never does. If you are ever feeling that you are “bored of rap” just know that someone somewhere in the world is doing something interesting with the genre. At this moment in time that person is Akono Miles. On “Phantom” he is pushing himself to create something interesting and appealing. Midway through the song, he speaks in motherfucking Spanish and then redeclares his greatness with a defiant final verse that will have you wanting more. He is not satisfied with merely going through the motions; I mean, this song has layers. By the way it’s his 17th birthday today so give him a shout on Twitter here.

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Songs of the Week: July 17-23

This evening I bring to you the second installation of Sunset’s Songs of the Week, a weekly post covering our favorite songs of the week. If you ever fall behind, count on this post to get you up to date on the best releases of the past seven days.

1. Mikky Ekko – Kids

So there’s about a 100% chance that you already know Mikky Ekko from his incredibly overplayed (yet somehow still infectious) song “Stay” with Rihanna. This one is just him, and is produced by certified hitmakers Benny Blanco and John Hill. A carefree, laidback tune perfect for the summer. (Posted by Arjun)

2. José González – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)

This is an incredibly beautiful remix of one of my favorite artists, Jose Gonzales. A light, sleep inducing, almost transient remix by Dinner Date, this one is perfect for a daydream. Lie in a field somehow, get lost, and enjoy. Thank you to Chuck from The Chuckness for bringing this to our attention via the first edition of Sunset’s “Overlooked” feature.

3. Akono Miles – Gotta Be Loved

Akono Miles recently came into the blogosphere, and his jazz infused hip hop is extremely unique. His flow and sing songy hook is both infectious and calming, and he is certainly a name to keep your eyes on going forward–the kid has some serious talent. (Posted by Arjun)

4. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

The Arctic Monkeys have been my jam for years. I just saw them recently at Free Press Festival (I was backstage woohoo) and they played this one live. Alex Turner and the crew always kill it, but their sound has, in some ways, transitioned from being whimsical and fun to driving and serious. One of the best contemporary rock bands in my opinion, I’m looking forward to their upcoming album. (Posted by Arjun)

5. Fjords – Observer Drift

Shouts out to Arjun for always finding music and artists that I love and have never heard of until he brings them into my world via this beautiful little thing we have here called Sunset in the Rearview. This song is a super catchy blend of folk and hip hop influenced instrumentals–definitely a must download. (Posted by Arjun)

6. Migos – Versace feat. Drake

7. Drake – Jodeci Freestyle


8. Drake – The Motion feat. Sampha


9. Party Next Door – Over Here feat. Drake

Drake kind of went ham this week, releasing a ton of new material and a couple different teasers. You can stream all 4 new tracks above–the standouts to me were Versace and the Jodeci Freestyle. Look out for Nothing Was the Same dropping September 17th. BIG year for hip hop. (Posted by Jordan)


Dream Big

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Akono Miles – Gotta Be Loved [Free MP3]

New Akono Miles!

About a month ago, Akono Miles came totally out of left field to drop one of the season’s most entertaining listens. The young MC has now returned with an equally important joint. In his own words it is “something you should drive to at night when visiting Tokyo,” and I’d have to agree. But I can’t leave it at that.

See, everybody is a rapper these days, and everybody sounds the same. But this 16-year-old is different. He takes his voice places and toys with melody unlike most of the MCs in this Drake-led era of semi-monotone emo-rappers. This is music in its purest form: where it is enjoyable to hear and thoughtfully prepared.

Take me to the next level, you’re nothing and my everything, my angel and my devil

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Akono Miles – Get Inspired [MP3 + Lyrics]

New Akono Miles!

Whether you like it or not (I love it), the most influential artist of our generation is Kanye West. Young artists look up to him like maybe their parents looked up to Michael Jackson. West obviously is known for his extraordinary ego, and so when a young artist like Akono Miles takes to Twitter to compare himself to “Socrates in his prime” it may not seem so genuine. That being said, what makes ‘Ye one of the most complex characters in the business is that beneath the layers of grandiosity lies a man with a deep passion for his craft. I think if you listen carefully to the debut single from the 16-year-old Akono Miles you will hear a similar flare for the music, and it’s kind of contagious.

Shout out to Jon Tanners over at P&P for the find.

Hit the jump to follow along with the lyrics… Continue reading “Akono Miles – Get Inspired [MP3 + Lyrics]” »

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